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New York City’s danger is accelerating. Dangerous. Thanks to the recent Mayor’s cut of the Police budgets and tying of Police hands by banning successful arrest methods, many, fewer Police on the street, and many Cops have decided to leave a dangerous job that’s become more dangerous. City Hall does not have their back. It is a city whose population is expanding with fewer Cops.

They are called New York’s Finest because they are by far the largest police force in the country, and they are the most effective when there is a mayor who allows them to do their job:

That’s what officials did during a crime wave 30 years ago, and within three years, in 1996, the headcount hit a record 38,310 officers.

The added troops, combined with the aggressive “broken windows” policing under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, saved Gotham.

Crime fell for two decades, ushering in a remarkable era of public safety and prosperity that continued through Michael Bloomberg’s three terms.


Things changed when Bill DeBlasio was elected. To say he had a lousy relationship with the police force would be an understatement.

In late December 2020, two Policemen were ambushed and killed. That’s when the Mayor’s chaotic relationship with the Police went from a simmering feud to a world war.

After officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were shot and killed Saturday afternoon in an unprovoked attack, cops and union leaders publicly rebuked Mayor Bill de Blasio, arguing his earlier remarks had stoked anti-police sentiment. That night, officers turned their backs on the mayor as he walked through the Brooklyn hospital where the officers were taken.

(…) “Quite frankly, the mayor ran an anti-police campaign,” former police commissioner Ray Kelly said (Time Magazine).

The sitting governor agreed.

Reacting to DeBlasio’s anti-police policies, whenever they were present en masse for a DeBlasio speech, they turned their backs on him, even if he was giving a eulogy for a slain police officer. Months later, when George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis policeman,  Liberals started for cities to defund the Police.. forces,

To keep his “Crazy Liberal Membership Card,” DeBlasio cut one $million out of the police budget. That million resulted in fewer Cops on the street.

The Police felt good about former Cop Eric Adams becoming the next Mayor. After all, his resume included a 20-year stint in the NY Transit police, where he rose to the rank of Captian. Sadly, Adams hasn’t been much better.

“Insanity is popularly defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

For example, see slashing the number of cops at the NYPD and believing public safety won’t suffer. History proves otherwise. In the extremely bloody era of the early 1990s, when the city had more than 2,000 murders a year, the force had fallen to just 29,000 officers.

If Mayor Adams gets his way, it will hit that number again next year through attrition, a drop of about 13% from the current 33,500. Can a vicious new crime wave be far behind?

Biden’s illegal Alien welcome wagon resulted in an additional 115k living in NYC. Adams decided that every department had to cut their budget by 5% to pay for the new illegals.

A larger population with fewer cops doesn’t seem effective in making the city safer.

Sick and tired of a dangerous job, with dwindling and an increase in violence with a decrease in tools, 2,516 Police officers have left their jobs so far in  2023. And the way things look, that number will accelerate.

As a 45-year-old, he said he’s having a difficult time keeping up the same punishing hours he worked when he was younger“

We’ve been working an average of about 13 to 14 hours a day with a lot of the protests happening in the city,” he said. “Enough is enough. I’ll have maybe one day off for the week and I’m so tired from work I don’t want to do anything.”

The job is taking a similar toll on young cops.

A 28-year-old Queens cop who also asked for anonymity has four years with the NYPD said “the job is unbearable now” and he’s “looking to leave sooner than later.”

Spero Georgedakis, 53, a former Miami SWAT team officer who helps recruit and relocate New York City cops to greener pastures — in his case, police departments in Florida — told The Post he’s “busier than ever” and moved 60 disgruntled officers over the last two years.

“The cops who left can’t believe they ever worked there [NYPD],” the Queens native said.

He said the ex-NYPD officers tell him they were “afraid to make arrests” because of the anti-cop climate in the Big Apple, and when they do make a collar, it’s “what’s the point?” and “we’re shoveling sh-t against the tide” because the bad guys are right back out on the street.

NY Post

Adams’s ineffective leadership of the NYPD is not a secret:

That’s not to say Adams hasn’t invested in the city. In March, his brother’s wife was hired to an NYC Department of Education gig paying  $150,000, twice her salary with the job she was leaving with the Richmond Public Schools system. Adams has hired other friends and family for high-paying jobs. I hope that none of them live in the city because, thanks to the budget cuts of DeBlasio and Adams, compounded by taking away some of the tools they use for their jobs and not having someone protecting their back, over 2,500 young Cops have done their 20 years and retired or left their jobs for other reasons at an accelerating pace and the year isn’t over yet.

Thank you, Mayors

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