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  1. The breakdown in human connections is the real problem today. In the digital age, it's easier to dehumanize people or to lose our ability to empathize with others who are suffering (like how some snipers say it's easier to kill a person when looking through a scope, because the scope acts like a buffer). Another danger not mentioned is how many potential psychopaths and other anti-socials are being created in online video-game arenas. In these testosterone charged environments, sodomy and rape are part of the "trash-talking". It's nothing to run into a six year old kid playing Grand Theft Auto online and to hear the kid being bullied by an adult that's referencing sodomy in front of the kid if not making the threat itself. While I don't believe these games create psychopaths, I think the online environments of these games contribute to anti-social behavior or reinforce what behavioral problems the player may already have, including a lack of empathy for the people in the world around them – digital or not. For a demographic that already has trouble with impulse control (males from 13-35 or whatever), it may be a bad idea to condition them with games that reward a hair-trigger. Most gamers are decent people, but the media needs to do more to create empathy in the viewers and definitely the gamers.

    Comment by Roasted Locust — January 23, 2014 @ 5:43 PM

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