Photo Credit: Michael Fuah

This is what happens to a Jew if he dares pray “Shema Yisrael”, one of the Jewish People’s oldest and most central prayers, if he is on the Temple Mount…


If I were an Israeli policeman, I would be so embarrassed.



  1. To my fellow Yids. There is a time and place for everything. We have to pick our battles. We have enough problems right now. The time will come. Jews can’t afford to look for new ways to divide ourselves. Since 1948, Israel has been a work in progress. Fortunately, our leaders did not take on every battle at once. We wouldn’t have a state if they did.

  2. Here is a hint,Davin to yourself and act like you are just observing the grounds. if you draw attention to yourself then you are gong to be arrested. Take a camera and act like a dumb tourist even if you are not one.

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