It doesn’t pay to be a foreign volunteer soldier in the ISIS army.

The Financial Times reported today that ISIS executed 100 foreign volunteer soldiers who didn’t want serve in ISIS anymore.


Now that’s a poor retirement plan.


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  1. What a retirement……well, DUH, they do get some of their virgins dont they…..and get to whoop it up in that crazy place down there….where its hotter than blazes….sounds like a real winner to me…

  2. ISIS is a cancer. Excise it, before it spreads any further.

    The world does not know it yet, but the whole world is already wrapped up in WWIII. If man does not end it now, it will consume all of them. Billions will die.

    It is entirely up to man, how he reacts to this radical Islamic disease. It is also man's fate to suffer from his own inclinations and decisions.

    So, make the right decision — Destroy ISIS utterly.

    Don't you understand? Philosophically, morally, legally, theologically, and even to a degree physically, they are the Canaanites of old.

    If you do not destroy them utterly, they will rot you from within, like any other cancer does.

    Do you want to be a child of Hashem, or a slave of Allah? For ask any one of them; they are all Allah's slaves, not his children.

    What good can you expect to come out of such a perspective and relationship? To willingly be a slave is an abomination, requiring piercing rather than redemption, as a physical symbol of your complete submission as the property of another. This is the blood on the lintel that enslaves, rather than frees. This is the symbol of a conquest and sale of the spirit, rather than of a righteous alignment with the will of Hashem. Know the difference, and act accordingly.

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