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They said it’s to protect us all
From those monsters who have the gall
To use a human being as
A shield.



These monsters constantly attack
When we dare to try to fight back
The world cries out. Seemed our fate
Was sealed.


So our fortress came to be
To give us all security
But how can we feel safe with them
Out there?


They slip through small forgotten holes
Knowing they’re out there takes its toll
The fact we need protection brings out fear.
With help from G-d it does its task
It shields us from each hate-filled blast
We must defend our people. That’s
Not wrong.


More than ever now Heaven knows
This fortress we cannot dispose
This bandage for a war that still
Goes strong.


A barrier – but at what cost?
Childhood and innocence lost
A battlefield has now become
Our home.


For now all we can do is pray
That sometime soon there’ll come a day
When we no longer need
An Iron Dome.


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