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How Normalization Trumps the PA – Beyond the Matrix [audio]

"Death to Palestine", shouted protesters in Iran. Listen to Rod Bryant and Jerry Gordon discuss with guest Dan Diker of the JCPA promising experiments towards normalization of relations between Palestinians and Israel building prosperity and a path to real peace in Area C of the West Bank.

Jewish Comfort Food – From Jerusalem with Love [audio]

Life is always good in this great world of ours. AND also Orly interviews Paula Shoyer, the Author of the Healthy Jewish Kitchen.

Report: 45,000 Refugees Headed for Israel after Syria Decimates Daraa

"Israel is working to create a region without violence in Syria, and possibly the region will include unarmed Syrian fighters, and police who be allowed to operate without heavy weapons."

The PA, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Caution Israel on Erdogan’s Meddling in Eastern Jerusalem

The Jordanians are afraid that Erdogan is trying to undermine the status of the Hashemite Kingdom as guardian of the holy Muslim sites in the city.

Report: Trump to Push Putin for Full Iranian Withdrawal from Syria

The sanctions against Iran "will be implemented by all entities operating in Syria ... The policy of this administration is to stifle Iran."

UK Prince Accepts Abbas’ Lies, Declines to Meet Jerusalem Mayor in Israel’s Eternal Capital

“I know I share a desire with all of you, and with your neighbors, for a just and lasting peace,” Prince William told youth in both the Palestinian Authority -- which he recognizes as a country -- and in Israel.

Italian Giant Says New Egyptian Gas Field Is 5 Times Israel’s Reserves

Oil and gas sector shares are trading at sharp declines on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, reaching a 7.5% decline by mid-week – and that's before the actual reports about the new field have been issued.

Report: Egypt Drafting Comprehensive Deal for Israel, Hamas

Al-Akhbar cites sources in Hamas that reject the free harbor idea if it includes continued Israeli inspections.

IDF Attacked Parked Car, After Making Sure Kite Launchers Were Gone

For future reference, keep this in mind: we will know that the IDF is serious about stopping Hamas when Arabs start getting killed in those attacks (God forbid).

How to Build a JEWISH Home, From the Good Book, to the Marriage Canopy...

Tamar talks about a local news story which is taking place in Tel Aviv with the so called 'Progressive-Left', which tried to prevent a Chabad event from taking place.

Back from America – A Hebrew in the Heartland [audio]

On today's show he will share some of the expereinces he had in New York City and tell about his speaking appearance on a rooftop in Harlem.

Israel’s Northern Hospital Prepares For War – The Walter Bingham File [audio]

Hear: Walter's 'Pictures in Sound' from the amazing transformation of Haifa's Rambam Hospital into wartime mode - and how they relocated into their fully hospital equipped underground car park with all their patients. . .

Israel Uncensored: Implications of the British Royal Visit [audio]

For the first time in 70 years a member of the British Royal Family will be making an official State visit to Israel. Prince William arrives in Israel this evening. Joshua Hasten speaks with Richard Pater Israel Director of BICOM, to discusses the significance of this visit, today on Israel Uncensored.

Why Won’t Prince William Visit the Holy Sites in Israel …with an Israeli Leader?...

After basically boycotting Israel from any official visits, one of the members of the British Royal Family is finally here. But Prince William won't be visiting the Holy Places in Israel, and there won't be those vital photo-ops of him in the news in places that prove this Land belongs to the Children of Israel, the Hebrews, the Jewish People. . .

Rejuvenation: Charles Krauthammer, in His Own Voice [audio]

On February 8, 2015, Eve Harow was privileged to interview the late Charles Krauthammer, a great columnist and political commentator. Listen in to their conversation today on Rejuvenation.

Chief Rabbinate Approves Severing Kashrut Supervisors’ Reliance on Businesses They Monitor

The Rabbinical Council concluded its statement with a last-ditch effort to eliminate much of its decision, insisting that it "views the operation of the kashrut system by the religious councils as the correct alternative."

El Al to Remove Passengers Who Refuse Seats

Like Israel itself, El Al Airlines says its company must reflect the nation's egalitarian values.

Yishai Fleisher vs. Yossi Beilin

Take your blood pressure pills before clicking play.

Haifa U Unveils Salvaged Artworks from Artists Who Perished in Holocaust

Oscar Ghez Collection’s pieces, produced by 18 persecuted Jewish artists from France and revived by University of Haifa students, are featured in newly launched museum exhibit.

Israeli Tech Company Pixellot to Boost Mexico’s National Team, League

Mexico's national team and the entire Liga Mx to deploy Pixellot video coaching systems.

Welcome to Jisr az-Zarqa

Photos of the beautiful beaches of Jisr az-Zarqa.

Assad Forces Took Over UN Position on Israel-Syrian Border

According to the report, the UNDOF forces in the area have identified serious construction work at the site—where no military presence is allowed.

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