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I recently reported deep concern for a young Tunisian Muslima who had disappeared after she posted topless photos of herself to protest the sharia oppression and subjugation she suffered as a Muslim girl. One controversial image showed the young Muslimah, Amina Tyler, smoking a cigarette, baring her breasts, with the Arabic written across her chest: “My body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour.”

A Muslim cleric in moderate Tunisia called for her stoning death.  Tunisian newspaper Kapitalis quoted preacher Almi Adel, who heads the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, saying: “The young lady should be punished according to sharia, with 80 to 100 lashes, but [because of] the severity of the act she has committed, she deserves be stoned to death. “Her act could bring about an epidemic. It could be contagious and give ideas to other women. It is therefore necessary to isolate [the incident]. I wish her to be healed.”


There were rumors that her family had her locked up in an asylum. Such is the life of millions of Muslim girls that want to be free in Islamic society.

Thankfully, Amina’s story went viral and gained international attention. One of the more outrageous reactions was from the Ukraine-based feminist group, Femen, who staged a Topless Jihad Day, to stand in solidarity with Amina. It’s not what I would do but I loved the moxie and in-your-face action to call worldwide attention to misogyny under Muslim rule. These feminist activists  held “International Topless Jihad Day” in major European cities including Berlin, Kiev and Paris. They painted their bodies with slogans such as, “bare breasts against Islamism,” and they protested outside of mosques in various cities.

“We’re free, we’re naked, it’s our right, it’s our body, it’s our rules, and nobody can use religion, and some other holy things, to abuse women, to oppress them,” Femen member Alexandra Shevchenko said while demonstrating outside a Berlin mosque in freezing temperatures.

Finally, a well publicized response to the crushing subjugation of women under the sharia. But what happened next was ……. unforgivable. Reminiscent of the Muslim women who hold down their daughters for FGM (clitordectony), a group of Muslim women came out against the Amina Tyler supporters. “Muslim Women Against Femen” was formed to show that Femen “does not speak for all members of their community.”

The members of Muslim Women Against Femen encouraged other self defeating supporters to participate in Muslimah Pride Day. They are posting pictures of themselves on social media (see below) declaring that they are not oppressed. Well, bully for them. Are they really that selfish? Self absorbed? Inhuman?

If they are not oppressed then this campaign has nothing to do with them.

Millions of women under Muslim rule are oppressed like Amina Tyler and suffer unspeakable brutality under the honor violence code of Islam. What about them? How can these Muslimahs turn their back on their sisters?

“Muslim Women Against Femen” may very well choose to wear the niqab or burka or hijab but that is their choice. They can wear purple hair for all we care. But what about the millions of Muslimah who are forced to wear it? What about the millions of Muslimahs forced into marriage, beaten or honor killed?

The utter disregard of these Muslimahs for the fate of their sisters in other lands is either a depraved lack of humanity or a strange Stockholm syndrome. The mission statement of these supremacists is; “Muslim women who want to expose FEMEN for the Islamophobes/Imperialists that they are. We are making our voices heard and reclaiming our agency!”

This exclusive self-reference, typically encountered among adolescents, accounts for the scorched earth policy of Islamic supremacists. These Muslim women have no interest in the fate of Muslimahs victimized by the sharia because what happens to those unfortunate Muslimahs has no impact on the daily life or goals of Islamic imperialists.

Why are these Muslim women fighting those who wish to help Muslim women?  FEMEN were not demanding Muslimahs remove their cloth coffins or head pieces.  They were tyring to help the oppressed.

Here’s the thing – this whole “Muslim Women Against Femen” is based on a false premise. Nobody is stopping these girls/women from wearing  head and body coverings. But what about women who don’t have the liberty to choose. That’s the point.



  1. Better question for the Jewish Press: "But what about the millions of Muslimah who are forced to see their husbands/children/siblings being killed/ taken away/ imprisoned by the Zionist nation?" And no, we don't force any 'Muslimahs' to wear hijab – I know a lot who choose to wear/not wear it, and we have no problem with that. I honestly think that the western women's group – as the site calls it- is trying to push their agenda to people who obviously have different values in life with them. I mean do they really want these ' women in Islamic countries' to protest outside a synagogue or any other place just because they think a woman should cover herself like they do? And yeah, don't they also 'force' Israeli teenagers to serve for the IDF? How could the Zionist Press not say anything about that?

  2. Let’s take a look at women’s rights under Islam concerning the veil and the woman's general worth.
    On March 7, 1979, on the eve of International Women’s Day, Khomeini decreed that all women employed by the government must wear the “chador” (an all-enveloping black veil), an extension of four walls of the home. The demonstrations against this decree forced Khomeini to retreat; however, on June 29, 1980, mandatory veiling was imposed.
    The schools have been segregated by sexes, thus barring women from religious seminaries and technical colleges and halting the education of girls in villages.
    The school books have been revised, showing veiled women in the home, raising children and cooking. The schools are used to hunt down critics of the regime; attempts are made to trick children into releasing incriminating information about their parents.
    Islamic morality demands an end to pleasure: wine, music, dancing, chess and backgammon, have been all banned. Women’s part in theatre and cinema stipulates that female actors wear Islamic veil.
    The Bill of Retribution, a criminal law passed in 1981, was the platform to which Khomeini “elevated” Iranian women in which it stipulated that women have half the value of men in the eyes of the law. In this Bill, a murderer may pay a sum of money, called blood money, to his victim’s family in order to escape punishment by death. If the murderer is a man and the victim is a woman, the woman’s family is required to pay half the man’s blood money if he is to receive the death sentence; this is because her life is equal to only half of his, so the family is required to pay for the other half. If they do not pay, the man can pay them the women’s blood money and be set free.

  3. The Associated Press announced that about 130 prominent Saudi clerics and academics have warned against calls for equality and increased rights for women, saying such efforts aim to make Muslim women more like "infidel" Western types. Women in Saudi Arabia are segregated in public places, they cannot drive cars, and they must be covered from head to toe in public in this strict conservative society. Islamic laws protect women and their rights, the statement said. It said efforts to change such traditions are "a vicious campaign from (the Muslim community's) enemy, led by the American government, to divert it from its faith." The statement said equality between men and women is not possible under Islam. "Any calls for absolute equality is an illegal and illogical call," the statement said.

  4. Do you know that if you treat your woman as Quran tells you to treat her in any civilized country you will go to jail?
    2:223 Your women are a tilth for you (to cultivate) so go to your tilth as ye will,
    2:228, And women shall have rights similar to the rights against them, according to what is equitable; but men have a degree (of advantage) over them
    2:230, So if a husband divorces his wife (irrevocably), He cannot, after that, re-marry her until after she has married another husband and He has divorced her
    4:3, Marry women of your choice, Two or three or four
    4:34, Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other,
    53:27, Those who believe not in the Hereafter, name the angels with female names.
    Women in Islam do not have equal rights. Period. Go and tell your lies to those who are new to Islam. Read the above verses again. Men excel over women. They can beat the women. Women’s testimony is worth half of a man. Her inheritance is half of a man.

  5. "Topless beats clueless always." Really, then how about bottomless?

    Women’s demonstrations erupted in Kurdistan, Azarbijan and Isfahan as well. They chanted “At the dawn of freedom, there is no freedom.” The women were attacked by Khomeini’s supporters, armed with knives, who cursed them, yelling “Wear a head or get your head rapped.” The men stood at windows along the parade route and exposed their genitals: “This is what you want, you whores!” The women’s male supporters linked arms and formed a protective barrier around them.

  6. What does Israel have to do with oppression of women in the ENTIRE Muslim world under Shariah? Why this maniacal obsession with Israel? Why do you bring Israel into the picture whenever the brutality of Islam is brought to light?

    These FEMEN girls are radical-leftists. They're probably anti-Israel, for all you know. They protested against the Catholic Church, the Russian Orthodox Church etc. They protested against Putin, Merkel and Berlusconi, both right-wing fascist pricks. They've protested in solidarity with indigenous Brazlians from being evicted from their land by Brazilian authorities etc. They've supported TONS of such benevolent left-wing causes. You must have heard about the Pussy Riot incident.

    But I like how you're trying to portray them as right-wing White colonialists and imperialists, when those are precisely the people they're fighting.

    It must really suck for you Muslims that those same leftists who coddled you for so long and stifled any debate or criticism of the Religion of "Peace" have gotten completely fed up of you, no? Looks like this is the end of the "Unholy Alliance."

  7. Dimas Akbar You said:

    [[ I mean do they really want these ' women in Islamic countries' to protest outside a synagogue or any other place just because they think a woman should cover herself like they do?]]

    Too bad, you Muslim savages threw out every last Jew from your countries, eh? If you hadn't done that, perhaps we could have had this discussion.

    Unfortunately, you barbarians brutally murdered, pillaged, robbed, raped and ethnically cleansed the Jews from your lands, so I guess we can't really have this discussion, can we?

  8. Dimas Akbar, what you said is not true but typical of the cult of lies, Islam, perpetuates against the truth of which Israel represents to the world. I know that speaking your mind is not always safe. Telling the truth could bring you ostracism or worse, it could cost you your life. People who may think differently know enough to keep their mouths shut and their head on their shoulders. Abdullah Ibn Abi Sarh, who was writing down the Quran for Muhammad and who realized there were no revelations and that Muhammad was making the Qur’an up, had to escape Medina and only in the safety of Mecca he revealed what he had found. However, when Muhammad conquered Mecca , he immediately sought Abi Sarh and ordered his execution. Abi Sarh was saved thanks to the intercession of Uthman who happened to be his foster brother.

  9. I can't understand why people attack a WHOLE religion (of 1.6 billion people) over acts commited by FEW misled people who CLAIM to follow that religion.

    For example, in an article written by Shevchenko, a member of FEMEN ( talks about:

    "… million of your sisters who have been raped and killed because they are not following the wish of Allah!"

    is completely flawed because:

    1) Why is she and the person who wrote this article exaggerating that figure? A million? Just because you read ONE article about a woman being raped, it doesn't mean it happens to a million!

    2) (For the sake of argument, let us SUPPOSE that there millions of women being killed and raped.) Who said they were being raped and killed for not following the wish of Allah? How do we know that some criminals were not committing these atrocities. ONCE AGAIN, Shevchenko and the person who wrote this article is making up lies about Muslims! Has she even felt what it's like to be a Muslim woman? Of course not, she just looks at the media outlets that have a reputation for fabricating lies about Islam.

    When was the last time you heard something positive about Islam?
    Have you about that MUSLIM politician in the Middle-East who donated a land worth $2 million to orphans! OF COURSE NOT, Muslims doing good deeds like that? That must be a fairy tale!
    The media has destroyed the image of Islam and people like Shevchenko has been one of billions to buy into this lie and contribute to the demolition of Islam.

    I ask you to research these matters yourself and I hope you'll eventually find the truth.

  10. Cliff Pinto "Unfortunately, you barbarians brutally murdered, pillaged, robbed, raped and ethnically cleansed the Jews from your lands, so I guess we can't really have this discussion, can we?"

    What about the Palestinian blood that is spilled every day on Israelis hands?

    Are the Jews getting revenge for what the Musllims supposedly did? How long will this revenge last? Since 1948, Israel has been murdering countless Palestinian men, women & children with no mercy and you have the AUDACITY to accuse Muslims for this?! Shame on you.

  11. The wearing of Hijab is a command from Allah.. not between husband and wife or community.. Islam does not force a woman to wear Hijab that is between her and Allah.. Islam is perfect, MUSLIMS ARE NOT.. Why do Femen not protest outside your government offices against the young women you have locked up in prison because they do not want to join the military, why do they not protest against the shaving of your womens hair and covering with a wig, why do they not protest against you? because YOU are behind them.

  12. Cliff Pinto Naiem Giladi and other Arab Jews personally testified that it was Zionists who deliberately created strife in Arab countries in order to force Arab Jews to relocate to "Israel". They also harassed those who refused to. It was all about cheap labor and putting those Arab Jews on the front lines as a buffer between the Palestinians and the more valued white Ashkenazis.

  13. Whoever wrote this article is totally delusional. Why don't you look at all the millions of Muslim Palestinian women at risk of being killed from Israeli Russian and Ukrainian cuckoo style colonialist murderers in occupied Palestine, Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghani, and other Muslim women at risk of being mass murdered by US bombs, alongside their husbands and children they love, and are perfectly happy with, and Syrian women likewise alongside their loving husbands and children, likewise getting mass murdered from Russian and Iranian weapons and mercenaries, and none of them giving a 'tosh' about the self-obsessed lunatic rantings of random foreign women far away who can complain about the women in their own countries getting murdered, raped, kidnapped and sexually harassed, if they want to do something about women's rights in their own countries first, instead of piling this continuous patronising pile of sh*te on the already oppressed Muslim world, who are far more oppressed by Western and Russian bombs and mass murderers in their countries than anyone else. PS. The author of this article also failed to mention the Tunisian woman was specifically asked to post her photo of the website of the Femen Ukrainian website first, so therefore Femen 'set her up' and are therefore responsible 'in law' for inciting her to perform her actions which she would have already known would be classified as a 'sex offence' not only in her own country, but pretty much anywhere in the civilised world, including Europe, which the author of this article, totally failed to notice.

  14. Israel is far more responsible for mass murder of 'Muslim' Palestinians than any of the pile of conjecture pile of tosh, that this author seems to think she can patronisingly fail to notice, since she's probably trained in mass murdering Palestinian Muslims, herself as part of the IDF.

  15. They're not anti-Zionism at all. The opposite. Their financial sponsors are white American male financiers, and media moguls, with connections to Russia and Ukraine, homeland of where the original Zionist political colonialist movement come from. One of Femen's sponsors already has criminal prosecutions against him for corruption in Ukraine as it is, alongside the 40+ criminal charges Femen have against them for acts of criminal violence against Christian and Muslim religious sites, 'only'. They state that they are against the patriarchy of religion, yet their sponsors are Russian Khazar descendant male Zionist 'Jews'. Many within orthodox 'Judaism' however, have repeated many times that 'Russian/Ukrainian Zionism' is not authentic 'Judaism' either. If the Jewish Press really wanted to talk about 'freedom for Jewish women' for example, then the Jewish Press would be talking instead about the Jewish women in Jerusalem who are campaigning for their right to wear the BURKA acccording to their own FREE WILL who are instead OPPRESSED by the male Russian/Ukrainian mafia dominated Israeli military colonial occupation in Jerusalem instead. Is the oppression of JEWISH WOMEN who want to wear the BURKA from their own FREE WILL mentioned in this article? No, not at all, only proving that the use of 'Femen' who are sponsored by MALE INTERESTS IN EXCHANGE FOR PAYMENT as a 'news story' is therefore nothing to do with 'freedom' for women anywhere, in particular Muslim women currently being killed by Israeli, Russian, Chinese and American BOMBS and also not even for JEWISH women who want the freedom to WEAR BURKAS from their own FREEDOM of choice, without women who are PAID to perform STUNTS by men attempting to dictate to them what to do, when nobody asked them instead.

  16. Wow, that's a totally empty meaningless one-liner statement with no content attempting to create a 'catch-phrase' if ever I saw one. I'd personally say that it doesn't make sense however and goes against the generally commonly held views. Topless equals clueless, in the general 'sense of the word', instead. Topless bimbo = brainless bimbo. That's a pretty generally well-understood concept throughout most of the Western world, and also across the former Soviet countries of Russia and Ukraine where Femen come from as well. Catch-phrases won't change that commonly held view throughout most of the known world, where people normally consider wearing clothes so as not to die of exposure a really good idea.

  17. Cliff Pinto @ you got it wrong actually. The Russian and Ukrainian Khazar Caucasian Zionists used mass bomb attacks against Jewish communities throughout the Middle East, as a means to 'terrorise' them and to black-mail them to be used as cannon fodder, during the first 'terrorist' campaigns against the Palestinian people in their own country and homes, so therefore Russian and Ukrainian Zionist imposters are responsible for ruining and destroying the traditional Semitic Arab Jewish positive relationships with their own Arab Semitic Christian and Muslim next-door neighbours for their own Russian/Ukrainian/Caucasian terrorist profit and gain.

  18. Author of the article above, seen to prevent 'Muslim women' from attending an event she was involved in organising in the name of 'human rights' using a 'Muslim woman' as the reason for the event, despite these women having been accepted to attend, and then were prevented from participating on arrival at the event, and to then be asked to leave by the police, as a demonstration how the author is aiming to use discrimination against Islam using the death of a Muslim woman as a means to justify herself and her speeches, without even allowing access to other Muslim women to attend the event.
    The words "hypocricy in action", come to mind.

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