Photo Credit: Ehud Amitun / TPS Tazpit
Live grenade discovered at the Meir Spring.

Around noon, on Friday, an IDF patrol spotted a suspicious object under a bench at the Meir Spring near Neve Tsuf in the Binyamin region, according to a TPS report.

On closer inspection they discovered that it was a live grenade with the safety pin removed, connected to a trip wire.


It was placed at the base of a park bench near the spring, which is popular among Jewish hikers on Fridays.

The spring has been closed off, and an IDF sapper is on the way to neutralize the grenade.


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    Muslims terrorize people wherever they go. And in areas where there are no Jews, Christians become their target. This is their nature. And they will welcome the help of useful idiots like you until they no longer need you. Then you become their next victim. And there won’t be anyone left to help you.

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