Photo Credit: Flash 90
Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) speaks

{From the Desk of Larry Shapiro and penned by his ‘alter-ego’ Thor Lamkin}

Mahmoud Abbas


President  of the soon to be country of Palestine

Until then the Prime Minister of the PA

Dear Prime Minister Abbas,

We have noticed that Palestinians have used George Floyd’s murder and the demonstrations by Black Lives Matter supporters to advertise your own worth as human beings. This is a very positive step in convincing the world that Palestinians are suffering under the yoke of a tyrannical homicidal society, namely their own.

How can Palestinian lives matter when your government refuses to outlaw honor killing? How can Palestinian lives matter when gays are tortured and jailed by your morality police? How can Palestinian lives matter when your government threatens, jails and tortures your own journalists and photographers who report on matters that displease your government. How can Palestinian Lives matter when your children are brainwashed into yearning for death.

We members of Mauve Lives Matter want to assist Palestinians to achieve the same human rights protections that Arabs receive from the Israeli government. We would be pleased to send a delegation to Ramallah to march alongside your veiled women, maligned gays and others who have expressed the desire to work for peace with Israel.

Please contact us at your earliest opportunity.

Thor Lamkin,

Marching Director

Corona Branch of Mauve Lives Matter

100 State Street, Apt. 9

Corona, CA. 92878


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