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Jews pray while anarchists disrupt the services to protest gender segregation in the public space during a public prayer on Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv, on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, and the holiest of Jewish holidays, September 25, 2023.

This year, as Jews around the planet marked Yom Kippur, unfortunately, Jewish antisemites in Tel Aviv demonstrated to the world just how self-hating the House of Israel can be.

The Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipal Religious Council published a report Tuesday summarizing all the horrific desecrations and attacks on fellow Jews that were perpetrated on the Day of Atonement by Jewish antisemites in the city.


Hebrew table of Tel Aviv Yom Kippur incidents


A total of 18 incidents – ironically, the numeric equivalent of the Hebrew word Chai (Life) – took place across Tel Aviv, chief among them the successful disruptions of the annual prayer services at Dizengoff Square.

Some Important Basics
At most of the sites, there were no mechitzahs (gender separation barriers typical of Torah-observant prayer services).

In at least half of the incidents, the anarchists succeeded in completely preventing worshipers from praying on the holiest day of the Jewish calendar.

City officials did nothing whatsoever to stop the anarchists from disrupting the prayer services; out of 18 incidents, arrests were reported in just one case and several anarchists were detained at another.

In all the cases, the worshipers vastly outnumbered the anarchists who nevertheless managed to impose their will on those who gathered to pray.

Report Data, Translated to English
Here are the complete data of the anarchists’ efforts in Tel Aviv-Yafo on Yom Kippur.

Table of Yom Kippur incidents in Tel Aviv 5784/2023

Bathing Suits, Bicycle Horns and More
At many sites, the anarchists yelled, yanked, and shoved worshipers and used bicycle horns and whistles to disrupt the prayers. The anarchists destroyed equipment at several sites, and in one case surrounded the worshipers in a siege.

In one case, protesters went up to chazan wearing bathing suits. At another site, the anarchists yelled that the worshipers were “Nazis!” and “Child Murderers!”

Mechitzahs were torn down at the few sites where the prayer services were held using the traditional gender separation barrier.

The violence was particularly ferocious at the prayer service held by Chabad of Kikar Hamedina, with hitting, yelling, whistles blown during the blowing of the Shofar as well as destruction of the mechitzah. Several of the anarchists were arrested.

Reporter Amit Segal pointed out, that if this had happened in Stockholm, Israel would have already recalled its ambassador in protest.

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