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Chabad for Hebrew Speakers gets its first Sefer Torah

The first Torah scroll was placed this week in the Chabad House for Hebrew Speakers in Irvine, Orange County, California.

Rabbi Rafi Dadon and his wife founded Chabad House for Hebrew Speakers of Orange County several years ago, to serve thousands of Israelis who live and visit the county that’s home to Disneyland and Six Flags and is also known as Silicon Valley of medical tech companies.


Some two years ago, the Chabad house moved to a new residence, and prayer services are being held there every Shabbat and on Jewish holidays. Now, after borrowing their Torah scrolls from afar, this week a new, elegant Torah scroll was brought into the facility, a donation of the Adri family in honor of their late parents.

The ceremony of writing the final letters in the Sefer Torah took place on the street, witnessed by many local Jews. It was followed by a procession of singing and dancing toward the Chabad House, where a delicious mitzvah meal was served.

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