Photo Credit: David Ha'ivri

Today on Tisha B’Av the Ninth day of the month of Av the Jewish people around the world mourn for the Temple in Jerusalem. Hundreds of Jews went to pray at the Temple Mount.

David will be speaking with Jordanian Opposition leader Mudar Zahran to get some insight on the mood in Jordan after the events of the past few weeks. Do Jordanians really hate Israel or is there something hidden behind this that we might not be seeing.


Later on in the show we’ll be meeting with Britt Lode a Norwegian women who discovered a special love for Israel, Torah and the Heartland, Judea and Samaria. This love has resulted so far in her publishing of two books in Norwegian and in English. With her books, social media and email lists she shares the beauty of the land and teachings of the rabbis with people around the world.

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A Hebrew in the Heartland 01Aug2017 – PODCAST


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