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The rally outside Goldie’s in downtown Philadelphia, December 3, 2023.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro on Sunday night condemned a mob attack on a Falafel restaurant in Center City, Pennsylvania, which is part of the Goldie chain, whose owner, Chef Michael Solomonov, has contributed 100% of his chain’s proceeds to United Hatzalah.

“Tonight, in Philly, we saw a blatant act of antisemitism – not a peaceful protest,” Governor Shapiro tweeted. “A restaurant was targeted and mobbed because its owner is Jewish and Israeli. This hate and bigotry are reminiscent of a dark time in history.”


The mob outside Goldie’s was yelling: “Goldie, Goldie you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.”

Shapiro reached out to Solomonov, “to share our support, and Lori and I look forward to breaking bread there with them again soon.”

Solomonov, whose restaurant Zahav in 2019 received the James Beard Foundation “Outstanding Restaurant” award, owns four restaurants in Philadelphia under the banner CookNSolo: Goldie, Zahav, Laser Wolf, and K’Far Cafe.

Solomonov donated 100% of all sales on Thursday, October 12, to Friends of United Hatzalah, a nonprofit Israeli emergency medical service responding free of charge to emergencies across Israel.

United Hatzalah strongly condemns the incidents that took place last night in front of the “Goldie” restaurant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during which protesters encircled the restaurant with threatening chants and defaced the front door and window of the restaurant.

“These are unacceptable acts that should be condemned by everyone,” said Eli Beer, President and Founder of United Hatzalah. “Some pro-Palestinian activists have claimed that the restaurant was targeted because the owner of the restaurant, award-winning chef Michael Solomonov, has donated money to United Hatzalah. We are an organization that provides emergency medical care to people of all backgrounds and religions in Israel, and we are horrified that anyone could justify such actions because of Mr. Solomonov’s partnership with our organization, which demonstrates Mr. Solomonov’s commitment to lifesaving regardless of race, religion, or national origin. We send our support to Mr. Solomonov as well as to the staff of the restaurant and the entire Philadelphia Jewish community. We thank Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro for his forceful condemnation of these incidents and call on local authorities to continue to protect Jewish institutions and businesses.”


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The mob outside Goldie’s was led by the Philly Palestine Coalition, whose members braved confrontations with Philadelphia Eagles fans who were watching their team in local bars, and chanted, “While you’re watching, bombs are dropping.”

Not great rhyming. One expects better stuff from the folks who gave us the immortal “Itbah al Yahud” – slaughter the Jews.

While ruining downtown Philly’s nightlife, the PPC also coordinated a group of anti-Israel students at the University of Pennsylvania, who were chanting praises for the “Intifada revolution.”

From Wiki: Michael Solomonov was born in Moshav Ganei Yehuda, Israel, to a family of Bulgarian Jews (that’s the Feta people). He was raised in Pittsburgh, where he attended Taylor Allderdice High School. At the age of 18, he returned to Israel with no Hebrew language skills and took the only job he could – working in a bakery. And a culinary star was born.

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