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  1. An interesting article but it left me empty of any resolution. I have a friend whose daughter died yesterday at the age of 24. Your article gave me nothing to share or cope with or help others. I have, however, found much from the scripture that helps such as Psalm 73. God is the end of everything not just an answer to our difficulties. We forget that He created us; we did not create Him. Therefore, the focus on the purpose God has in everything must be kept in mind. He can receive honor for all things, even the difficult and sorrowful things we go through. Did not David weep and pray and fast for his child to live and yet when the child died David was consoled with the knowledge that the child could not come back to him but that one day he would go and be with the child. We must always look to God and His promises. Man does not have the answers. You may not always be satisfied with what God says but are you satisfied with what man says? Let God be your end and not the means to the end you desire.

    Comment by Terry Beals — December 9, 2013 @ 5:05 AM

  2. Eaxctly my own feeling-I will not bring my beloved husband, Michael, back from where the "real" Mike is (I believe with G-d) but someday will go where he is-in a glorious place! Still, at only eight months (he died April 2, 2013) the pain of losing him in our lives still comes and goes for all of us-children and grandchildren alike.

    Comment by Sharon D. Metro — December 9, 2013 @ 10:32 PM

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