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July 28, 2015 / 12 Av, 5775
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Netanyahu Interview on the Cease Fires [video]

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Photo Credit: Screenshot

Some highlights:

Israel has accepted and implemented 5 cease fires.

Hamas has rejected and violated every single one of them, including 2 humanitarian cease fires.

Then Hamas called for a cease fire, and quite astounding, violated their own cease fire.

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36 Responses to “Netanyahu Interview on the Cease Fires [video]”

  1. Follow Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו


  3. We’ll said !!! Victory for Israel

  4. #BiBiTheBabyKiller netanyahu is ensuring #WorldWideCondemnation on his people. Humanity is on the Palestinians side. International Laws dictates that tgose #Occupying anothers Land can NOT claim defence. #BDSISRAEL

  5. Pastor Ron says:

    We Christian Conservatives in the USA raised a loud clarion call to warn Israel about the MUSLIM in the WH and his close associates……………… Sad that it took so long for you dear friends to hear US.

  6. #Hamas is the result of decades of #Oppression #Occupation and Israels unwarranted massmurder of Thousands of Innlcent Palestinians will only prove to ensure #Hamas contibues to defend #Palestinians against #AparthiedIsrael

  7. Ali Haider says:

    Fake cease fire !!!! Pray for Palestinians to save them from devils and monsters of Israel. One day sun of freedom will rise and it will be last day of Israel. They’re not Semitic but invaders that killing and snatching their Land….

  8. Carolin Knox says:

    Good! He finally realized that international opinion be damned, do what has to be done. I’m still amazed at all the hat err rs on Jewish sites. It is a microcosm of the world. We are minding our business, and all these crazy, violent (even in soeech) muslims

  9. Beth S Brock says:

    Do you think that Israel didn’t know ? Do you think that they waited for you to tell them ? They live this Every single day , year after year. I’m glad that you support them. Thank you. But , you know nothing of what they know and live.

  10. Carolin Knox says:

    Even in speech muslims/arabs show up and try to start stuff.

  11. Pastor Ron says:

    You just might be horribly mistaken…….

  12. Wilma Durbin says:

    Victory for Israel

  13. Geela Gordon says:

    right to the point! Iam with BIBI all the way

  14. The only way to gain peace is to give the terrorist their rest in peace!!! Praying for #Israel been hurt to read the fallen soldiers everyday!!! God of Abraham,Jabon,Isaac, David never sleeps!!!!

  15. Give it up. Hamas contributes to death of their own people and the whole world is starting to see it. Spitting out those same words “oppression, occupation, apartheid” doesn’t cut it anymore.

    Why don’t you question why Khaled Meshaal is watching, no doubt in luxury, from the protection of the Qatar while he commands his people to fight? Why don’t you question why Hamas stores weapons in schools, mosques, and shelters? Why don’t you question why Hamas launches missiles from and digs tunnels under civilians’ homes? Why don’t you ask Khaled Meshaal why he also readies Hamas to spill the blood of ALL non-Muslims, and not just Jews?

    I’ll tell you why you don’t. Because your pea brain doesn’t function that way. And you are a fascist, ignorant, Jew hating little punk — no humanitarian by any means — and this is your opportunity to unleash your hate.

    You’re stupid.

  16. Enjoy your failed economy under the weight of #WorldwideBoycotts enjoy your #WorldWideCondemnation ennoy your God assigned #Exile

  17. P.s #BiBiTheBabyKiller Netanyahu thanks you for spreading his lies and propoganda, he says bend over for your reward for supporting #genocide

  18. Maybe the word for cease fire doesn’t translate well.

  19. Stay Strong, Bibi – although he does seem tired……not easy……

  20. Go Bibi, go. No ceasefire. Just waste the pigs.

  21. Susan Allard says:

    Great President. .Wipe out Hamas.

  22. God Bless Israel. Take Hamas down no matter the cost. They will never leave you in peace. They are murdering savages.

  23. God Bless Israel. Take Hamas down no matter the cost. They will never leave you in peace. They are murdering savages.

  24. Saul kill one thousands, David kill ten thousands, God was with David, I know God is for Netanyahu and his chosen people, dont give up to them Bibi God is watching over his people and his holy land, Israel the house of God….God bless you and his people…

  25. Saul kill one thousands, David kill ten thousands, God was with David, I know God is for Netanyahu and his chosen people, dont give up to them Bibi God is watching over his people and his holy land, Israel the house of God….God bless you and his people…

  26. No ceasefire in Gaza without a demilitarized Hamas!

  27. God bless people of israel

  28. Jeff Sanders says:

    I hope Israel wipes out the Hamas-Nazis.

  29. God is with you Bibi you are a Great man

  30. God Yahweh is gathering all his childrens back home, Israel the holy land, the house of God Jehovah, he will bless those who bless you, and he will curse those who will curse you, we are living in the most Importan times of the bible… Glory be to God the most powerful God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.. the God that bless Issac not Ismael, God gave Issac the Promise to him for his Jews people, and he promise was to bring his childrens from all nations from where he scarret them, and will bring back home, Israel, so why fight something that it is writting by the words of God Jehovah, Yahweh…no nation is going to win only God and his army…you all are waisting your time and getting kill and bom…because you no knowledge of God Almighty, the father of all nations was Abraham to him was this promise and his wife sarrah, not to her maid who sarrah gave to abraham to bare a child who was Ismael but he did not get the,promise it was Issac…read the bible all the chapters,

  31. Edinson Mota says:

    God bless israel

  32. Yes seriously, Magela.

  33. Oh please. We already knew that. Israel warned the US about him but you didn’t listen.

  34. Oh please. We already knew that. Israel warned the US about him but you didn’t listen.

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