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“Bring you own popcorn,” says Minister Naftali Bennett on his Facebook page, after the Knesset passed its second and third reading of the “Popcorn Bill”.

The bill targets theaters and stadiums, many of whom do not allow in food from outside, while perhaps showing advertising that subliminally convinces patrons they are hungry and thirsty, so they will buy coke and popcorn from the overpriced concessions. (Thirsty yet?)


The bill, when it goes into effect, will allow people to bring their own popcorn, drinks (beer?), sandwiches, shuwarma and whatever other food they want into the movies, stadiums and theaters – so they don’t need to buy exclusively from the theater or stadium’s concession stands.

Bennett believes this will force concessionaires to lower their food prices.

Bennett did not discuss if movie theaters might be forced to raise their ticket prices in response, to make up for the lost concession stand revenue.

Pass the couscous, please.



  1. I think this is a smart move and Bennett should pass and recommend more pointless bills in light of the fact that he’s trying to cover for remaining silent on terrorist releases, the selling of Jewish holy sites to others. His fan base are just stupid enough to be impressed by this kind of crap.

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