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The Gazans are busy celebrating as Gazans do.

According to Arab sources, the Gazans were so busy shooting in the air that the forgot that bullets also come back down.


As a result, 2 Gazans died and 45 have been wounded.

Maybe they’ll celebrate more tomorrow.

Update: There’s also 1 Arab dead in a refugee camp in Lebanon, again from ceasefire celebrations.


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  1. For anyone who still thinks Hamass is just fighting to make the border crossings open and then there will be peace … you are fooling yourself this is a military initiative for the elimination of Israel by the CANCER of Hamass. Israel should realise they are dealing with snakes and liars. By their own admissions while negotiations in Cairo take place they say this…WATCH AND SHARE THE TRUTH… Hamas Spokesman Abu Zuhri: Our War Is for Liberat…:

  2. Uchi Miro San
    Your crying is more pathetic then your celebrations, or Hamas, or the population of Gaza, or Muslim propaganda.
    Melissa Vincent he is not throwing a temper tantrum he’s probably throwing stones.

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