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MK Dov Lipman

MK Dov Lipman (Yesh Atid) said on i24 TV this evening, “The flaw in the Yesh Atid – Bayit Yehudi relationship in the current government was that we didn’t realize how extreme the Bayit Yehudi party was in terms of religion and state.”

And the mud slinging continues…I guess the Yesh Atid party line is to brand everyone “an extremist.”


MK Lipman probably won’t be in the next Knesset as based on current polls, Yesh Atid crashes down to 9 seats…



  1. Dov. You as a Rabbi had to go against Lapid to keep Israel a Jewish state.
    You didn't do that and also you voted in favour against Yisrael Hayom and you are willing to give up land for peace (we had that discussion in a private chat).
    These were your biggest mistakes.
    But don't worry. You're like me a human and we all make mistakes.
    I hope you'll run for the next municipality elections as a mayor.
    You'll have my vote then for sure.
    Bayit Yehudi will get my vote now and especially Naftali Bennett who will never give up land for peace.

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