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October 27, 2016 / 25 Tishri, 5777
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IDF Naval Commandos Capture Massive Iranian Rocket Shipment (+Video)

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An IDF Naval Commando unit overtook an Iranian weapons ship flying a Panama flag in the Red Sea, some 1,500 km from Israeli shore.

An IDF Naval Commando unit overtook an Iranian weapons ship flying a Panama flag in the Red Sea, some 1,500 km from Israeli shore.
Photo Credit: IDF

Several months ago, IDF intelligence identified a weapons transfer of M-302 rockets, known to be manufactured in Syria, from Damascus to Tehran. The rockets were being flown from the International Airport in Damascus to Iran in a move carefully orchestrated by the Quds Force. This was an unusual event, as usually such transfers take place from Iran to Syria, not vice versa.

From Tehran the shipment was moved to Bandar Abbas Port in southern Iran, and subsequently loaded onto a civilian vessel, the KLOS-C. This is the same port used to load up the Francop, another ship involved in an Iranian weapon smuggling attempt in 2009.

Soldiers of the IDF's elite naval commando unit 'Shayetet 13' are getting ready for a training exercise on a Sa'ar 5-class Corvette of the Israeli Navy. Photo by: IDF

Soldiers of the IDF’s elite naval commando unit ‘Shayetet 13’ in a training exercise on a Sa’ar 5-class Corvette of the Israeli Navy. Photo by: IDF

From Bandar Abbas the KLOS-C sailed to Umm Qasr Port in Iraq. It was loaded with more containers, all holding bags of cement – another attempt to complete the falsification and obscure the Iranian connection. The ship then headed towards Port Sudan, but was intercepted by Israeli naval forces, including missile ships and the Naval Commando (Shayetet 13) who boarded it in the Red Sea. Were it not for that, the ship would have docked in Port Sudan and the rockets would have been transferred via land, through the Sinai Peninsula and directly to the hands of terror organizations in the Gaza Strip.

PM Netanyahu in the U.S., getting the news about the interception.

PM Netanyahu in the U.S., getting the news about the interception.

The KLOS-C is not the first ship smuggling arms that is intercepted by the IDF, but it is distinguished by the lethality and quality of its cargo. Previous shipments contained standard weaponry such as mortars, rifle ammo, and middle-range rockets. This shipment, while certainly containing some of these, comprised weapons with a dramatically larger strike range and substantially heavier rocket warheads than previously seen in the region. Armed with the M-302 rockets, terror groups in Gaza had the means to threaten millions of Israeli citizens, as well as strategic locations such as Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv and Israel’s coastal gas fields.

The Weaponry

– M-302 C: Has a strike range of 140 km (85 miles) from sea level, and a range of 160 km (100 miles) when launched from one kilometer above sea level.Its warhead is 140 kilograms.

– M-302 D: Has a strike range of 160 km (100 miles) from sea level, and a range of 180 km (110 miles) when launched from one kilometer above sea level, for instance. Its warhead is 144 kilograms.

– M-302 E: Has a strike range of 200 km (125 miles) from sea level, and a range of 215 km (130 miles) when launched from one kilometer above sea level, for instance from southern Syria or Lebanon. Its warhead is 125 kilograms.

Both models of the M-302 were used by Hezbollah against Israel in the Second Lebanon War of 2006, where they were launched and hit major cities like Haifa and Afula.



Iran’s Past Weapon Smuggling Attempts

This is not the first attempt at smuggling weapons Iran tried to carry out. Previous attempts, had they been successful, would have armed local terror organizations with vast amounts of high-quality weaponry. Here are a select number of cases:

Naval smuggling attempts:

– On January 2009, the Cypriot merchant vessel Monchegors, which was en route to Syria, was called for inspection at Limassol by the Cypriot authorities. Upon boarding the ship, inspectors revealed caches of Iranian weapons. The cargo was seized and confiscated in Cyprus until July 11th 2011, when it caught fire and spontaneously combusted.

IDF Spokesperson's Office

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  1. Let them have them!! Ask them where they want each one delivered in Gaza. Let them see if they work or not. Then they decide if they want another shipment or not. LOL

  2. Joseph Colen says:

    Why aren't the liberals calling for a no guns policy in Gaza but for yes in the USA.

  3. Next shipment will be Nukes–Any doubts about Iran now? thank you.

  4. Aryeh Sax says:

    Confiscate the ship, all the cargo, send the crew home, convert the rockets, for Israel's use. Auction of the cargo. Use the ship or send it to the bottom somewhere, maybe auction it off. Like the USA does to drug smugglers.

  5. Alan Kardon says:

    Because they are more afraid of real Americans more than terrorists.

  6. Alan Kardon says:

    Please send this note to Barack Hussein, Kerry and all their followers.

  7. Alan Kardon says:

    Turn the ship around and use the cargo on Iran.

  8. Aryeh Sax says:

    Alan Kardon, unfortunately that might not be a option at the moment. However the ship was civilian vessel, the cost to these owners might become overwhelming and might soon not ship to these ports. Just the same I think saving the rockets to rain back on them is great.

  9. Ken Kelso says:

    The Israeli LEFT and their collaborators in the Knesset like Labor, Meretz and Livni's party are in deep mourning due to this Illegal act of aggression. It might just torpedoed the "Peace Process".And the nuclear deal with the peace loving Iranians.

  10. Dan Silagi says:

    This just proves, once again, how much the Iranians want peace.

  11. Nice Guy says:

    every time something like that happens and or bombing or terrorist act done…one block in Jerusalem should have all the Palestinians occupying land/houses here evicted and deported to Jordan with their faces,fingerprints,dna recorded by computers and if found anywhere in Israel ever again ten years prison automatically with NO trial needed….also whenever rockthrowers captured they get deported same way…also whenever Jew murdered (bomb/terrorism/etc) 100 palestinian prisoners executed! If all this done…and they realize you are for real no joking around…they will IMPROVE how they act and cut out a lot of their bad stuff that they now do with immunity. And if not….so nothing lost except evil enemies who do us harm.

  12. Ora Cooper says:

    Hate is not for Jews except of course for the scared super "conservatives". Those direct decendants of the freed slaves, who screamed at Moses:|"when we were slaves we had a pot of meat! what "leftist " would take us to the desert to walk 40 years to a land we know not? and in that land we will have to serve in the defense forces and dress without a fur hat,not like in the shtetle in the 17 centuary!" what Shanda!!!

  13. Aldo Mimoun says:

    One interception. How many more boats and trucks are passing through.All Israel can do now is to send the crew home, confiscate the weapons, sell them because frankly I do not trust anything made in Iran, sell the boat et voila until the next time. I just hope that when the moment arrives that a boat or a truck will carry nuclear weapons it would be intercepted in time. That is the biggest threat to Israeli security.

  14. Ronny Mol says:

    Dear Mr. Lapid, please sell these missiles to provide for Israel's poor. Of course, the IDF is reverse engineering these missiles. While some people think this is not a miracle, of course it is, just hidden since we have NOT have prophets for 2,500 years. Sorry Jesus and Mohammed, scripture says no more prophets before they came on the scene. Check out Rabbi Tovia Singer for the real deal that conversion activists run away.

  15. Joseph Steiner says:

    Well, I wonder if we are ready to protect our homeland from Iran instead of fighting wars in countries that go tyrannical even after our soldiers spill their blood for them.

  16. Aryeh Sax says:

    Alan Kardon unfortunately they would not know one until it explodes. Obama thinks he is still a community organizer, and Kerry you know his history.

  17. Edward Lobel says:

    Alan Kardon you are still showing your ignorance blaming President Obama and John Kerry for everything!

  18. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel Apparently not just us, he cannot even find a democrat that want's him to endorse or campaign with him. He has more red lines in the sand then strips on a zebra's back (not to down talk a a zebra) . I guess the sand just blows over the lines. Still looking for a Coalition in Europe to go along, but they are afraid he back out and leave them dry. Get Real.

  19. Alan Kardon says:

    Edward Lobel Please explain where I am "blaming" Barack Hussein and Kerry for everything? I didn't blame them for anything. I just thought they and their followers might be interested in this story.

  20. Well done Israel ,The Lord your god is with you.

  21. Bonnie Stein says:

    Yup… Their all about the love. Just ask Obama.

  22. Mazal Tov. An excellent and daring operation for which the IDF, Air Force
    and the Intelligence community is to be complimented. Keep up the good work. GOD BLESS ISRAEL AND JEWS ALL OVER THE WORLD.

  23. good work done, thanks for your sensitivity,surveillance and quick response, you must thank
    God who is on your side.

  24. Gabriel,

    What you said, is what I have said for the past 60 odd years.
    Every war that Israel has faught, anD won against all odds, iS because G-D is with Israel.




  26. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax you are simply an ignorant idiot who hates everything that any democrat does because of you mistaken belief that Democratic Jews are not Jews, when in fact it is idiots like you who cause Jews terrible harm. It is Jews like you who cause people to hate Jews. You need a serious change in attitude!

  27. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel I think most people reading your post will think you are a ignorant idiot. You don't have a clue to what I think about Democratic Jews, Republican Jews, Independent Jews, or nonreligious Jews. I base each person Jew or non-Jew on what I feel on how they act, that includes you. You seem to have a problem with anyone, who you feel does not like the present Democratic position. So you resort to name calling. How childish.

  28. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax You need to read what you say and read it slowly so you can understand it. You are an ignorant idiot because of what you say, and nothing will change that. Do you really thing that no democrat wants President Obama to campaign with them? This goes a long way to show just how stuid and ignorant you are. There is not a single shred of truth to what you say, so if you do not being called ignorant which is the truth, perhaps you should be called a liar, because what you say if a bald face lie! You think you can say things without things that are not true and people will not respond. Until you begin to tell the truth and continue with you ridiculous lies, that is what you will be an ignorant liar!

  29. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel I can tell you are just a die hard Democrat and like a horse with blinders, would have to be hit by a train while standing on the tracks, before you know what was coming. Even the liberal press is starting to jump from his tank, but some people like you will stay in the tank with this administration and when called to account take the 5th. if you new anything. Naturally people who have nothing to hide don't take the 5th. Again I see you are still resorting to name calling, As people with different opinions you can do better then that.

  30. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax Again you continue to LIE and make things up!
    There is NO media "jumping ship" Unlike your idols at fox, if the New York Times makes an error in judgement on a specific item, they like any honest media outlet will advise the change and why they do that. When fox makes a mistake (as they do on every story they report on,) they never make corrections and just move on to the next lie. I bring myself down to your level so you can understand it. Calling a person an ignorant liar is not name calling when it is the truth!
    If it will make you happy, there have been a (very) few times when I actually voted for a republican! So to imply that I am a died hard Democrat is not the truth. But then again you have a real problem understanding the truth!

  31. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel You obvious don't know the difference between a persons opinion and a liar. Your in the tank and cannot process the difference in your mind. You voted for a Republican a few times and I voted for a Democrat a few times (JFK & LBJ) then I voted for Jimmy Carter that is when I saw the light, so what. I think my first two votes were right considering the choices. The last one even though I lived in Georgia at the time I realized was big big mistake. But you just pull the straight lever, even if you won't admit it. It is a waste of time to listen to your dribble. Your opinion is yours and mine is mine but I won't call you a liar for your opinion.

  32. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax Again you continue to lie! An opinion is an opinion and not stated as facts! You say things like Dems are jumping ship and do not want to campaign with President Obama, saying that media outlets say so, that is not an opinion, you state that as fact! Since it is deed NOT a fact, then you made it up and therefore a LIAR. Say what you want about me, I DO NOT LIE! My parents raised me correctly. They raised me to think and if there was something I was not sure about to look it up.

    As I said before, if you continue to make things up and state them as fact, then you are a LIAR and everyone has a right to know this information!

    It is apparent you do not like what I say, but what I say is the truth and telling the truth is not lying which is something you do not understand. Don't like being called an ignorant liar, then stop lying. You do know that there are lots of people on this sight that may not like what I say, but they cannot call me anything but honest in my statements, where as everybody on this site who values the truth knows that you do not use it!

  33. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel I am sorry you cannot see beyond you blinders, You sound like Harry Reid. I am not going to look up things for you, many demos are shying away because of Obama care, and do not want to be associated with it and that is what a Obama endorsement means. A few that come to mind is, According to the Charlotte Observer, Kissell will join Republicans in voting to repeal Obamacare.
    Former state Rep. Jennifer Garrison said any campaign help from President Barack Obama would not help her chances of winning the 6th District in southeastern Ohio. but you need to check for yourself. Can't help you, you are so far in the tank for Obama you can't crawl out with a extension ladder. I cannot wast my time with you.

  34. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax LIES, LIES, and more LIES! Every one of the people that fox brought forth saying they would be ruined by dropping their insurance and being forced to buy from the ACA were proven to not be telling the truth! The small business owner only had 4 employees and the ACA is only mandated for small business with 50 or more employees! There were exempt from the law so everything they said about no raises or firing an employee or not hiring another employee was nothing but bull crap! The other three couples had never even gone on the site and when they did they were amazed to find out they could buy policies on the ACA with better coverage at lower prices than they already had. The Koch brothers ad featuring a women with leukemia saying she couldn't afford the ACA and would loose her doctors and medicines would not be covered. Had never even tried and when she worked with the ACA she found a policy for the same price she was paying and her doctor and meds were covered! Plus there were several other advantages she has with the ACA and now that they are covered she will use them. Furthermore there is no cap on how much the policy will spend and with leukemia bills can run into the millions and her pre ACA policy would not cover her for that kind of money!

    Aryeh if you are going to LIE, at least pick something to lie about that is not current and not in the news that can be checked on!

    As for kissel, you are correct he voted to repeal the ACA. He represents a district in north Carolina and knows that his district has been bombarded by anti ACA propaganda and he voted the way he thought would loose him the least amount of votes in his rerun for office. He also knew the repeal would be defeated.

    As for the north Carolina state senator who doesn't want the President to campaign for her, What makes you think he ever would campaign for a state senator? She will probably loose because she has no morals nor does she stand for what democrats stand for!

  35. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel Sorry Edward the cheese is already on the cracker with ACA I don't need to relive that, I beginning to think the tank you are in has a lid on it, you cannot even see the light at at the top. good luck to you.

  36. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax No matter how you try, you are still an ignorant idiot who simply cannot see the truth because the POS/TP has brain washed you into believing their lies. Had you been in Germany in the 1930's you would have supported hitler because you are weak minded and easy to dupe.

  37. Aryeh Sax says:


  38. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax sorry Aryeh but the truth hurts you too much! To simply throw back at me when I tell you the truth again shows just how ignorant and brain washed you are. You do not have any thoughts that are your own and everything you say is a POS/tp lie. It seems your parents never taught you to always tell the truth. You would have made a great little Nazi!

  39. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel If there ever was a self hating Jew you fit the mold.

  40. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax There you go again with more of your lies! Not only do I love being Jewish, I have the Aaron gene and that makes me more Jewish than you will ever be! I brag to everyone that God gave me an advantage over everyone, he gave me a Jewish brain and the ability to use it.

    You have repeatedly lied and then hide behind silly things like calling me a self hating Jew. You are really an idiot because with statement's like that because you disagree with my politics it is actually people like you who cause non Jews to hate Jews! The see the absolutely crazy and outlandish things you say and then go around saying Stupid Jew he doesn't know the facts and Lies about everything. Then they begin to wonder if all Jews are as downright stupid as you. You do not have a clue as to what you say and simply cannot stop saying stupid things every time which just shows how really ignorant you are.

    Every time you respond with a crazy stupid statement I will respond and let you know just how ignorant you are!

  41. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel Anyone who would call a fellow Jew a Nazi is a idiot, and only be self hating. But this gives everyone a chance to see your ravings. Anybody on this thread think think this guy is rational? All you can say is I lie about Obama and Kerry. I spend much of my time with my fellow Jews both Democrats and Republican, we are friends, and although we disagree on political points we never stoop to your level of name calling. How low can you get?

  42. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax If it looks like a Nazi, smells like a Nazi, walks like a Nazi, it must be a Nazi! You use the most vile of the Nazi tactics when you lie about everything That is exactly what they did, they told the most outrageous lies and repeated them over and over until the low informed (people like you) believed what they said. It works very well! You and your fellow members of the POS have copied it and are causing the United States to fall behind so many other countries in many important categories such as education and medical care. That is why it is so important to get rid of them. Education has fallen in every single state that is run by republicans. Medical care has been falling starting with the bush jr administration. The ACA is going to raise the level of health care in America and no matter what you say, that is the truth. You really need to think about what you say if you want to be taken seriously. If I called you a Nazi (and I did) and it hit you hard, perhaps you should think about what you say.

    A poor person like you who is so low informed and believes everything that fox says has no business backing repubs unless you hate Black people. Perhaps that is why you hate President Obama, you are a bigot.

  43. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel You call me a Nazi for not liking Obama's Politics well here in the good old USA and Israel is full of them then. Where is your caretaker?

  44. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax You really cannot understand what you say! I call you a Nazi, not because you do not like President Obama that is you right, but the things you say about him (and me) are nothing but lies. The POS/TP has adopted the hitler big lie theory and have use it very effectively! They have convinced low informed people that what they say is correct and what President Obama says is wrong. They simply make up things and repeat them until even they believe them. All the people the Koch bros have hired to say that The ACA is bad when it has been shown that these people have all LIED. I told you that Obama was elected big time in his first election and by a landslide both times the ACA was the centerpiece of his campaign and the people loved it. Now they have been bombarded by lie after lie and some of the people who were in favored were scared into believing that maybe it is not so good. If you believe the polls over 70% are still in favor of the ACA. In my congressional district the rep congressman is still sending out letters to old folks centers saying that the ACA calls for death panels and is a government takeover of health care and there are no death panels and it is not a government takeover of healthcare! You buy healthcare from the same companies that were available to you before. The rates are generally lower (no matter what the repubs/tp is telling you, they have never gone onto the site and checked out the prices! Well as a matter of fact they have because they too need to buy their health care on the ACA, the only difference is that the government pays for their health care so they do not know what the savings are. Randal Paul claimed that the ACA would not cover one of his children, but when someone showed him what he did wrong, you didn't here him say ooops! When you lie over and over again, it is just like the Nazis did and it is sickening when a Jew does it.

  45. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel If you want to follow Obama that is your right. I am not going to call you a Communist, because that is not so. But Obama is the liar or just unable to to the job. I am not going into all his red lines in the sand, they have all dissipated in the wind. But i will give you some facts that make me doubt his ability to run what is the most powerful county in the world. We will start with transparency and end with taking the 5th. OBAMA: “I’m going to have all the negotiations around a big table. We’ll have doctors and nurses and hospital administrators. Insurance companies, drug companies — they’ll get a seat at the table … But what we will do is, we’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks During Town Hall Meeting, Chester, VA, 8/21/08) Remarks at the American Medical Association, June 15, 2009: "I know that there are millions of Americans who are content with their health care coverage — they like their plan and, most importantly, they value their relationship with their doctor. They trust you. And that means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what." CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama has described al Qaeda as having been “decimated,” “on the path to defeat” or some other variation at least 32 times since the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, according to White House transcripts. -.Maybe the White House and the Internal Revenue Service have vastly different definitions of “smidgen.” After all, in President Obama’s interview with Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly Sunday, he said there was “not even a smidgen of corruption” linked to the IRS practice of discriminating against conservative and Christian organizations by delaying their applications for tax-exempt status. Former IRS official Lois Lerner refused for a second time on Wednesday to testify about her role in a scheme to target conservative organizations that applied for tax-exempt status during President Barack Obama's first term in office. Only the guilty takes the 5th quote RFK. All facts you can look them up.

  46. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax You really do not have a clue as to what you are talking about. Obama invited everybody to the table, they just did not want to negotiate on anything other than keeping the status quo and that was unacceptable. That ends that stupid idiotic argument. BTW drugs are much less expensive under President Obama than under Bush Jr and his crazy doughnut hole.

    Stop already with the "if you like your plan bs. President Obama did not cancel a single solitary insurance policy, the drug companies did. If you had a brain and were fair minded in the slightest you would understand that the insurance companies cancelled the below standard policies and offered replacement policies WITHOUT GOING THROUGH THE ACA and they were at much higher costs than what they were paying and also much higher than they could buy the same new policy being offered to them from the identical insurance companies had they bought the policy on the ACA. Imagine that, the identical policy the insurance companies were offering as replacement for the below standard policies they were cancelling at higher prices than the customer could by from them had they bought it on the ACA web site and that did not include any discounts they could have gotten based on their income. That is the truth and that is something that anybody quotes the "…if you like your insurance policy…."
    Besides under the ACA policy there were things that people were entitled to for free. Free cancer screening (breast for women, prostrate for men,) free annual checkups, free flu shots, and the list goes on. No caps on the amount of money an insurance policy will cover so God forbid you actually get ill and need chemo and surgery and a long hospital stay, you will not have to go into bankruptcy because your below standard policy ran out of benefits or left you holding the bag for too much for the treatments. Drugs covered at lower costs, I mean why would anyone be against this. That is what a real person with a brain would say, why do the republicans and the Koch brothers be so vehemently against this?

    President Obama has never taken the 5th amendment, never and to imply itherwise just goes to show that you continue to lie.

  47. Edward Lobel says:

    As for Ms. Lerner she turned over all the documents that were requested. She made every appearance she was ask to. Perhaps had it been another repub leading the committee who knows what she may or may not have said. NOT ONE SINGLE CHRISTIAN, REPUB, OR TEA PARTY LOST THERE BID TO HAVE THEMSELVES DECLARED A CHARITY, NOT ONE SINGLE ONE. To say they did means you do not know what you are talking about.

    Have you ever actually read the law that all this nonsense was about? I do not think so. Just google it: US law 501(4)c and read it. It is very short perhaps about 30 words and is very easy to understand, NOT A SINGLE POLITICAL CHARITY WOULD BE ABLE TO LIVE UP TO THE LAW! Maybe some Christian charities (and Jewish and Muslim or other religious charities would qualify,) the law as written and approved by congress was some how changed late in the Eisenhower 2nd administration and illegally changed the meaning (but not the content of the law) to allow political charities to give money to non charity causes such as PACS etc. The law was never changed by an act of congress and is still as written. Check it out.

    As for "not a smidgen of scandal in the IRS or Benghazzi" He was 100% correct. There is no IRS scandal NONE! If you believe it you are no better than any other fool! The only scandal that Benghazzi was when the repubs voted to take away the protection details that guarded our embassies and consulates. Had the restored the money as requested there would have been a detail of US Marines on duty and would have repealed the attack on the consulate at least until reinforcements could have arrive! Even the repub committee and said that. David Patreus who was in charge of the CIA said that no reinforcements could have arrived in time to help and that it was not AN ATTACK BY AL QUIDA, so just what are you talking about? Again you do not have the slightest understanding about what you say and are simply repeating the party line as reported on fox and then you ask me why I call you a Nazi!

  48. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel You have to appear but you don't have to take the 5th unless you have something to hide. Keep up with the Kool Aid. You are walking with a great burden, unable justify Obama's postions to yourself, so you try and convince others. This you think will make you feel better. קײנער זעט ניט זײַן אײגענעם הױקער. So.

  49. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax Again, you simply do not understand the truth and continue to lie about it. You take everything the repub/tp/Koch brothers/fox says as the gospel without ever checking things for yourself. Truth apparently means little to you and it is easier to lie and be misinformed than to know and understand the truth. Here is a response to the Koch brothers ad showing the woman who has leukemia and what the real truth is: http://on.msnbc.com/N3rT7x
    You really need to ask yourself why do they spend millions upon millions of their own money to continue try and convince you that you should not have insurance.

    Personally I do not care that you are a bigot and hate President Obama, you are entitled to be an ignorant idiot, but what irks me is that you use lies to support your arguments and that is where it is not right. hate him because he is black, and you do not like his policy, but do not like him based on nothing but lies. You really need to wake up and see how much hurt you are doing to yourself and your fellow citizens.

  50. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel I don't hate him I just don't believe him, I think, he thinks, he is doing the right thing, but I think his methods and causes are not in the interest of our country the USA or or our country Israel. Zayn vort zol zayn a shtekn, volt men zikh nit getort onshparn. I am a Zionist. As far as you go the old saying applies. Az der vorem zitst in khreyn, meynt er az es iz keyn zisers nito. ( When a worm sits in horseradish, it thinks there's nothing sweeter.) Take care and follow your dream. I stand by you as a Jew, if you were threatened, or if your right to free speach and opinions were threatened, Even though I might not agree with those opinions. Shalom

  51. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax My friend no matter how wrong you are you are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts. You are NOT entitled to state your opinions as facts when indeed they are not true facts! I suppose the difference between you and me is that I NEVER MAKE THINGS UP AND ANYTHING I SAY IS ACTUALLY TRUE! If I am the slightest bit unsure I do not say it or preface what I say with "I think" but I ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH!

    Stay healthy, if you are not already on Medicare, when you do join, make sure you get a good supplemental plan. Since I have joined and gotten a great supplemental plan, I have not paid a single cent for anything. I see my primary care doctor 4 times a year (in my old age I am being monitored for type 2,) my cardiologist 2 times a year (one for regular office visit, and one time for a nuclear stress test,) my podiatrist 4 times a year (I was an athlete in my younger days and have some "old" age feet problems) I see my "sleep" doctor once a year (I have been using a c-pap for 10 years) I got a new c-pap and get all the supplies for "free" I take more blood tests than most people my age, have special diabetic footwear all for free! I do pay for my drugs but at a much lower cost than when I was covered by a top of the line medical insurance before I retired (I was a titled officer of a large corporation with some great benefits,) Your picture makes you look a lot older than me (LOL) but in the event you are not and need some advice on supplemental plans, let me know and I will give you what I have. My drug plan is also very inexpensive. While I take 8 rx's a day, they are all available on my plan for no copay and my monthly fee is as low as available.
    Take care of yourself – Ed

  52. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel You are a diehard Democrat, and believe everything they say is true, I am a Conservative, I have my beliefs also but, I do not believe everything any party says is true. I don't take the 5th or change the subject, when confronted with a question. there is only one reason to take the 5th is beacause you know someing you did or others did that is dishonest. Now that is a fact. I think most can make misjudgements Obama when Osama was killed believed Al Quida was on the run, Bush believed the war in Iraq was over, when the Iraq army laid down it arms, and when Saddam was captured. these are not lies, it is simply they were wrong. Al Quida by a different name is still the same, we pulled out of Iraq and now they are there, it will be the same when we pull out of Afghanistan. Just the same best wishes to you and your family. I will 72 on the 24th,

  53. Edward Lobel says:

    Aryeh Sax No wonder you look older, you are older!
    I simply am tired of correcting you and will not respond to any more of your foolish statements. Does taking the 5th amendment mean you are guilty, I would think so but there are some principled people who take the fifth on the principle that you have no right to know the answer to that question. You may or may not be asked a pertinent question and by responding you could hurt yourself in an area that has nothing to do with the complaint. Sounds a little crazy but it is true. I used the old trick lawyers question of "do you beat your wife often> Yes or No! Yes implies that you do indeed beat your wife often, and a no answer implies you beat your wife, just not often. There is no right or wrong answer, but both responses make you look guilty, so if someone ever asks this question the best reply is to take the 5th. Do I think she is hiding something, I am really not sure! As I told you not a single solitary charity was denied (even though according to the actual law as approved by congress they did not meet the legal requirements,) The answers to everything the could be asked pertaining to this subject were in the documents, but that does not mean that the little arab and criminal could ask whatever he wants and trap her for saying something that has no bearing on the case. But, believe it or not, almost all people who take the fifth are taking it to protect themselves.

    As long as you say Al Quida is back in Iraq, do you know why bush invaded Iraq? It had nothing to do with Al Quida. It was a very bad war, which killed 0ver 7,000 of America's finest young men and women and seriously wounded an additional 40,000! This is not to mention the over 100,000 Iraqis that were killed! Keep in mind that bush allowed OBL to blow up the WTC and could have stopped it. There have been no attacks on the American homeland under President Obama!

  54. Aryeh Sax says:

    Edward Lobel I don't think any President allowed a attack on the US. Conspiracy theories Roosevelt allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor, Bush allowed the attack on WTC, Clinton allowed the first attack on the WTC. All bull. Also, we should have not went to war in Vietnam, Korea, Serbia (air war), Iraq 2nd time, Afghanistan. Air war ok in some cases. I give it to Obama on the drones and his willingness to use them. Even if it is on US citizens, who are terrorist. See I don't disagree with everything he does. I don't think the US should tell Israel how to defend itself and to give up territory, did it once did not work out to well in Gaza. Don't care which President wants to do it Republican or Democrat. Once the ground is given up Hamas will kick the PLO out. More rockets to Israel from the south and then Jordanians border will be in Jeopardy also.
    We had not lost a ambassador in 30 years, Adolph Dubs, Afghanistan, 1979 — under Carter. Facts love em.

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