Bernie Sanders has accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of being responsible for what he said was Israel’s “overreacting” to Hamas missile attacks last year and causing civilian damage.

The man who wants to be the first Jewish President, although he says he has no use for organized religion, told Rolling Stone:

War is terrible unto itself. But I think that Israel overreacted and caused more civilian damage than was necessary.

They have very sophisticated weapons systems. They make the case, and I respect that, that they do try to make sure that civilians are not damaged. But the end result was that a lot of civilians were killed and a lot of housing was destroyed. There was terrible, terrible damage done.


He obviously is not running after Tea Party voters.

Sanders left out of his comments what he said at a Town Hall meeting earlier this year, as reported here:

After saying that Israel overreacted, he added, as seen as seen and heard in the video below:

On the other hand, you have a situation where Hamas is sending missiles to Israel, and you know where some of these missiles are coming from? They are coming from population areas.

In the interview with Rolling Stone this week, The Vermont socialist senator adopted the “two-state solution,” of course, and noted:

The United States has got to work with the Palestinian people in improving their standard of living, which is now a disaster, and has been made much worse since the war in Gaza.

If he had gone back a few years earlier, he would have realized that the standard of living for Arabs in Gaza was far higher since Israel took over the region after the Six-Day War in 1967.

That ended when the Palestinian Authority launched its intifada that eventually led to the expulsion of Jews, who employed thousands of Arabs, and the entrenchment of the Palestinian Authority regime that ruined their standard of living.



  1. I’ll ask him the same question I ask all those who try to claim this nonsense. Would he allow us to fire a few missiles of a similar construction towards his house? No one ever says yes. I guess only Israel is expected to tolerate the intolerable.

  2. Overreacted is nice word. Say the full truth not part of the truth. Israel has committed war crimes against civilian population in Gaza and crimes against humanity in Rafah when 140 civilians were killed by the blind shelling if Givati unit following the kidnaping of the terrorist Hadar.

  3. This is part of our problem…the Bible clearly says, I will bless those who bless Israel, I will curse those who curse Israel…we, I believe under the curse for turning our backs on Israel, demanding they divide that land…it is not going to get better unless we pray, and seek Gods face, humble ourselves…and ask him to heal this land…for people who don’t believe this, think back to when we were totally behind Israel…we did not have all these problems…

  4. Sanders is a ‘politically correct’ mouthpiece of popular opinion… the victim, Israel, is responsible for all attacks against them because they deserve it… what the programmers and programmed are frightened of is the Truth, and their protection and safety of evil and darkness, their lies, will be exposed… also unlike World War 2, Israel will fight all attacks against them, as is France… that really frightens the program and the programmers… people will wake up

  5. Sanders would sell Israel down the swannee as a thank-you at the end of his presidential acceptance speech, whereas the present administrative body gives it a slow bleed. Unfortunately, Sanders has capo tendancies and he would be a complete danger to our creed.

  6. That did it. I had very positive feelings towards Sanders but he just blew it. Sorry, Sanders, but it may well be you in the upcoming election who will "feel the Bern". I'm ashamed of you for dissing Netanyahu, & criticising a nation who has been warning the EU, the US, & the rest of the world about the dangers of Islamism. Get with the program, Bernie.

  7. He is the ONLY one who has a brain what are you talking about? Please don't tell me you believe anyone in the republican party has one? Now, that sir is a joke and an embarrassment to our country. Bernie is the only one that will bring respect back to America.

  8. Jewish politicians are bad enough even in Israel imagine what could be expected from a…sanders! He is just out and already he started Israel bashing! He would destroy Israel just for one minute of "glory" to his bloody name! Only a fool would support him. TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT.

  9. I'm sorry, but I just listened to the video clip and did not derive that Sanders was all that one-sided (i.e. – anti-Israel), as this author has suggested and so many of you have agreed with. He understood the complexity of the situation and took Hamas to task for launching missiles from populated areas AND for their goal of terminating the existence of Israel, doing so in the face of a VERY HOSTILE left-wing audience. He put out his position of favoring a two state solution and humbly recognized that he has no remedy for getting us to a two-state situation, given that NO ONE ELSE has figured out a path to such a solution over the last 50 years. I challenge all of you right-wing bravado types to stand up (on your own) in front of an audience like that and face them down. He at least had the guts to do so, and didn't simply say what the audience wanted to hear.

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