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Boomer schlepping a cinderblock to erect a fence across Highway 4, July 17, 2023.

Remember Attorney General Gali Baharav-Miara’s statement at last week’s cabinet meeting, that “there is no effective protest without harassment and disruption of the public order.” Well, on Monday morning there was a whole lot of effective harassment and disruption on the country’s third-largest highway, Route 4, in the northbound lanes near Givat Shmuel, with Bnei Brak across the highway.


The small group of boomers handcuffed themselves to fences they stretched across the highway. Citizens who saw the blockade confronted the anarchists and tried to clear the fences to allow vehicles to pass during the morning rush hour. The anarchists set up a fire address with the slogan, “The country is burning.”

Angry motorists cleared the fences that had been placed by the protesters and confronted them – one motorist yelled: “You are three miserable individuals who think you will run the country for us. You will not run the country for us.”

The road was opened to traffic about half an hour later.

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