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Rumors are that whoever wins the U.S. elections, President Barack Hussein Obama will officially recognize a ‘Palestinian State’ at the United Nations, before he leaves office in January.

Also, whichever candidate wins, how will the other side of the American public react? Will there be anger and rioting, and who might they take their blame out on and why?


Shifra Hoffman of Victims Of Arab Terror and talks about this possibility, as well as Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, who also has a GOOD NEWS story to share with our listeners here in Israel.

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  1. Blame that on the millions of American Jews who ignored his 20 year membership in the most notorious Jew hating Black church in the US, run by the infamous Rev. Wright. Would they have funded, aided and voted for a 20 year KKK member? Of course not, but he was doing the equivalent. They voted for his colour and could have cared less about his obvious Jew hatred. The only Jews he loved were the bowing, ingratiating, subservient Jews who ” knew their place” as the doormats for Obama to use and discard.

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