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The Sea Gate Shul Torahs Rescued Again

26 Sivan 5777 – June 19, 2017
What happened was not our choice. But how we react - that is our choice.

The Amazing World Of Mimi

I insisted there must be some notes and they should be on file. All I got in return was a run around.

The Berkshires and Six Flags New England

There are plenty of fun activities for all ages and some relaxing scenic spots to enjoy.

Colel Chabad: Israel’s Longest Running Charity

Pantry Packers makes volunteering both fun and accessible, something beyond the scope of typical food-service organizations.

Homework: The Secret To Success

Many people feel this rule is for teachers; that is, that teacher should give only a certain amount of homework.

How To Run With Kids

I did not start my training with the idea that my children would join me.

Double Legal Standard: Anti-Muslim Bias Is Obvious, Anti-Jewish Bias Doesn’t Exist

24 Sivan 5777 – June 18, 2017
10 federal appellate judges eradicated a presidential directive designed to protect the safety of US residents because the judges discerned religious prejudice against Muslims in the president’s motivation.

Dr. Janan Faraj Falah: Winner Of The Jerusalem Unity Prize

23 Sivan 5777 – June 16, 2017
They are known to form close-knit, cohesive communities that don’t allow anyone in, while fully integrating in their adopted homelands.

The Virtues Of Charity

Three days later the man died. The following week his son had a dream in which he saw his father in a very happy frame of mind.

Dear Dr. Yael

You are now being challenged to believe in Hashem and to daven even though you are in great pain.

Shabbos Mevorchim Tammuz

Their heartache is unimaginable, yet they persevere with their life’s mission with a fervency and faith, seemingly fortified by the tragedy that rocked their world.

Parshat Shelach

MacArthur was more than simply an expert in the writing and delivery of sound bites.

J Street’s Phony Condemnation Of Hamas

J Street’s “solution” to the Gaza“crisis”? Give more American taxpayers’ money to Gaza, promote the Palestinian Authority and PUSH for the implementation of the 2-State Solution, regardless of the consequences to Israel.

With Eyes To See: The Six-Day War, Fifty Years On

Parshat Shelach begins and ends with seeing. It opens with the meraglim and closes with the commandment to look at tzizis. The lesson of the two? That it is not enough to simply look. We must also SEE.

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