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United Nations Security Council Chamber

Its solution? AI calls for the five permanent members of the UNSC (the U.S., U.K. China, Russia and France) “to renounce their veto rights in situations of genocide and other mass atrocities.”

An abolition of those veto rights would then allow the UN “more scope to take action to protect civilians when lives are at grave risk and send a powerful signal to perpetrators that the world will not sit idly by while mass atrocities take place.”


The AI Report reveals that this “respected” human rights group considers Israeli acts of self defense to be human rights violations and war crimes. If the U.S. were to relinquish its veto power at the UNSC, any acts of self-defense by the Jewish State could be cast as incidents of “genocide” or other “mass atrocities.”

Such a move would strip Israel of protection from the huge and metastasizing anti-Israel global animus which has taken root in the halls of the United Nations.

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