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A Plea: From A Daughter’s Heart to the Reader’s Heart (Chronicles, February 24, 2023)



Are we being overly sensitive?

Dear Rachel,

In regard to the letter titled A Plea: From a daughter’s heart to the reader’s heart, I was a bit taken aback by the writer’s insinuation that the mageifa (pandemic) was “an almost distant memory.” I know many families whose pain of that time will not so soon be forgotten.

When I later had some time to unwind, I found myself revisiting the column again. I’m so glad I did, because as I reread the part I had earlier found so offensive, I realized it wasn’t at all an “insinuation.” Somehow I had skipped over the word seemingly; the sentence now took on a whole different meaning. I must further admit that the writer was referring to “lockdown” and “restrictions” – which undeniably inconvenienced us en masse.

Lesson learned


Outspokenness appreciated

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for printing the letter A Plea from A Daughter’s heart… Just wanted to express my appreciation to the writer for her honesty in admitting her hesitation to send her letter in, and for her mention of her “handwritten notes.” That said, it was a lot of information to absorb in one sitting.

I may be wrong, but the letter’s tone somehow gave me the feeling that the writer herself is more stressed out than her friend Leeba. All the same, they might both be surprised to learn that their frustration is shared by many more people than one might imagine.

Just my humble take


Tension-breaker or perspective?

Dear Rachel,

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as I read the letter ‘from a daughter’s heart to the reader’s heart.’ Though the details were a bit jumbled and sketchy here and there, like kind of serious and comical at the same time, it was a welcome diversion from the tension that appears to be gripping every nation on earth.

A longtime JP reader


A little knowledge can go a long way

Dear Rachel,

Not to belittle the writer’s views (as outlined in A Plea), but for someone who comes across as quite knowledgeable (despite her stated misgivings), she should know better. Most of “spam” email is generated by the user him/herself. The more sites you visit, whether shopping, browsing or charity dispensing (yes, there are tzedakah organizations that share your email address and phone number), the more vulnerable you become to “overcrowding in your personal space.”

Welcome to the 21st century!



Dear Readers,

Your feedback at such a hectic time of year is more than valued and appreciated. Speaking of perspectives, as you are reading this edition of the JP, Purim would have already passed us by (hopefully with Moshiach visible on the horizon).

Things are changing and evolving – at a more rapid pace than ever before (general consensus across the board). It goes without saying that none of us can know what the next moment will bring, let alone the next day or week.

The universe is in turmoil; every Yiddishe neshama is feeling it in unanimity. So many of our brothers and sisters are in pain. Searing pain, not necessarily visible. And the Ribbono Shel Olam, Creator of all mankind, is surely witnessing the tremendous outpouring of kindness and compassion of His people, “…the nation He chose as His own heritage” (Tehillim 33:12).

“From Heaven Hashem looks down, He sees all mankind…. He oversees all inhabitants of the earth…. He Who fashions their hearts together, Who comprehends their deeds…” (Ibid. 33:13-15).

“Kerachem Av al banim… like a father is merciful towards his children, Hashem has mercy on those who fear Him” (Ibid. 103:13).

David HaMelech’s soothing words – composed with Ruach HaKodesh – to assure us, calm us, and cure us…


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