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December 25, 2014 / 3 Tevet, 5775
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Live Updates: Southern Israel Under Intensive Rocket Fire (11:01 pm)

Monday, August 25th, 2014

11:01pm Kiryat Shmona (Code Red did not activate)

10:14pm Beit Hillel, Kiryat Shmona, Metullah, Kfar Giladi

9:10pm Iron Dome intercepted at least one missile over the port city of Ashdod — a second missile landed in an open area. No word on property damage but no reported physical injuries thus far.

9:02pm Ashdod and surrounds

9:01pm Ashkelon, Hevel Yavne, Nitzan, Nitzanim, Eshkolot

9:00pm Ashdod and surrounds

8:28pm Gaza Belt

8:07pm Gaza Belt, Sha’ar HaNegev, Kissufim, Eshkol

7:55pm Kerem Shalom

7:52pm Gush Dan, Holon, Bat Yam, Tel Aviv, Shfela

7:51pm Or Yehuda, Ganei Tikva

7:23pm Sha’ar HaNegev, Gaza Belt, Nahal Oz, Alumim

7:14pm Sha’ar HaNegev, Gaza Belt

6:26pm Sha’ar HaNegev, Gaza Belt, Nahal Oz, Alumim

6:07pm Gaza Belt, Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim (x2)

6:06pm Sdot Negev, Sha’ar HaNegev, Gaza Belt, Nahal Oz, Alumim (x6)

6:05pm Ashkelon

6:04pm Multiples: Gaza Belt, Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim (again!) (x4)

6:02pm Multiples: Gaza Belt, Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim (x5)

5:55pm Ashkelon, Sdot Negev

5:46pm Sderot, Gaza Belt

5:30pm Ashdod, Ashkelon, Nitzan, Nitzanim, Eshkolot

5:03pm Sderot, Gaza Belt

4:34pm Gaza Belt, Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim

4:32pm Gaza Belt, Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim

4:29pm Sha’ar HaNegev, Nahal Oz, Alumim

3:27pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

3:19pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

3:18pm Multiples: Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region (x2)

3:13pm Multiples: Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region (x3)

3:10pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

3:09pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

2:21pm Sha’ar HaNegev

2:05pm Sha’ar HaNegev

2:03pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

1:54pm Multiples: Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region (x4)

1:48 pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

1:42pm Sha’ar HaNegev

1:02pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

1:01 pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

12:32pm Multiples: Eshkol

12:27pm Eshkol

12:24pm Sha’ar HaNegev

12:18pm Sha’ar HaNegev

12:18pm Eshkol

12:12pm Eshkol

12:09pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

12:08pm Sha’ar HaNegev

12:02pm Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

12:01pm Multiples: Sha’ar HaNegev (yes, again, x 9 at least)

12:01pm Multiples: Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region (again!)

12:01pm Multiples: Sha’ar HaNegev

12:01pm Multiples: Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

11:58am Hof Ashkelon Coastal Region

11:48am Multiples: Eshkol

11:33am Multiples: Sha’ar HaNegev

11:31am Multiples: Sha’ar HaNegev

11:07am Multiples: Sha’ar HaNegev

11:07am Miflasim, Nachal Oz, Kfar Aza / Saad

11:05am Multiples: Eshkol, Beeri

10:56am Beeri

10:32am Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

10:32am Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

10:30am Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

10:26am Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah, Erez, Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah, Erez

10:24am Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

10:23am Nachal Oz, Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

10:23am Nachal Oz

10:16am Gaza perimeter/Sderot, Miflasim

10:12am Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

10:06am Erez

10:05am Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

9:59am Beer Sheva

9:58am Beer Sheva, Hatzerim

9:58am Hatzerim

9:58am Beer Sheva, Hatzerim

9:57am Beer Sheva

9:47am Kissufim

9:46am Kissufim

8:44am Nir Oz / Ein HaShlosha

8:23am Beeri

8:17am Tel Aviv – Yafo , Herzliya, Raanana - It appears now that this was a false alarm.

7:54am IDF Spox Overnight Roundup:

Last night the IAF hit 35 targets in Gaza including 2 terrorists shooting rockets at the Gaza border communities.

Additionally, 2 mosques were attacked by IAF airstrikes: one was used as a weapons storage facility and terror center. The other was a North Gaza terror coordination center and meeting place for terrorists.

7:27am Nitzanim

7:26am Ashkelon, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Nitzanim

7:21am Yad Mordechai / Netiv HaAsrah

6:28am Nitzanim

6:28am Masaot Yitzchak, Nitzanim

6:27am Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Givati, Masaot Yitzchak, Nitzanim

6:27am Ashkelon, Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Ashkelon / Nir Yisrael, Givati, Masaot Yitzchak, Nitzanim

6:27am Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Givati, Masaot Yitzchak

6:27am Be’er Tuvia / Kiryat Malachi, Givati

6:21am Following 6 hours and 26 minutes of quiet…Beeri

Islamic Jihad Challenges Hamas with Ceasefire Rumor

Monday, August 25th, 2014

The Islamic Jihad may be challenging Hamas leadership by insisting a ceasefire is imminent while Hamas’ chief honcho Khaled Mashaal has rejected the latest proposal from Egypt for a halt in the war.

The Egyptian proposal would have declared a ceasefire without a time frame.

An undeclared ceasefire, or at best a four-hour siesta by terrorists, was in effect after midnight Sunday, but terrorists woke up at dawn Monday to resume another round of attacks on rocket-battered southern Israel.

The attacks struck as far north as Kiryat Malachi, halfway between Be’er Sheva and Tel Aviv.

No injuries were reported, and property damage was minimal.

The IDF estimates that Hamas still has another 2,000 rockets or so in its arsenal. If it keeps shooting at the rate of 100 a day, the war could go on for another 20 days, and there always is the chance that Hamas is saving a “doomsday” weapon, such as an anti-aircraft missiles that can down a commercial airliner, for its last stand.

Hamas’ ceasefire rejection, unless he is playing head games again, puts a giant hole in Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ attempt to come out smelling like rose and looking like a “peace partner..”

The PA’s official WAFA news agency spent three says in Egypt, from Friday until Sunday, to meet with Arab League and Egyptian officials as well as leaders of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Islamic Jihad terrorist groups.

WAFA did not mention Hamas by name but said Abbas spoke with “others.”

Dispute the unity government of Hamas and its rival Fatah terrorist and political movement and headed by Abbas, their only common bond is hatred for Israel, which so far is not enough to make a marriage.

Hamas’ major objective, even before destroying Israel is to stay in power, and it does not want to hand back to Abbas control of security around Gaza.

Abbas has not lost his single-minded objective to shrink Israel back to its 1949 Armistice Lines borders, for starters, and is not counting on the war to help him.

The Palestinian Authority leader is no dummy. He knows that Hamas is no longer politically correct except in Qataar, iran and Turkey.

That explains the timing of Abbas’ returning to the United Nations and has asked it to declare a timetable for Israel to surrender all of Judea and Samaria and half of Jerusalem.

4 Beheaded Victims Found in Sinai

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Signs that Islamic State (ISIS – Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) terrorists have arrived in Egypt seem to have appeared just a few kilometers from Israel and Gaza: four beheaded bodies were found Wednesday in the Sinai Peninsula.

Security personnel in Sinai and Cairo said residents in Sheikh Zuweid discovered the disfigured bodies two days after the victims were kidnapped by armed terrorists while traveling through town in a car.

All four victims were civilians but it is believed they may have been targeted due to possible loyalty to local police or the military, the sources said. Their identity was not revealed, and their murderers were suspected terrorists battling against the Cairo government.

Israel Won’t Return to Truce Talks if Rocket Fire Resumes

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Egyptian-mediated talks between Hamas and Israel for a long-term cease-fire are to begin Saturday night or Monday morning, half-way through the five-day extension of the previous 72-hour cease-fire that followed the previous humanitarian cease-fire, all of which were punctuated by rocket fire from Gaza.

You can’t keep up with this game without a scorecard, or make that two scorecards because of the extra innings. Every cease-fire, even the one that ended last night and was extended at the usual last minute, has been broken by rocket launches followed by IDF retaliation.

Remember that before the cease-fire before the last cease-fire, which was after the first cease-fire that wasn’t a cease-fire, Israel insisted it would not attend talks unless there are zero attacks from Gaza?

The Jewish Press asked Mark Regev, spokesman for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, if that policy still is in effect.

“Definitely,” was his one-word answer. Copy, paste and save in “favorites.”

Gaza terrorists were not able to hold on to their rockets for 72 hours in this week’s cease-fire. Nearly three hours before its expiration midnight Wednesday, three rockets were launched at Israel, followed by another volley a couple of hours later.

Hamas claims it did not break the cease-fire. “They did it,” was their explanation, “they” meaning Islamic Jihad, or ISIS, or AL QAEDA, or PFLP, or the Popular Resistance Committees, or Mohammed what’s-his-name from Kahn Yunis who started up his own terrorist gang.

Hamas also has used the excuse of “they did it” to explain cease-fire failures. That also is an admission that Hamas does not have such a firm grip over Gaza, or simply is letting others do what it would like to do.

As reported here Wednesday, Hamas apparently is continuing to manufacture rockets, destined for Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport, during the halt in violence.

Hamas can hold on to rockets without firing them about as long as a child can keep chocolate in his pocket.

It would seem that Hamas has everything to lose if it breaks the cease-fire, or even if it claims a rival or cooperating terrorist group beaks it. But Hamas is not interested in a cease-fire, which is only one more tool for it to try to maneuver Israel into an indefensible corner.

The IDF managed to destroy almost all of the terror tunnels in the war. As for rockets, the good news is that it wiped out perhaps more than half of its arsenal. The bad news is that there are many more that were not destroyed, and, as noted, Hamas still is manufacturing them.

If Hamas can get thought Saturday night without even one little rocket, one that usually explodes in open area but also can kill a few people in one explosion, the next round of charades will begin.

That leaves about two days before the official end of the current cease-fire. Hamas has almost never been able to stop attacks before the end of truces, cease-fires, “calms,” “hundas” or whatever it wants to call them.

It always wants to show that it can have the last word.

If it tries that game again, will Israel walk out?

Remember Regev’s word.


Hamas Huffs and Israel Bluffs towards New Ceasefire

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Rumors of another 72-hour ceasefire are flying along rockets from Gaza on southern Israel Sunday afternoon while Israel maintains it will not hold negotiations under fire.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorists, who are separated only by which group can scream louder that the Zionists must be destroyed, attacked Israel from the Gaza border to Ashkelon more than 30 times Sunday morning.

Israel retaliated with a limited number of targeted aerial strikes. Hamas claimed, as usual, that an innocent child –this time a teenager – C was killed.

Israeli negotiators left the so-called ceasefire talks, which Hamas has tried to turn into negotiations for its demands, because of the continued rocket fire that broke the last 72-hour truce Friday morning.

The Arab negotiators threatened on Sunday they would leave Egypt if the Israelis don’t return. The Netanyahu government has not commented and has not offered a clue if negotiators are ready to fly back to Cairo.

Everyone is threatening everyone, but Israel is unlikely to refuse a ceasefire and lose Brownie points on the diplomatic front.

Despite protestations from both sides, talks for a ceasefire are going on behind the scenes. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is part of the action he never loses an opportunity to play with fire. He has talked again with officials from Qatar, which feeds Hamas money and hosts a computer system programmed by which pressing “enter” will set off an underground rocket launcher in Gaza.

One sign of a new ceasefire by Sunday evening was a fresh barrage of rocket attacks on Gaza Belt communities and as far north as Ashkelon. There was minimal property damage and no injuries.

The attacks will give Hamas an opportunity to say that it has scared Israel into a ceasefire and subsequent negotiations. If the rocket fire magically ends one minute before a ceasefire, then Israel can claim as if it stood its ground and refused to talk about a ceasefire before Hamas ran out of breath.

If Hamas really were serious about digging for an extended round of attacks and counter-attacks, it would have fired a missile towards Tel Aviv. It still might launch just to impress itself

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is feeling pressure from a large segment of the population and even from center-left Knesset Members not to go back to another round of allowing Hamas to harass Gaza Belt communities and to retaliate for the rocket explosions as if they were on Tel Aviv.

The problem is that the world already is used to Israel playing the wimp when the rockets are aimed at rural areas and usually explode in open areas. Once in a while there are near-misses of a rocket hitting a classroom of children.

Israel is gaining some international sympathy as even the BBC and The New York Times are beginning to own up to the truth that the number of civilian casualties in Gaza is far less than Hamas claims.

But the momentum is in Hamas’ favor. By all accounts, Gaza has been devastated, and the pictures of the destruction that foreign media publish day after day have incited hundreds of thousands of anti-Zionists around the world to protest. In South Africa, an unprecedented anti-Israel rally drew approximately 50,000 demonstrators.

Western media and many political leaders know that Israel is in the right “but” – meaning, “Hamas is at fault, so let’s sit down and talk about making peace with Hamas.”

This is a dramatic change in reasoning with the same unreasonable conclusion, a change from the mantra that “Israel is at fault, so let’s sit down and talk about making peace with Hamas.”

Islamic Jihad Threatens Israel

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Following the Israeli negotiators’ decision to not continue to negotiate with Hamas while Israel is under fire, Islamic Jihad spokesperson, Daoud Shihab, said that Islamic Jihad will ensure that life won’t return to normal for Israel’s Gaza border communities until Israel complies with Hamas’s demands, according to a Galei Tzahal report.

Former Human Shield Victim Defends IDF

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

A former victim of the Palestinian terrorist groups’ use of human shields has courageously appeared on a national American television network to defend IDF military actions in Gaza. Brigitte Gabriel, author of ‘Because They Hate,’ appeared on the Fox News cable television network program, ‘The Kelly File,’ to discuss the question of whether or not Israel is to blame for the many civilian casualties in Gaza.

What she had to say – in lightly Arabic-accented in Israel – may have been a complete surprise to the millions of American viewers who have been fed on a steady diet of little other than scenes of bleeding, dead children and women with Israeli soldiers and gunfire.

‘The Palestinians have perfected using children to win the world’s sympathy,” she said, “and this goes back 30 years.”

Between 1975 and 1976, Gabriel herself was used, along with her own mother and siblings, in her family’s bomb shelter.

“We were nine children hiding in a bomb shelter,” she related. “My mother went out and begged the Palestinian leader who parked his cannon – they used to park their rocket launchers in front of our homes, launch at Israel fully knowing that when Israel retaliates we’re going to make the Evening News and they would move their rocket launcher from home to home, fire one rocket in front of each home and move away…. The Palestinians have perfected the propaganda war. They cannot win militarily against Israel so what they do is they use their own children as disposable collateral in order to win the war of public opinion against Israel.

The United Nations has sharply condemned Israel over its attacks on Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists who positioned themselves close to UNWRA (UN Works and Relief Agency) schools and other facilities, where Gaza civilians were sheltering. During those firefights, civilians were wounded, provoking the outrage of the international community, which was only allowed to view scenes of carnage that appeared to be caused by Israeli missile or mortar fire.

News photographers are intimidated – and sometimes outright threatened by Hamas terrorists – to keep their camera lenses away from any scenes that might document the truth of the matter. Cowed into obedience and knowing the long arm of the terror groups can also reach overseas, they and their news agencies have long since come to understand it is not worth the price of their lives to do otherwise.

One Italian journalist was brave enough to tweet the truth in a post on the Twitter social networking site once he reached the safety of his home country, Italy, last week.

“Israel is always careful with civilian lives. Israel goes out of its way,” Gabriel stated bluntly. “What other country drops leaflets by the thousands warning civilians to leave because they’re gonna bomb in 48 hours? What other nation gives such notice? They do it in Lebanon, they do it with Hezbollah in Lebanon during the war. They do it with Hamas in Gaza. If the civilians do not leave, we need to ask why.”

Gabriel also pointed out that of all the rockets and missiles fired by Hamas at Israel, more than 100 fell short and actually exploded in Gaza.

“So all the casualties that Hamas is talking about are not exactly Israeli casualties or because of Israel. It’s because the Palestinians do not value the lives of their children and they are willing to sacrifice their children in the cause of jihad (Islamic holy war).”

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