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July 30, 2016 / 24 Tammuz, 5776
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Pakistani Owner of Swanky Santa Monica Hotel: “Get the [expletive] Jews out of my Pool”

The Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.

The Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.
Photo Credit: Promotional image.

An upscale hotel on a Santa Monica, California, beach is an odd place to be singled out from a crowd and removed because you are Jewish, but that’s what happened to 18 young professionals who are telling their story to a jury in a discrimination trial taking place in Santa Monica Superior Court this week.

Ari Ryan is the grandson of a Ukranian Jew who lost most of his family in the Holocaust and narrowly escaped death at the hands of the Nazis.  Ryan’s grandfather moved to Israel in 1942 and served as a captain in the Israel Defense Forces.

Seventy years later Ryan says he got a small taste of what his grandfather lived through, but rather than in the forests of the Ukraine, it took place at an upscale hotel in Santa Monica.  Ryan and more than a dozen others have brought a lawsuit alleging anti-Semitic discrimination against them by a multi-millionaire Muslim American hotel owner.

Two years ago Ryan and other twenty- and thirty-something Jews planned to raise money to send children of fallen IDF soldiers to camp with a charity event at the Hotel Shangri-La in Santa Monica, California.

On the morning of July 11, 2010, Ryan and others arrived at the hotel and began setting up Friends of the IDF banners, literature and piles of shirts for the event guests.

But the event was aborted after, according to one employee’s sworn testimony, the hotel’s owner told staff members, “Get the [expletive deleted] Jews out of my pool.”  Then the hotel security and other employees began removing the materials and ordering the guests to leave.

Ryan said,  “Anyone wearing a blue wristband,” which identified them as being with the Friends of the IDF, “was asked to get out of the swimming pool and the hot tub.”  In fact, no one who was identifiable as Jewish was so much as “allowed to dip their feet in the water.”

Tehmina (Tamie) Adaya, a Pakistani-American Muslim, is the owner of the Shangri-La.  Her father, Ahmad Adaya, was a founding partner of the California real estate company IDS Real Estate Group.  He also was a founder and benefactor of the New Horizon School for Muslim religious education in Southern California.

The father bought the Shangri-La Hotel in the 1980‘s and the daughter took it over in 2004, investing $30 million to renovate the property into a design award-winning opulent destination. In addition to the hotel, Adaya runs an upscale artist collective called the Crown Jewels which she blogs about at her site “Culture Shock to Culture Architect.

In the cross-complaint she initially filed, Adaya claimed Ryan and his friends were trespassing on the Shangri-La property and became unruly.

“Not so,” said James Turken, managing partner of the California office of the DC-based law firm Dickstein, Shapiro, attorney for the plaintiffs.  He explained that Adaya withdrew her complaint after he interviewed her, under oath, and she was unable to substantiate any of the allegations she had made.

Turken told The Jewish Press that witnesses will testify that, in addition to cursing the Jews and yelling at her staff to remove them from the pool, Adaya was heard saying, “my family will disown me,” and that her “investors will be furious,” if the plaintiffs remained on site.

The defense claims there was no discrimination and that, instead, the promoters of the event had failed to properly schedule the event with the hotel, and therefore they were trespassing.

According to Turken, however, all the necessary arrangements had been made in advance, as evidenced by the initial assistance provided by the Shangri-La employees, which included putting up a rope and stanchions and a check-in table.  What’s more, he said, the day before the event “the head of hotel security gave a briefing to the staff to prepare them for the crowd of 150 that were expected to attend.”

The removal from the pool of Jews who were wearing Jewish-identified wristbands evokes a similar selection process of seventy years ago.  Ryan, recalling his grandfather’s legacy, said “I felt the weight of standing up to what he had to live through.”

The plaintiffs are seeking $ 1 million from Adaya and the Shangri-La Hotel for emotional distress, attorneys’ fees and other statutory damages.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is the U.S. correspondent for The Jewish Press. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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233 Responses to “Pakistani Owner of Swanky Santa Monica Hotel: “Get the [expletive] Jews out of my Pool””

  1. Lori Lowenthal Marcus says:

    Yes, this is 2012.

  2. Ishtar Mordechai says:

    They are racist anti-semites; sirely they can be sued for more than $1Million: that is a drop in ocean for them! Where did these pakis get the money for this hotel? They need to be investigated! There is more to this than meets the eye: who ARE their "investors" PS I wonder how the kapos in hollywood feel about this?

  3. Carol Teuchert says:

    Everyone must share this story. There are plenty of other places to stay no more business for them from any sane person.

  4. Aaron Levy says:

    muslum bastards, they should be thrown out of the U.S.

  5. Usman Ali says:

    Bastards remain bastards

  6. Jackie Schwimer Neuwirt says:


  7. Jeff Stak says:

    I can only say What Would Kahane and KOCH/JDL do in this case? Firebombs would not be good enough…

  8. Ishtar Mordechai says:

    Actually it is Kach

  9. Jeff Stak says:

    Yeah I know that Ishtar :} typo

  10. Charlie Hall says:

    We just had a Jewish commenter to another article in this very newspaper claims that anyone should be able to refuse service to anyone for any reason or no reason.

    I frankly can't believe a Jew would say such at thing.

  11. Mordechai Motti Luzia says:

    I look in to it I know same pepole in this hotel and I live here for the past 24 yr's more comment to follow.

  12. The defendant's lawyer did his client a big disservice not pushing settlement much earlier in the case.

  13. Yori Yanover says:

    Charlie Hall — The shop owners in Williamsburg didn't curse out the shoppers, they simply hung up an ad detailing the attire requirements. They barred lightly clad persons of all races, and would immediately welcome them had they donned a sweater. You must see that there's a vast difference here.

  14. This happened two years ago and this is the first time I am hearing about it.
    Why didn't the press and newspapers in the U.S. pick up this story?
    Why hasn't the U.S. Attorney General filed a discrimination law suit against.
    this Hotel?

    The U.S. attorney's office has filed hundreds of cases protecting Muslims.
    I am outraged that this discrimatory hateful action was not prosecuted by.
    the the U.S. Attorney.

    Is the government only protecting Muslims?

    Time for a change.

  15. Anonymous says:

    to the writer: the comparison with the holocaust is [expletive deleted] lame.

  16. Ron Soussa says:

    Hit them where it hurts!

  17. White Rabbitt says:

    Behind/beside all of the obvious racism and such, there once upon was a time in that the USA was a free country and respected property rights. But no longer. Now the Government, through the courts, has say so over a person's property thus negating their actual ownership any longer. As a matter of fact, property owners really have not truly owned their property since the introduction of mandatory "property taxes" that if are not paid allow Government to seize private property and do with it as it sees fit.

  18. Larry Lennhoff says:

    Don't know Michael Makovi very well, do you?

  19. Gil Gilman says:

    The wheels of injustice move quickly, justice not so quickly.

  20. Gil Gilman says:

    I have yet to see any comments about the lack of foresight by the friends of IDF, in this incident. I wouldn't have registered at that hotel in the first place. That being said I would really like to hear about the disposition of this matter. If you have more info, please reply here or on my Facebook page…thnx…I guess we can all agree, that big money does not equal big intellect in this case. We had a local case, where the perp went to prison for bribing public officials, but outside of that type of thing looks like it will only be about the money.

  21. that she was heard worrying out loud about her family "disowning" her is hilarious. Maybe she is lucky they didn't murder her as well.

  22. And NOT surprisingly: The L[ying]ATimes byline on the article puts the emphasis on the OWNERS retorte. It implies that Jews were in the wrong and not being kicked out: "Muslim Owner says pro-Israel group…were Trespassing".

  23. Yuliya Mazur says:

    How about the Jewish Travel Business Community publicize this story as much as possible. Shangri-la is a chain that should make a note of this. As usual – money will talk.

  24. Inga Binga says:

    Considering the subject, the press and Santa Monica – I'm not so surprised about the suppression of facts. This is a shameful situation and should be exposed.

  25. Anonymous says:

    hhmmm I added a thoughtful comment (unlike Aaron Levy below) and it didn't get posted. What does this mean?

  26. Scarlett Mullins says:

    If you had read the story, the man brought it up when he compared it to how his grandfather had felt. Your comment is lame.

  27. Scarlett Mullins says:

    Oh…and if it had been a Jew yelling "Get that Pakistani out of my pool!" you would have been okay with that? Sure, sure..

  28. Chaiya Eitan says:

    Hey, Adaya – YOU get the (expletive) out of the United States!

  29. Chaiya Eitan says:

    http://www.tamieadaya.com/about/ WRITE THE B*TCH HERE

  30. Charlie Hall says:


    I completely agree and indicated that I supported the shopowners in that other thread. The shopowners were not engaging in any kind of discrimination and were treating people with respect. This case is that of a bigot engaging in illegal discrimination and I hope they throw the book at him. The commenter on the other thread would permit this guy to do what he is doing.

  31. Charlie Hall says:

    It is difficult to prove discrimination suits in federal court. The process is deliberately long. This case is being tried in state court which may be more efficient.

  32. Charlie Hall says:

    And we should be grateful that "property rights" are limited. Bigots can't put "no Jews or dogs" signs outside their businesses any more.

    Property taxes go back to the middle ages. Back then, there was no such thing as true property "ownership" in Europe as everything was part of the feudal system. Property taxes date to early colonial times in the US.

    And since this is an orthodox Jewish site, it is worth mentioning that the Torah severely restricts property rights in a way that no democratic country does. The Torah is not libertarian.

  33. Charlie Hall says:

    This is incitement to terrorism; the comment should be removed.

  34. Charlie Hall says:

    Good point — maybe a boycott is in order until they drop this bigoted franchisee?

  35. Ishtar Mordechai says:

    And you work at Albert Einstein college? Wonders may never cease!

  36. Charlie Hall says:

    There are a lot of wealthy Pakistanis. Many are large landowners dating back to British rule, others have benefitted greatly from political graft.

  37. Ishtar Mordechai says:

    Same here in UK, a mozlem who tried to kill his daughter has been let off. Charlie Hall, above would like us all to lie down and wait for the Gestapo!!

  38. Charlie Hall says:

    I'm old enough to remember segregated swimming pools. My parents refused to join the private segregated swim club that everyone else in the neighborhood belonged to; we paid to swim at a local motel. I am still proud of them for doing that.

  39. Liz Hall says:

    I grew up never belonging to a pool, but able to use the pool and beach at communities where my parents provided security, Charlie. Then at 17, I started life guarding and used the pools where I life guarded for 7 years. Not until I lived on my own did I ever truly belong to a pool. Yet I never felt like an outsider. Pools, especially, aren't the place for this.

  40. Debi Terry says:

    BOYCOTT HOTEL! IN the name of the one and only God Israel!

  41. Liz Hall says:

    I never really gave much thought to why I never liked when certain communities started tightening up on their admittance policies. But through all my years as a life guard, I always thought it was a waste of my time to pay attention to the sign-in sheet. My job was to guard lives and that is what I did.

  42. I never thought about that,as I grew up in differant times. What we (me) take for granted,today.

  43. Sanjose Mike says:

    A fact missing from the article is that at least in Israel, Jews patronize Muslim owned businesses every day and (their money) is certainly welcomed. The reverse is also true in Israel. About 20% of Israel consists of Muslim/ Arab citizens. They carry an active Israeli passport. Some refused Israeli citizenship after the 6 Day War, even though it was offered.

    Arabs have served in the Knesset (Israeli legislature) since the very first days of its existence. In Israel, Arabs and Jews work closely together in almost every professional venue imaginable, but especially in medicine, surgery and nursing.

    Hadassah Hospital treats any and all Muslims who come to them for free, and they get the best possible medical/surgical care.

    Just a few facts NEVER presented in Western Media.


  44. The problem with our country is not immigrants; anybody who is not a Native American is a descendent of immigrants. The problem is immigrants who cannot leave the primitive, backward, and sometimes violent cultures of their places of origin outside Ellis Island or its equivalent. This Pakistani sounds like a prime example.

  45. Jean Terry says:

    I was wondering why we never hear about these kinds of things in the press.

  46. Gideon Jones says:

    William A Levinson,

    Not to nit-pick but the "native Americans" are immigrants too. (they came from China if I recall correctly) It just depends on how far back you want to go.

  47. Inga Binga says:

    Hey Jean, you're kidding right? I mean "you're kidding LEFT" Seriously, if is amazing how much we don't hear, especially from a PC environment such as Santa Monica – Are you here on the West coast?

  48. He is probably a Liberal Democrat from Santa Monica.

  49. If this guy wants a Jewless pool, what the hell is he doing owning a hotel in Santa Monica of all places? Doesn't he know, there's even a song called "I'm Spending Hanukkah in Santa Monica"?

  50. Josiah Ching says:

    Boker tov 🙂 Another eerie reminder of the Shoah. It was yellow Star of David's back then, now it's blue bands. I hope the court will come down hard on her and teach her an (expensive) lesson. May this be an example to other anti-Semites out there.

  51. Anya Khan says:

    kahane are terrorist and should repent to G*d

  52. Paul Scott says:

    Hey, I'm a liberal Democrat from Santa Monica and I find this behavior incredibly distasteful. I think the place should be boycotted till it goes under. I don't know where you get the notion that liberals would countenance such behavior. We don't.

  53. charliehall says:

    That is a slanderous comment and should be removed. I’ve made it quite clear that this kind of action needs to be stopped, and I’ve even called out the right wing extremists here who think that this kind of stuff should be legal.

  54. Gil Gilman says:

    Nothing…bad feed from yahoo probably…just repost it.

  55. Chris Thomas says:

    While I agree that they're racist anti semites for this action, by using the term "pakis" you are just as bad as them.

  56. alissaharoush says:

    I can’t believe we never heard this before! Won’t be spending my money there.

  57. Jeff Tilley says:

    Where's the outrage? WHERE'S THE OUTRAGE! I trust that my Jewish friends will sue the owner's socks off. The U.S. attorney's office has filed hundreds of cases protecting Muslims. Now, let's see of there any courage to protect Jews!

  58. White Rabbitt says:

    When my Dad was a kid (he came to the USA when he was about 15 years old from Italy) he told me stories of when my Grandparents took him and his brother to the beach and other places there at times would be signs that said "No s, Jews, Italians or Greeks Allowed". SO I know of where you are coming from and agree in principle. But at the same time either there is freedom or not. No matter how unpleasant and/or unfair certain situations and such may be because of living in a free society. Just saying.

  59. Aaron Levy says:

    The U.S Govt. the way it is today, is guided by pro islamic causes, we have to be tolerant to our enemy because of a pro muslim president "obama" and the far left libs that wants us destroyed. Self hating American in power entwined with muslim brotherhood in our govt. If obama gets re-elected we
    Americans are boomed to be an islamic state with sharia law within the next 3 years. Say goodbye to freedom as you know it, civil war is imminent.

  60. Jeff Stak says:

    What happened to my comment? I mention Kahane, JDL, KACH, and it gets removed?

  61. Anonymous says:

    Gil Gilman, why would the organizers have known that this facility was owned by an anti-Jewish Pakistani family? From what I read, the organizers dealt with hotel employes, not the owners directly. I got a sense that even the employees were surprised by the owners unexpected hostility to their Jewish patrons. It seems inconceivable that anyone in the Hotel-hospitality business would be as ignorant of the laws against ethnic or religious discrimination as apparently these owners evidently were. I supposed the object lesson of this law suit will suffice as sufficient to school them on this aspect of the industry in which they have chosen to invest.

  62. Aaron Moore says:

    Wow, really? Saying "Paki" (which is obviously short-hand for "Pakistani") is the same as "get those ing Jews out of my pool?"

    Then how horrible are the Brits (look! I did it too!) referring to Americans casually as "Yanks" for the last hundred years? Pfft.

  63. Dolly Charles says:

    I can go you one better. I live in L.A., and this is the first I've heard of it. Thanks, LA Times. Shocked but not surprised.

  64. Aaron Moore says:

    This wasn't someone's private home or beach. It was a hotel, run by an "innkeeper" in legal jargon, which is subject to stricter civil rights regulations than many other situations.

  65. Gil Gilman says:

    tagsnola, you are correct, of course, but they could have done a little research to discover the ownership. I would have, and did do so in the event to which i alluded. You can't be too careful, but that isn't the central issue in any case. If I had wanted to set up a raving anti-semite, I would have gone about it in just such a way. In this case it was just serendipitous that the nut case showed up on site and made a fool out of herself, and lost a pile of money.

  66. Inga Binga says:

    @Aaron – I'm from the Netherlands and I have to agree with you – I think France, Spain, Germany and they, will be sunk in less than ten years.

  67. Charlie Hall says:

    Gil, in many cases it is impossible to ascertain who is the actual owner of hotel properties. Their management is often contracted out. And very few local governments have put their real estate records online. (New York City is one that has.)

  68. Charlie Hall says:

    Correct, but you should point out that Christians, Druze, and Muslims in Israel are all covered by Israel's universal health insurance just as Jews are, so the hospital isn't losing on them.

  69. Charlie Hall says:

    Actually, had conservatives had their way in the 1960s, this evil action would still be legal under federal law. And I don't mean extremists like the John Birchers; both both Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

  70. Charlie Hall says:

    And it was another liberal, Jesse Unruh, who wrote California's Civil Rights law, which was signed into law by still another liberal, Governor Pat Brown, in 1959. Pat Brown's son Jerry is the current governor of California, and it was none other than Ronald Reagan who ended the elder Brown's political career by defeating him in 1966. Reagan would then defeat Unruh in 1970.

    A lot of folks consider Reagan a hero. But regarding this kind of stuff he was on the wrong side of history!

  71. Charlie Hall says:

    (Would that America had such a system!!!)

  72. They should have assumed that if the owners were Pakistani, they would be racist s?

  73. Charlie Hall says:

    White Rabbit would seem to oppose such regulations.

  74. Jules S. Zeman says:

    I know that hotel—my office used to be a few yards away from it—popular spot for the "Industry Libs." TIme trhe world knew that there are RATS at Hotel Shagri-La.

  75. Charlie Hall says:

    I also regularly patronized Muslim owned businesses here in the Bronx; not one such business owner has ever treated me with anything other than the greatest of respect.

  76. This Pakistani hotel owner was so wrapped up in his hatred for Israel that he forgot " he only hates Zionists and has nothing against Jews, some of my best friends are Jews".

  77. Cool Ghoul says:

    Ugh. Can't share the link directly, either.

  78. Rc Fowler says:

    This is very common of Pakistanis–people like this should never be allowed to immigrate to the USA!

  79. Gil Gilman says:

    Michael Gebhart…lol…good one…it is difficult to make a thorough point without blathering on as I attempted to do. I'm a chess player and tend to analyze multiple lines of opportunity, didn't mean anything derogatory toward Pakistanis in general. But racial bigotry IS hard to keep under wraps especially inre employees who observe what we don't. As I said it is a side issue, but at least none of us have been foaming at the mouth during this little rondolet, as frequently happens around this locale; kudos to you all.

  80. Jeff Stak says:

    There is no incitement here Charlie. Fight fire with fire. I'd rather go down swinging then tossed in a gas chamber. NEVER AGAIN

  81. Kathy Van Doren Corbiere says:

    this sure was kept quiet – as a travel agent I am extremely glad I saw this article so I know where not to send my clients.

  82. Jeff Stak says:

    Anya if you are a Jew Kahane and his followers would save your ass while Jew hating dogs are trying to kill you and drag your half dead body though the streets

  83. Ellen Francis says:

    In actual fact, the Torah guarantees property rights.

  84. Wow, so even this story starts with the Holocoust-narrative. Why am I not surprised?

    What makes you believe this has something to do with jews? I support this man for standing up against the IDF. Its his property, and he himself can decide who to let in or out, especially if there are people promoting a racist political agenda at his space.

    Stop crying. Remember the case of Rae Abileah when she protested against Netanyahu speech. Some IDF volunteer violently attacked her.

    This Pakistani man deserve respect.

  85. charliehall says:

    Not so! Beit din can declare your property ownerless and give it to someone else. Melech can take your property without compensation. Poor people can collect leket, shich’chah, and peah from your field and you can’t stop them — and during shmitah you don’t have any right to your property at all. Pilgrims can stay in your home in Jerusalem on the festivals. At yovel your field goes back to its original owner no matter how much you paid for it.
    And communal authorities are required to raise taxes for the care of the poor, for public works, and for education.

    Sorry, but this is NOT private property rights as we know them!

  86. charliehall says:


    You don’t live in the US, so you don’t know that here in the US we have all made a concerted effort to make racial and religious discrimination ancient history. Both California law and US Federal make the things alleged in the article illegal, and they should be. That is indeed a limit on property rights and the overwhelming majority of Americans support such limits. Would that all countries had such policies.

  87. Liron Kopinsky says:

    Even better: Continually schedule events there for pro-Israel causes and force them to either continually kick you out or lose their investors.

  88. Robin Juhl says:

    In answer to your last question: Yes.

  89. The state is though: Muslims are 20% of the Israeli population but claim 52% of the social security benefits.

  90. Asher B. Garber says:

    Are you seriously blaming the White House because newspapers like the LA Times didn't cover this story? Your argument is officially embarrassing.

  91. Chris Thomas says:

    @Aaron Moore It's not the same and you know it. The term Paki IS very much considered derogatory so don't play stupid. You know good and well the term Paki has historically been used as a demeaning term. Brit is not considered derogatory. Yank is not considered derogatory. Aussie is not considered derogatory. Why don't you go up to a Pakistani person and call him/her a Paki and see how that person reacts.

  92. Mary Noyb says:

    How hateful, but that is Islam. I am glad the victims here (the Jewish people kicked out of the pool) sued the hotel owners for discrimination. Muslims need to be made to obey U.S. law, and police officers need to be trained that their job is to enforce U.S. law, NOT to assist Muslims to enforce Shariah law.

  93. Tina Tanaz says:

    A charity is far from a "racist political agenda". Would you write this comment if an Israeli hotel owner IN AMERICA did the same to people of your religion? Legally, this is discrimination. A hotel is a public place. This is America, if you want some communist regime I suggest you go to Saudi Arabia or one of your other middle eastern countries and live a pleasant life there. Here, we have laws to deter such conduct. So essentially, you and your ignorant comment.

  94. Gil Gilman says:

    There is no end to racist dogma interjected into thoughtful discussions on this site. What is surprising are the number of "likes" attached to these statements. Apparently, the rational discussion is too much for these people to bear. Isn't this the result of the same forces that have incubated anti-semitism in the cauldron of unrequited animosity over real or imaginary hurts, and brewed readily in the fermentation of a culture dependent on that insidious sloganeering for prpping up their own imagined worthiness?

  95. Yori Yanover says:

    Ronald Reagan also founded the Jihadist movement in Afghanistan and gave it training and funding, while bankrupting the Soviet Union, which was the last serious force in the region willing to fight to keep them from spreading. Reagan's portrait should hang in Al Qaida's headquarters, if they had one.

  96. Dolly Charles says:

    @asher Huh? Who said the WH was to blame for newspapers not covering it? The commenter you're apparently responding to is wondering why the Justice Department didn't file a lawsuit against the hotel owners. It's a fair question, given the number of discrimination suits that it regularly files on otherwise shoddy grounds to support protected minority groups, and it has nothing to do with the LA Times. The Times is culpable for not covering this story/suit.

  97. Gena Taylor says:

    Why was she not charged with a hate crime? She should have been. If you can be charged with a hate crime if you say anything bad about Muslims, they should be charged with hate crimes if they say anything bad only because the people are Jewish. Hate is hate, and this is pure hatred. And should not be tolerated in this country.

  98. Adam Paul-Reuven says:

    I wouldn't react if someone called me a f***ing Jew, nor should anyone react if they're called a Paki. While words can escalate, they are still just words. But to get the f***ing Jews out of the pool and out of the hotel, that's taking it a step further than just calling someone a term, and if you can't see that, then please take a logic course (a lesson like this should be taught pretty early on in the class)

  99. are you aware that when ACT had an event in Tennessee, that muslims who were staying at the hotel would NOT allow pamela gellar to speak, even though the event had been pre-booked. They moved it where the muslims would not be offended. This was an American hotel and gellar, and act sent e mails around so that we could call and make our displeasure known. The real issue here is freedom, and that means Jewish freedom and the freedom to speak out. Do we as Jews really need to start checking out ownership of hotels in order to do an event or stay there???? Where is our freedoms and why aren't we as Jews making a big fuss about this. We all need to grow a pair.

  100. you are absolutely right and we ALL need to speak up against this hatred. Did you know that LA city council gave them special rights so that a hate crime would not be allowed in any form against the muslim community. We all need to speak up against this, it is a hate crime, pure and simple

  101. REALLY, so Jews are held to a higher standard and muslims are protected. They should post on their website at the hotel their real feelings that Jews aren't welcome. When you take someone's credit card, have your employees help plan and set up for the event, you are allowing i t to happen. What she said about the F_ _ _ _ing Jews getting out of her pool, I guess you don't believe this is over the top. Shame on you. Oh and by the way, Jews don't cry anymore, they respond with lawsuits.

  102. Mike Logan says:

    God Bless the IDF.

  103. Courtney Miller-Rao says:

    same here Charlie…never been treated badly once by anyone who is Muslim. They don't care if I'm Jewish…hell, my boss is a Palestinian Christian and we get along very well. I think this guy was a textbook and nothing more.

  104. Chris Thomas says:

    Adam Paul-Reuven If you’re addressing me, re-read my post. I SAID that I agreed that this is racist. In fact I think it’s very racist. My point was using the term “Paki” is racist also and I’d be willing to bet that most Pakistanis would find it offensive and I’m sure there would be some kind of reaction. It’s not for you to decide that they should or shouldn’t react nor is it for them to decide if you should or should not react. Whether or not you would react if someone calls you a “ing Jew” is your choice. I bet most Jews WOULD react if the word f****** was used in front of Jews. By react I’m saying violently necessarily, but a reaction none the less.

  105. This is big news and neither I, nor my sister who lives in Long Beach, CA never heard, or read anything about this racist piece of crap. I hope this law-suit ends with the Friends of the IDF, owning the hotel and inviting IDF Soldiers there for a well needed vacation. After-all, chasing desert rats can be tirering. Long Live Israel!

  106. Inga Binga Sounds like news agencies fear a terrorist attack, doesn't it. These Chicken S—'- reporters, senetors and gov. offical's, (not captilized because they're undeserving) don't stand-up for anything decent these days. Most likely, they're part of the dogs butt as well.

  107. US Offical's are too frightened. There's plenty of holes in the law. I mean, look at how many scum-bag CEO's rip off the public of their savings get away with it. I'm sure scraping this human crap off the sidewalk and tossing it back where it came from should be no problem.

  108. Gil Gilman Sir: I think people are tired of the treatment. Yes, we should act like sane grown-ups and allow justice to do its job. BUT, justice has turned a blind-eye for too long. I'll control my anger, but I'm sending this article to the news agencies and asking why it didn't appear in the papers or on TV. We need to start making these idiots (oh, sorry…temper, temper) explain their reasons for being so ignorant. (Opps there I go again) Iquirering minds want to now. Fear may be the only explaination that makes sense.

  109. Yes. And then when we're thrown out, sue them again.

  110. Anonymous says:

    Aha. Comment upon TripAdvisor.com about this!

  111. I a customer is destroying property, or breaking some rule of safety, then yes, ask them to leave. But if the customer hasn't then what other reason could tere be for having them leave? It's Racism and dicrimination. I hope they win and own the hotel afterwards.

  112. Anya Khan says:

    In Europe the term is not as bad as the "n" word , but of a similar tone . In the US it is just an abbreviation

  113. Chris Thomas says:

    Adam Paul-Reuven If you’re addressing me, re-read my post. I SAID that I agreed that this is racist. In fact I think it’s very racist. My point was using the term “Paki” is racist also and I’d be willing to bet that most Pakistanis would find it offensive and I’m sure there would be some kind of reaction. It’s not for you to decide that they should or shouldn’t react nor is it for them to decide if you should or should not react. Whether or not you would react if someone calls you a “ing Jew” is your choice. I bet most Jews WOULD react if the word ing was used in front of Jews. By react I’m not saying violently necessarily, but a reaction none the less.

  114. Adam Paul-Reuven says:

    Chris, you're absolutely right, I can't tell someone how they should react. I was more responding to your previous post, in which you said using the term "paki" makes one just as bad as the one kicking the Jews out of the pool. That is the only thing I disagree with. I agree that using the term "paki" is racist, but not nearly on the same scope as what happened in this article.

  115. Chris Thomas says:

    Adam, Fair enough. I just think it weakens an argument when some one is complaining about racism and racist actions and then turns around and uses a racist term themselves.

  116. Adam Paul-Reuven says:

    Haha agreed, glad we could come to the same page

  117. Anonymous says:

    I believe in property rights. the owner of a hotel should have the right to keep any people out of his hotel if he so chooses. It might not be wise as it will surely cost him business, but still, his right and ofcourse a Jewish person should be allowed to bar him from his property as well.

  118. melvinmosson says:

    The Justice Dept. should look into their so called “Charitable Contributions” but under the administration of Sheik Barak HUSSElN Odumber don’t hold your breath.

  119. White Rabbitt says:

    The bottom line, in my opinion, is that laws regulating social behavior and/or such will never work as well and/or completely as would education and understanding. As well as simple economics, as in boycotting such privately owned businesses, depriving them of what matters most to them, income/profits. Just saying.

  120. Don Gardner says:

    so when your little mind spits out chinks and japs and sp**ks that's ok too. pos.

  121. They are Pakis, or Paks. It is Paki-stan. Just like Afghan's live in Afghanistan. That wasn't racists.

  122. Sandra Briggs says:

    You haven't heard about it because the media has been covering up anything which might show a negative light on Obama–that and the media is owned by Leftist. Obama's press secretary refused to answer "where does this admin say is the capital of Isreal." Just about anyone could answer this–except, Pres. Obama. I believe he does favor the Muslims & Islams over Americans. Why do you think he has had his personal history "Sealed by the Courts". What is he afraid will come out?

    Your foul language and hateful comments do little to help. While I
    detest the horrible actions and anti semetic actions of the Muslim
    Pakistani owners of the Hotel, I do not want to sink to their level
    or lower.

    Express your opinion in a dignified, intelligent way. This will get the
    message across .

  124. Tina Tanaz, well its a charity for the IDF, an army which muders and plunders palestinian property. Its not like its going to the poor and needy, is it?

    What is this was a collection for the Pakistani ISI? Or any countrys` intelligence agency? Charity is not for those who carry weapons ready to kill people. Charity with a clear political agenda is disgusting. If any Israeli hotel had object to fundraisings for Hamas or Hizbollah, then yes…I woul have said the same. Even though Hamas and Hizbollah do have charity schemes for the poor and needy.

  125. Maryanne Greenberg The comments about Jews is disgusting, but should be seen in context. The did not react to jews, but to people standing up for the IDF. If jewish supporters of Israel people cant differenciate between IDF and Jews, or Zionism and Judaism then they should really not blame others for not being able to differenciate.

  126. Tina Tanaz says:

    thats not how america works. this isn't private property. a hotel is a property where guests are considered licensees/invitees. PAYING guests are more so considered. Even if the guests at question were tresspassing, there is a landowner/tresspasser duty that must be ascertained and here itw asn't met. Thanks.

  127. Tina Tanaz says:

    Mustafa Chaudhary , if you read the article, it states "raise money to send CHILDREN of fallen IDF soldiers". There is nothing propelling the IDF agenda by having compassion for children who have lost their parents. Compassion should be met for children of all religions, these men were only gathering charity for one cause. Point being, the treatment of the plaintiffs in this case was in fact discriminatory, and will hopefully be met with justice.

  128. Tina Tanaz says:

    babe, half the people on this website had to reread that paragraph twice to understand what you were even saying. me being one of them. unnecessary wordiness just makes you sound like an , not eloquent.

  129. Susan Cohen says:

    Liron Kopinsky MUCH BETTER IDEA! BRILLIANT! (Oh, now you've compounded to the stereotype of the smart Jew! Ooops!)

  130. Susan Cohen says:

    My father was once almost thrown out of a pool – until the Xian he was with stepped up to the desk & said, "If you don't let him in, I am taking my entire family & we're dropping out." This was in 1957. & they let him in. Just like the Xian wives of Jews in the Holocaust who demanded the return of their husbands (& got them) – that's really all it takes.

  131. Susan Cohen says:

    You are destroying your points with disgusting language & generalizations that do not take into account the overwhelming majority of MILLIONS of Muslims who eschew terrorism.

  132. Susan Cohen says:

    Chaiya Eitan "Your comment is awaiting moderation" Yeah, NO WAY is she going to post the link of this article that I just put there! <snort>

  133. Susan Cohen says:


  134. Susan Cohen says:

    Thanks for admitting that when someone says "ing Jews" you think that's ok. I realize why you have the completely backwards view most Arabs do of Israel – your leaders tell you what they want you to hear, & then you are deaf to everything else. But the rest of the world isn't & the rest of the world doesn't allow Jews to be discriminated against under the fasle flag of "anti Israelism".

  135. Susan Cohen says:

    I just posted this link on their Facebook page: we'll see how long it stays up 🙂

  136. Elan Lamden Thank you for exposing yourself as a terrorist. You are the one who claim to have killed people, not me. A clear depiction of the Zionist mentality. Please use social media more widely, so people can get an insight into what kind of animals you are.

  137. Elan Lamden Not quite right. The British called it "British Palestine", the same did the Ottomans. If you go by the notion of an independent statehood, then there was nothing called Israel either, "Israel" have existed only as a Biblical illusion until you guys started the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in 1948. I'm sure you must be very proud of that.

    The city of Safed used to be the center of Jewish learning, under Ottoman rule. The Muslim Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab who captured Jerusalem even built a synagogue at the Temple Mount for the Jews, which got destroyed by the crusaders. So much for religious harmony, your fault you didn't learn a thing or two from us. Today, you are the same people who want it all. How can you live with yourself…

  138. Susan Cohen Didnt I just say "The comments about Jews is disgusting"….you could save your energy and pay more attention…

  139. Tina Tanaz The children of the "fallen" IDF-solders are not quite poor and needy. I'm sure Israel has got some welfare system for them, as much as they love their "heroes". There must be poor Israelis also, what about donations to street-children, rehabilitation programs for drug-addicts, for prostitutes, I know Tel Aviv has got much of those….

    As long as IDF has got something to do with this, it is politically motivated. It has nothing to do with the holocoust, or the jews…as long as you people don't differentiate between IDF and Israel, or Zionism and Israel, then don't expect other people to the the same. Even though I myself differentiate very well. I know many Israelis and they are the most wonderful people on earth. They dare to speak up against the injustices carried out by their own government.

  140. Haaahhh. I eat people like you alive. Exactly what are you aiming at? You think you can provoke me by your nonsense? I'm laughing like crazy over here….

    So, listen my bitch…Armenia already has a land, they started a revolt against the Ottomans, but yeah, what happened to them was not good. But then again…who are you to speak on their behalf…you are sitting here praising your country for treating Palestinians like animals…but now that we have touched the topic, what about the over 2 million chechens that were massacred or deported by Russia to Central Asia? Do you have any symphonies for them? No. Coz they are muslims. Right?

    Israel existed 2000 years ago. Palestina existed 60 years ago. A portion of that still exists, and will exist till the day of judgement.

    Yeah, we have 98% of the Middle East. You Jews have the whole American continent. And Europe. No Europeans have ever made the native population of any place in the Middle East. Keep making you Aaliyah, your religious obligation to steal others property. Thats what you are good at. There is no human dignity inside your messed up brains…

  141. Susan Cohen says:

    Mustafa Chaudhary you also showed that not only do YOU not differentiate between Jews & the IDF, you also spew the same propaganda bout the IDF that all Jew-haters do. If anyone should think a little before speaking, it's you.

  142. Peedro Paula says:

    Aaron Levy I didn't realize there were Jews in the Tea Party.

  143. Peedro Paula says:

    Sandra Briggs You too, huh. smh

  144. Peedro Paula says:

    Elan Lamden Does this page have no moderators? Your language and personal attacks violate the TOS of most comment pages. Were I a business owner (or a page moderator), I'd kick your ass out not for being an outraged Jew but for general douchebaggery.

  145. Ronnie James says:

    How do I get a blue wristband?

  146. Cal Brisbin says:

    Anti-semitism has NO place in Santa Monica. That being said, let's wait for the facts to come out before everyone attacks this woman. I've met her before and she seems like a great person. She certainly has close Jewish friends, which doesn't mean she's incapable of anti-semitism, but it does mean that such behavior, if true, would be very surprising and out of character. PS The racism on some of these comments is worse than the claims against the hotel owner. Don't try and combat racism and prejudice with racism and prejudice.

  147. The problem is the so called religion that Islam is-a cult of hate

  148. Anonymous says:

    the owner of this hotel should be executed.

  149. Mark Rogo says:

    It's time to vote with our pocket books by boycotting the hotel, standing outside to make sure guests are aware of the remarks made by the owner, advising event coordinators in the area of the anti-semitism practiced by the owners, taking out ads in Santa Monica to encourage local citizens to eat elsewhere and patronize other establishments and encourage City Hall to join in this lawsuit.

  150. Stan Smith says:

    I'm not Jewish but I agree with you 100%

  151. I love everyone, but this putz obviously isn't familiar with the classic Tom Lehrer Tune, "It's Hannukah In Santa Monica", it isn't even Christmas, Eid, or Kwanzaa either for this colossal jerk.

  152. Teri Rogo says:

    I support you cousin and the Jewish community. Thou I do not practice the religion I am proud of my Jewish heritage.

  153. Barbara O'Connor Kearney says:

    Their business license should be taken away. They have NO right to do such a thing, especially in our country. CLOSE THEN DOWN!

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