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In the past few days, there has been an increase in terror attacks in Israel, more specifically Jerusalem by the “seam.” At the same time, time is running out for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to craft together his fourth 4th government coalition.

Bayit Yehudi Chairman Naftali Bennett asked to be Education Minister Saturday night, giving up his previous demand of the Foreign Ministry in order to ensure his party will have two more ministers.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Bennett he would give him an answer in the coming days.
Bennett’s move could pave the way for Netanyahu to bring Yisrael Beytenu into the coalition by offering Avigdor Liberman a third term in the Foreign Ministry. (Jerusalem Post)

News headlines are full of coalition possibilities, but the truth is that the job isn’t over yet for him. Who will get what and whether or not Bibi will succeed is a more complicated guess than whether or not Princess Kate Middleton will have a girl or boy or even if her husband Prince William will make it back from royal duties on time.

Likud officials said Netanyahu wants the first coalition agreement to be with Kulanu at the beginning of next week. UTJ and Shas will come the day after. Only then will talks with Bayit Yehudi and Yisrael Beytenu become more serious.
“Moshe has to authorize every agreement,” a source close to Kahlon said. “If not, everything will get too complicated.”
Netanyahu received a mandate from President Reuven Rivlin to form a government by May 6. (Jerusalem Post)


I just wonder if the recent increase in Arab terror attacks is related to the fact that there is no new government. Just like the Biblical Amalek, today’s Arab terrorists look for weakness on our part. The Israeli Justice System is very soft of Arab terrorists and few stay in jail very long, since they are traded for Israelis held by terrorist organizations.

At least there have had been more terrorists executed on the spot after terror attacks. That’s the way it should be. It saves a trial and all the expenses of prisons. And I firmly believe that if anything will reduce terrorism, it’s the knowledge that the terrorist won’t live after attempting to harm Jews.

Shavua Tov
May This be a Wonderful Week for All
Geula Shleimah Bimhaira Biyamainu
Full Redemption, Speedily in Our Days

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