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November 24, 2014 / 2 Kislev, 5775
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IDC Herzliya Campus A Day on Campus

To mark IDC Herzliya’s 20th anniversary, we spent a day following Prof. Uriel Reichman, IDC’s founder and president, and Jonathan Davis, VP for External Relations, around its delightful campus.

Hamas Fires on IDF Field Hospital

Hamas terrorists fired mortar rounds Wednesday at an IDF field hospital on the Israeli side of the Gaza border, according to a report on Israel Radio. The Israeli army set up the hospital last week to treat Palestinian victims of Hamas’ “human shields” policy, but the report indicated that the terror gang has prevented wounded Palestinians from seeking treatment there.

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26 Responses to “Hamas Fires on IDF Field Hospital”

  1. On a hospital. ??? No words

  2. Fran London says:

    And Israel is condemned for firing on a hospital in Gaza. Something is not right here.

  3. The Gaza hospital was an ammo depot. A place to launch rocket attacks. The people who actually treated there left last week after the warning notice came. No innocent people were hurt. Only terrorists. And they aren’t innocent.

  4. Guy Peters says:

    Hamas wants dead gazans ,a body count , martyrs ,suffering gazans- $$$ & €€€€s !!!!
    Not Israel treatinv the victims of hamas war crimes !!!!

  5. Another example of Hamas’ savagery and Israel’s overwhelming humanity. Hamas attacks a hospital (wait isn’t Israel doing that too? Where’s the outrage?) that is set up by Israel to treat Gazan civilians.

  6. Just goes to show you how stupid these people are!

  7. Patrick Obi says:

    It is idiotic to treat little pytons that will eventually rise to destroy you in future!

  8. These terrorists are so crazy. They’d rather see Palestinians die than get treated @ hospitals in Israel. If that doesn’t speak volumes for Hamas mentality. Consumed with hate.

  9. Orah Peer says:

    is there any need to explain why??is more then obvious!!

  10. So to the world that is ok
    Did those terriorists bother to give advanced warning?

  11. Hamas you are idiots! this hospital was put there to help your brothers and sisters. ooops i forgot. you do not give a damn about them anyways.

  12. I guess that Hamas feels that human shields are more important than human lives

  13. Michael Kirshennaum, Israel attacked a hospital Hamas was using as a military post & unlike Hamas, Israel warned the hospital staff so that no innocent civilians were hurt * HUGE DIFFERENCE

  14. Rachel Topaz says:

    Hamas proves once again that they hate their own people!!!!

  15. Rachel Topaz says:

    Hamas proves once again that they hate their own people!!!!

  16. Rachel Topaz says:

    Hamas proves once again that they hate their own people!!!!

  17. Guy Peters says:

    A fake ” Jew”
    why am I not surprised?
    Go suck a terrorist’s balls !
    What a worthless Piece Of **** !!!!
    Go troll away fake Jew hating creep !

  18. Guy Peters says:

    Some scumbag sucking troll a totally fake ” Jewish”
    Disrespecting Israel & sucking ham ass
    Sam Crow – a dead vulture !

  19. They, Hamas is so stupid

  20. israel opened this field hospitals for palestinian people

  21. Their stupidity astounds me.

  22. Hamas= Crazy basterds

  23. We always treat the wounded, even when they hate us

  24. This is Israel trying to help Palestinians & Hamas want them helped…no good for publicity.

  25. Missiles on film being fired from there & recorded warning call telling them nobody was there & building before they hit with missiles.

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