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Then there’s the Lil’ Farmers Playland, where kids can build their own cabin with Lincoln logs, play giant shuffle board and checkers, or any number of sports-related activities, all in kid-size.

However, the best part of the Farm is probably the Amazing Maize Maze. It’s an interactive 5-acre corn maze with over 2.5 miles of paths, scenic bridges, and clues. Whether you’re a child or grandparent, the corn maze offers a challenging and fun adventure that inspires creativity and teamwork.


To find your way through the cornfield maze, each group first receives instruction from the staff. Then you can begin walking at your own pace. The maze will entertain and tease as you happen across the Kernels of Knowledge along with a variety of clues, tunnel slides, watering stations, and much more! The average time to victory is about one hour.

If you are an amusement park enthusiast, Lancaster also offers visitors both Dutch Wonderland and HersheyPark.

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  1. I like to finish my comment, crossing the line as The PM. said is understatement, and apology is just not good enough he and the loud mouth Zoabi should be thrown out of the Knesset period, these people going to destroy Israel with their naïve and stupid ideology.

  2. It sounds great and looks charming until you discover that behind that charming exterior they are loaded with puppy mills, treating companion animals worse than cattle. What goes on there is horrifying. It took me awhile to find the reality of PA Dutch Country. Now, no one could pay me to go there until they stop the animal crusty.

  3. The Amish, like any other group have the good and the bad. Seems unfair to judge the whole group by the poor behavior of some. There are Amish who take great care of their working animals and would not want to run a puppy mill. And there are Amish that don’t really care about animals and treat them badly or abuse them. The same as any other religious group.

  4. i certainly see them (the Amish) in a different light than I did years ago. I agree with you Darlene. As for Sue’s comment: I know it’s not right to “lump” everyone in together. There are always “innocents” who get caught up in it. Just the same with the Muslims. They’re not all “Sharia” bad. But that’s what happens when the bad over shadow the rest.

  5. “Respecting” others’ religions often breeds complacency and that can cause us to look the other way when we see something wrong. I will never stop my personal boycott of Amish goods, however. Am I prejudiced? Yep! Ever since Oprah opened a lot of eyes on this. But until they fix the problem, all I can do is speak out and spend elsewhere. And I tell them why, too.

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