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Bari Mitzmann

I don’t feel like the concept of peyos relates to me – you know, it being sidelocks and all. Really, they have nothing to do with me, or my son for that matter. We just avoid using a blade near those places. But I do have a soft spot for them, the little ones behind the ears, the Yerushalmi ones.

I did notice that the Hebrew word for wig is a peya, so I’m naturally going to think of a connection there. I know I wear a wig as a sign for myself that I am a married woman, and as such, I have this constant, albeit sometimes annoying reminder of that. That I must act in an appropriate manner, regardless if others know my hair is covered or not.


I guess the idea of peyos can be similar. A constant reminder of who we are and the standard we should have for ourselves. If others see it, cool. If they don’t, that’s fine too. But the reminder is for us to know that there is something above us, that we are part of a team of representatives of the Almighty and should act accordingly.

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Bari Mitzmann is a popular podcaster whose goal is to empower women, normalize mental illness, and discuss seemingly taboo topics in the Jewish community. She has a MA in education and has worked in outreach.