Photo Credit: Screenshot from Al Jazeera / MEMRI TV
Ali Akbar Velayati, Security Adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader, states in interview "foreign" UN IAEA inspectors' entry into Iranian military sites is absolutely forbidden. August 2015.

“The ink hardly dried on the Iran nuclear deal before European countries were racing to seal trade deals and reopen embassies. The mullahs have gone from zero to hero in the blink of an eye. Forgotten are Tehran’s links to terrorists, attempts to overthrow Middle Eastern governments and mass gatherings organized to hurl insults and threats at the West.

“Cast aside are concerns about Iran’s suppression of minorities, its dismal human rights record or its practice of stoning women. I believe Iran has made no substantial statements to the effect it is willing to change. On the contrary, its message throughout has been one of defiance. It has not been required to denounce terrorism let alone its participation in terrorist acts.


“Iran’s crimes are suddenly of no consequence to Europe’s democracies; I believe they have purposefully put their blinkers on and are literally queuing with their hands out to beat down Tehran’s golden doors. All they see now are flashing neon dollar signs. The Islamic Republic, soon to be flush with an $80 billion plus bonanza, is destined to become Europe’s latest cash cow.

Mentioning again the clause in the nuclear agreement that trusts Iran to inspect its own nuclear facilities, he expresses a concern that the Obama administration may have other secret arrangements with Iran, as part of a “Grand Bargain” being struck between this country and the West.

The Emirati businessman warned that the Western leaders now pandering to Iran will live to rue the day, because it is only a matter of time before Iran starts targeting their interests.

The Arab world, he concluded, and especially the Gulf states, must defend themselves against the danger by “erecting an impenetrable wall in terms of military, surveillance and intelligence capabilities.”

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