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What Israel Should Do

Israel and Hamas demonstrate the difference between civilized and savage. The treatment given to Israeli citizens who were tortured, murdered or made captive in a filmed invasion of Hamas terrorists from Gaza shows clearly what civilized people find abhorrent. The question is, what should Israel do?


First, the further loss of Israeli life should be minimized. That is the highest priority. Second, severe punishment must be delivered to Hamas, considering what Hamas considers important.

The first action should be an Israeli demand that all prisoners must be released within 24 hours or the destruction of the northern third of the Gaza Strip will be demolished. This will be accomplished not by sending Israeli soldiers into that area but rather through the use of heavy artillery pounding the entire area into rubble. Tanks could help.

This will give innocent civilians an opportunity to move to the southern two-thirds. Then, soon after the bombardment, that territory would be permanently annexed by Israel. That will turn Dar es Salaam (in Arabic, the territory of Muslim place of tranquility) to Dar al Harb (land not controlled by Muslims). This would be a major loss to the terrorists, whose goal is world conquest. While this is a widely held Arab belief, not many in the Western world are aware of this.

The second action would be the destruction of the next third and its annexation by Israel. Again, no soldiers would be sent into Gaza. The third action would be the final destruction of the Gaza Strip.

It is important for Israeli military analysts to best determine how many soldiers would likely be killed in a ground incursion versus how many hostages would be freed. Whichever projects the lowest number should be the strategy.

Charles Winfield
Princeton, N.J.


Blood on Biden’s Hands

Nine Americans and hundreds of Israel citizens have died as a result of the Hamas terrorist attack. Other Americans and Israeli citizens have been taken hostage. Iran provided Hamas with financial support and training. President Biden paid a $6 billion ransom payment to Iran in exchange for freeing five hostages. He now has blood on his hands.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, N.Y. 


Our Jewishness Unites Us

As the Jewish people reel in fear, mourning and prayer in the wake of the horrible devastation, one thing becomes clear: Our enemies don’t care whether we’re secular, charedi, dati, chardali, mesorati, Litvish, chassidish, Modern Orthodox, Reform, Sepharadi, Ashkenazi, or Teimani. When beset by such overwhelming tragedy, we realize how the differences between us – however substantial – pale in comparison to what binds us together – our Jewishness. That alone should make all of our brothers worthy of our love and respect. Let us make sure that this is reflected in the way we think about them, treat them and speak about them, even when we disagree.

Yehuda Dov Reiss
Via Emal


Time to Fight, Not Blame

Israel is at war! American Jews must support Israel and buy Israel bonds and send funds for ambulances etc. We need America to stand by Israel.

My students ask me, “Can the Holocaust happen again?” My answer is a definite “Yes.” A number of hydrogen bombs thrown at Israel by its enemies would annihilate the Israeli population. One is naïve to believe that antisemitism does not exist throughout the world. If we have learned anything from the Shoah, it is that it is possible for a madman to arise who wants to annihilate the Jewish people. Never fool yourself into believing that you are safe anywhere. We must always be alert and fight against prejudice wherever it may exist. We will and must win this war. We must be united as one. Now is the time to fight, not blame leadership for not being prepared. (That will come later.)

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg
Edison, N.J.


Another Suggestion

Instead of protecting Israel, Netanyahu engineered a fascist coup, and regime and has waged war on Israel for 10 months, bringing Israel to the brink of civil war. The unconditional surrender of Hamas is necessary to stop the wars and killings. Armistices do not work. Hamas must be defeated and replaced; Netanyahu and his horrible regime must be defeated and replaced.

This war brings an opportunity. Israel, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and even a unit or two from Ukraine, can join forces to defeat Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Iraq and Russia. This would give the Palestinian Arabs, for the tenth time, an opportunity to live in their own country in peace with their neighbors. Incidentally, this latest war shows that people who tell Ukraine to give up Crimea and the Donbas and enter into an armistice with Russia are lying.

Steven Ross
Via Email


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