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Sometimes it feels like you need to give up your personality for work to ensure you’re dressing professionally. It doesn’t feel great when you just don’t feel like yourself in the clothes you wear – especially when you’re living in it for 40 hours a week! But dressing professionally for work doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are ways you can add some personality into your work wardrobe.



Pops of Color 

You might not want to wear a hot pink dress to work (of course, this all depends on your work environment and dress code), but you most certainly can add color with your shoes or handbag.

I’d say that the key to keeping the look work-appropriate is by injecting just one color into your outfit; whether in the accessories, skirt, or shoes, but toning down the rest of the look and sticking to a neutral palette everywhere else.


A Fun Blazer

Blazers sometimes get a bad rap as being stuffy and conservative, but if you find a good one, it can often take a work-outfit to the next level and add some extra polish. It doesn’t have to be a plain black blazer! Find ones with interesting hardware or texture, like rose gold zippers or a brocade, tweed, or metallic finish. A print would work too if the rest of the outfit is streamlined and more minimal.


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Speaking of Prints…

A fun print can bring some personality back into your work wardrobe. Again, just like with the pop of color, it’s best to let the one printed piece stand out while streamlining the rest of your look. A floral pump, a striped pencil skirt, or a dotted blouse are all some options. Keep the crazy, psychedelic prints for a day when you’re out of the office though!


The Work Dress

If you know me, you know I love my dresses. And they’re a lot easier to wear than a two-piece because all you need are a cute pair of shoes and maybe jewelry to complete the look. Dresses are usually automatically more professional, assuming it’s not denim or a t-shirt dress. A printed shift dress or a simple fit and flare are great options.

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