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Scholar-In-Residence: March 20 – 22 – Shaare Tefilla in Dallas, TX – Rabbi Jonathan I. Rosenblatt, Senior Rabbi, Riverdale Jewish Center.

Events In The West: Beginning March 10, the Los Angeles California Science Center has an exhibition of The Dead Sea Scrolls.
Women Only March 20-21 at Shaarey Zedek in Valley Village, CA – Shoshana Schechter will be speaking about ‘Preparing for Pesach.’


Pesach Tours led by Rabbi Eliezer Eidlitz of Kosher Quest happen on March 9 at Anshe Emes, 7:30pm, March 10 at Ralphs Coldwater Valley Village 7pm, March 12 at Ralphs La Jolla 7pm, March 17 at Ralphs San Diego Montezuma 7pm, March 19 at Ralphs La Brea Hancock Park 7pm March 22 at YICC – 9:30 am.

Pesach Tours led by OU Rabbis all happen at Ralphs Grocery stores starting at 7:00 pm with sample tasting and the tour starting at 7:30 pm. The tours start on March 11 at Sherman Oaks led by Rabbi Alan Kalinsky, Thursday, March 12 at Pico/Beverwil led by Rabbi Alan Kalinsky and La Brea led by Rabbi Reuven Nathanson, Tuesday, March 17 at Northridge led by Rabbi Alan Kalinsky and Calabasas led by Rabbi Reuven Nathanson, March 18 at Irvine-Woodbridge led byRabbi Alan Kalinsky and Torrance-Rolling Hills led by Rabbi Reuven Nathanson and West Hollywood-Beverly/Doheny led by Rabbi Alan Kalinsky.



Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvah: Matan Sayada, son of Davide and Tikva Sayada.



Mazel Tov – Births: Dustin and Tara Gillman, a son (Grandparents Harvey and Anne Brenner).



Mazel Tov – Engagements: Mati Menda to Berkie Chein of Crown Heights, NY.



Mazel Tov – Births: Joel and Leora Ezoory, a daughter (Grandparents Ray and Shoshana Alyeshmerni)…Avi and Riki Wertheimer, a daughter (Grandparents Shloimy and Devorah Smilow; Great-Grandparents Elazar and Joyce)…Yair and Aravah Treister, a daughter…Avida and Sharon Giloh, a son (Grandparents Haim and Helen Dayan; Nachshon and Nina Giloh)…David and Hela Nathan, 3 daughters…Yonatan and Yehudis Mallinger, a daughter…Jon and Amy Turteltaub, a daughter (Grandparents Saul and Shirley Turteltaub)…Yaakov and Shiffy Kramer, a son (Grandparents Dr. Barry and Paulie Kramer…Jacob and Yehudis Kon, a daughter (Grandparents Rabbi Yaakov and Gittel Wincelberg; Great-Grandmother Anita Wincelberg_…Dr. Steven and Laurie Eagle, a daughter (Grandfather Alan Jacobs)…David and Susie Ozeri of New York, a daughter (Grandparents Allen and Judith Ishakis)….Adrian and Taly Engel, a daughter (Grandmother Loretta Engel)…Aharon and Rochi Levinson, a daughter…Berel and Zeecy Yemini, a daughter…Moshe and Miriam Hildeshaim, a daughter…Moshe and Hodaya Lieberman, a son…Shmueli and Devorah Friedman, a daughter (Grandparents Avrohom and Chani Klafter)…Gil and Rachel Segal, a son (Grandparents Harvey Rosenbaum and Bonnie Feldman)…Ishay and Na’ama Gabay, a son.

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Noa Keller, daughter of Meir and Elisa Keller… Sarina Gottesman, daughter of Ashi and Tami Gottesman.

Mazel Tov – Engagements:
Leah Honig to Cory Kleinman of NY…Scott Schames, son of Dr. Yosef and June Schames to Michelle Restler of Teaneck, NJ…Adam Karesky to Rochel Loeb of Far Rockaway, NY…Ariella Sieger, daughter of Ronnie and Jennifer Sieger to Eli Weinstein of Hempstead, NY… Leah Mizrahi, daughter of Joe and Rose Misrahi to Yehuda Rosen, son of Chaim and Matti Rosen.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Zev Hendeles, son of Moise and Angie Hendeles and Sandy Hendeles to Lauren Rosenblum…Liora Fink, daughter of Dr. Steve and Sarah Fink to Yonii Herskovitz, son of Mark and Janey Herskovitz…Raacheli Cooper, daughter of Rabbi Abe & Roz Cooper to Shlomo Fried of Denver, CO.



Mazel Tov – Engagements: Levi Perelmuter to Rochie Shaw of Worcester, MA.



Mazel Tov – Births: Dan and Beth Nash, a son (Grandparents Carl and Sharon Nash)….Yossi and Magali Malkin, a daughter (Grandparents Bob and Lisa Cohen; Luba Malkin).

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Donald Light to Linda Diamond of Berkeley, CA…Damon Schecter to Joanna Leeds of L.A.



Mazel Tov – Births: Rabbi Zvi and Esther Bloom of England, a son (Grandparents Rabbi Bill and Faye Bloom)…Robert and Amanda Bettencourt, a daughter.

Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvah: Shayna Meltzer, daughter of Rabbi Scott and Jennifer Meltzer.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Nivah Kaplan-Nadel, daughter of Russel Nadel and Renee Kaplan-Nadel to Ariel Gad.



Mazel Tov – Births: Chaim and Shaina Davisowitz, a daughter (Grandparents David and Miriam Striks; Great-Grandmother Gitel Striks of Valley Village)…Ben and Channi Packer, a son (Grandparents Yehuda and Sylvia Packer of Valley Village).

Mazel Tov – Engagments: Rivka Sloves, daughter of Jason and Esther Sloves to Ben Gruen, son of Jeff and Judy Gruen…David Hermel, son of Dr. Jerry and Sheila Hermel to Melody Michaelson of Boston, MA.

Mazel Tov – Weddings: Leyat Mafouda, daughter of Elie and Minda Mafouda to Judd Jakubowicz…Josh Lintz, son of George and Lisa Lintz of Valley Village to Shira Zapinsky of Baltimore, MD.



Mazel Tov – Weddings: Shoshana Meyer, daughter of Rabbi Yaakov and Chaya Meyer to Dovi Ort.



Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Yitzchok, son of Chaim and Sarit Benesty.

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Leibel Rodman (son of Rabbi Moshe and Pesha Rodman) to Meitel Green of Cape Town, South Africa…Mushkie Schanowitz, daughter of Yisroel and Shternie Schanowitz to Dovber Chaiton of Portland, OR.



Mazel Tov – Births: Ronnie and Janine Shapiro, a daughter (Grandparents Julian and Claire Rachman)…Daniel and Arielle Cucher of Tucson, AZ, two sons (Grandparents Fred and Linda Cucher)….Rafi and Deena Zlotnick, a daughter (Grandparents Mike and Karen Zucker).

Mazel Tov – Bar Mitzvahs: Jonah Eber, son of Dusty and Amy Eber.



Mazel Tov – Bas Mitzvahs: Naomi Klinghoffer, daughter of David and Nika Klinghoffer.


Mazel Tov – Births: Mordecai and Leah Altose of Yerushalayim, a son (Grandparents Larry and AnitaAltose)…Yishai and Saree Swigard of Israel, a son (Grandparents Kent and Bracha Swigard).

Mazel Tov – Engagements: Devora Scott-Thoennes, daughter of Yitzchak and Eliana Scott-Thoennes to Yosef Deray of Pittsburgh, PA.

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