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On Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we daven to Hashem to forgive our sins and wrongdoings. Many rabbanim and pulpit rabbis will strongly suggest to their followers and congregants to offer mechila, forgiveness, to those who have wronged us, the argument being, that if we forgive those who have caused us harm or grief, Hashem will forgive us as well.

We are taught we can forgive everyone, but never Amalek.


As far as I’m concerned, there are Jews who are the spiritual descendants of Amalek – their souls made of putrid Amaleki “DNA” and as per the Torah, you don’t ever forget or forgive.

How do you forgive those who are chayav mita, deserving of death for “murdering” their victims’ future on so many levels, emotionally, physically, socially and financially? These “fraudadox” wolves in sheep’s clothing broke the 10 commandments and like Amalek, caused safek, confusion and doubt as to Hashem being a just and powerful creator. Many of their victims went off the derech, their faith in their community and Hashem irrevocably broken.

They are the narcissistic pedophiles who preyed on the vulnerable; chronically abusive spouses and parents; thieves who stole money/ inheritance from struggling family members; liars who bamboozled those who trusted them.

They justify their evil. They have no iota of remorse or empathy. Why should their hapless victims have any toward them?

They should, like Amalek, be erased, not given mechila.

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