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Pecans, cashews, soy, garlic and eggs – is anyone in your family allergic to any of them? If the answer is yes, you know how hard it can be to find good tasting substitutes, especially for young children. One of my grandsons is allergic to eggs, which means mayonnaise is a non-item for him, and by extension for us. The difficulty manifested itself most when we made tuna salad, pasta salad or a mayonnaise-based dressing.

But then we found Just Mayo. I was unsure at first – let’s be honest. When a label reads, “egg-free,” “soy-free,” “cholesterol-free,” etc., you kind of assume it is taste-free as well.


But Just Mayo is not. If not for the fact that my grandson has not had a reaction to it, I would think the packaging was false. Just Mayo really tastes like mayonnaise – It’s rich and creamy and adds so much flavor, and has made my grandson very happy.

Just Mayo comes in four different flavors – Original, Garlic, Chipotle and Sriracha – and can be found in your local Shoprite and Target stores. Visit for more information.




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