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Rare Discovery of 3,500-Year-Old Donkey in Israel

2 Nisan 5773 – March 12, 2013
At about the same time the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt, a young donkey was sacrificed in what is now Israel and was placed under a house. In a rare discovery, Archaeologists found the skeleton.

Israel Creating Virtual Embassies in Middle East

Israel is utilizing new media technology to developing innovative ways to extend hands of friendship to countries in a volatile Middle East. “We are exploring...

Egypt Ignoring Destruction of Huge Archaeological Site

1 Nisan 5773 – March 11, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood regime is ignoring the “systematic” destruction of Antonopoulos, one of Egypt’s biggest archaeological sites, the Egypt Independent reported Monday. Monica Hanna, a...

Hamas: Egypt Never Steered Us into Peace with Israel

26 Adar 5773 – March 7, 2013
This could be Hamas attempt to make things harder for Morsi in his flirtation with the U.S.

Eighth Plague – Locusts – Invade Israel

23 Adar 5773 – March 4, 2013
A swarm of several thousands locusts that descended on Egypt began to cross into southern Israel Monday night, but agricultural officials said that pesticides...

Israel On ‘Locust Alert’

Israel's Agriculture Ministry set up an emergency hotline Monday and has asked citizens to immediately report any sightings of locusts in order to prevent...

Egypt Teeters on Bankruptcy, Promises Reforms and Gets US Money

22 Adar 5773 – March 3, 2013
The Muslim Brotherhood has won its reward for driving the Egyptian into the ground - $190 million in immediate aide from the US n return for promises of reforms it promised t carry out a year ago.

Plague of Locusts Returns to Egypt

A swarm of 30 million locusts has attacked the fields of Giza, southwest of Cairo.

Muslim Brothers, Detractors, in War of the Harlem Shakes (Videos)

The Muslim Brotherhood has been facing growing criticism since the second anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.

Egyptian Court Throws Out Suit to Cancel Peace Treaty with Israel

18 Adar 5773 – February 27, 2013
An Egyptian court Tuesday threw out a lawsuit to cancel the 1979 peace treaty with Israel, but the ruling left an opening for breaking...

Morsi’s Egypt Poised to Criminalize Protest

4 Adar 5773 – February 14, 2013
banners or chants "that include insults, defamation or contempt of 'heavenly' religions, or that stir sedition, violence or hatred or include an offence to state bodies and institutions" will be prohibited

Egypt Strangling Gaza by Flooding Smuggling Tunnels

4 Adar 5773 – February 13, 2013
Egypt is flooding Gaza smuggling tunnels, choking off one of Hamas’ biggest sources for money and placing a virtual siege far more severe than Israel ever created.

Morsi’s Goon Squads Kill 2 Activists; US ‘Disturbed’

25 Shevat 5773 – February 5, 2013
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime is making Hosni Mubarak look like a peacenik. Police tortured to death two activists, others are “missing,” but the US is politely “disturbed” at its Muslim ally.

Conspiracy Theory Claims Muslim Brotherhood Allied with Jews

24 Shevat 5773 – February 4, 2013
Dubai Police Chief has recently attempted to discredit the Brotherhood by alleging a nefarious allegiance to Israel and Jews.

Nuland: US Position on Hamas Unchanged Despite Reconciliation with Fatah

24 Tevet 5773 – January 5, 2013
But the next Quartet meeting will be held in Cairo, where president. Morsi has close ties with Hamas.

Bibi Gets Biblical on Facebook

20 Tevet 5773 – January 1, 2013
From the Prime Minister's Facebook profile, posted at approximately 8:20 Jerusalem time on January 1:

Muslim Brotherhood Official Calls on Egyptian Jews to Return

18 Tevet 5773 – December 30, 2012
A Muslim Brotherhood official called on Egyptian Jews to return to Egypt and leave Israel to the Palestinians.

Syrian Crowned Miss Arab World

14 Tevet 5773 – December 27, 2012
Syria’s Nadine Fahad has been named Miss Arab World 2012, according to a report in al-Arabiya. The beauty pageant was held in Cairo on Sunday.

Egyptian Blogger Breaks Taboos About Israel

13 Tevet 5773 – December 25, 2012
Described as a peace-building mission, Sanad’s visit to the Holy Land sparked a myriad responses.

Kerry Was Obama’s Envoy to the Muslim Brothers and Hamas

10 Tevet 5773 – December 23, 2012
Simply put, Kerry is an Arabist, but his Arabism tends to favor the more extremist Arabs.

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