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Screenshot of Copenhagen terrorist before police killed him.

11:30 AM The Jewish guard killed by a terrorist after midnight Saturday saved the deaths of countless Jews by his standing outside the synagogue and absorbing the lethal bullet in the head at the hands of the attacker at a Bat Mitzvah celebration.

The killer fled and did not enter the synagogue, according to Copenhagen Jewish leader Rabbi Yair Melchior.


The guard, a volunteer, was identified by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as Dan Uzan, 37, whose father is Israeli and mother is Danish.

Police also confirmed that the terrorist has been killed and that he also carried out Friday’s murder at a cafe.

“We assume that it’s the same culprit behind both incidents, and we also assume that the culprit that was shot by the police task force on Norreport station is the person behind both of these assassinations,” Chief police inspector Torben Molgaard Jensen said.

Police shot and killed the terrorist after a massive manhunt that included armored vehicles and helicopters.

8:07 AM The young Jewish man who was killed by the terrorist has been identified as the synagogue’s guard. There was a Bat Mitzvah happening at the Great Synagogue in Copenhagen at the time.

7:37 AM According to reports from Copenhagen, police surrounded the suspected terrorist and tried to arrest him. A shootout began, and the police killed him. No police were injured. The police had already been keeping the address where the terrorist was shot “under observation”.

7:20 AM Copenhagen police shoot dead the man believed to be the terrorist.

7:00 AM There are reports of gunfire exchanged between police and the terrorist near Nørrebro Station, 1 person was hit.


Hours after the terrorist attack on a Copenhagen cafe which left 1 man dead, and 3 injured, a gunman attacked a Copenhagen synagogue, after midnight.

The attack on the synagogue killed a civilian, and injured 2 policemen. The civilian is believed to have been a Jewish.

The Copenhagen train station has been evacuated following the synagogue attack and residents have been told to remain indoors.

The shooter, described as an athletic looking male with an automatic rifle, is still at large.

There are 7000 Jews living in Denmark, most in Copenhagen.


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  1. time for jews to pack up and leave europe for israel or they will be murdered by the beheadists and babyers enabled by the cowardly eurothrash antisemites that rule europe.the fastest growing religion of peacers fear denouncing the beheadists and babyers and many cheer them on. the jewish people and western civilization are at risk time to act is pastdue but we have no one to lead the free world to stop these bearded hitlers perhaps in 2016 we will get a real leader of the free world instead of a confused socialist islamochristian potus with anti-israeli hangups.

  2. Same old Europe. For 1500 years European Jews lived under anti-Semitic laws. They suffered contempt, ghettos, expulsions, pogroms- culminating in the biggest of such pogroms: the Holocaust, perpetrated by Germany, the most cultural nation of Europe, the nation that gave the world great philosophers, poets and musicians. Unfortunately, many Germans supported Nazis and actively participated in this genocide. Now the Islamo-Nazis and other Jew haters living in every country in Europe are AGAIN, persecuting and killing Jews. Jews have a nation state, called Israel and there is no excuse for them to live anywhere else if the host country cannot defend them! It appears to be clear, Europe must be Judenrein-Judenfrei because Europe and Jews do not go together.

  3. Chaiya Eitan Mostly I was asking because I know so many of our young guys who, after the army, work for a period as guards at Jewish institutions…one of my own almost did that, was weighing the option and in the end made different choices… but of course it's horrible either way.

  4. Why is there one Jew living in Denmark? Jews must flee European Antisemitism for Israel or Canada (much more Jew friendly than the USA and its antisemetic Jihadist Islamist leader the imperial president Sheik Hussein l of Obama, the Antisemite, Jihadist, Islamist and Golfer in Chief who is on a golf vacation in Ranch Mirage Ca. as I type). The poor Jewish soul who was brutally murdered by a Muslim animal had an Israeli father. Didn't the family know better. Its not as if they had no connection to Israel, where this would not have happened. Nostalgia is no reason to stay where you are not wanted Jews. If my four grandparent could flee the Jewish Pale of Settlement for the Lower East Side of NYC, penniless, unable to speak any language but yiddish, without knowing a soul in the USA to live in a cold water flat with bathrooms outside and work in sweatshops, than you can certainly go to Israel. An Israel where you will be given a home, economic support, taught Hebrew, be accepted, can avail yourselves of the fine universities there and where you and your children and grandchildren will not be subject to vicious, unrelenting antisemtism. You all can be free to be Jews. My question is why stay in Europe where the Muslim hordes grow every day and the christian majority, which may not be a majority for long, particularly inn France, want you dead, converted to christianity and love their muslims?

  5. As you know, in Obamaland, there is no such thing as antisemitism, Islam is King (the religion he was brought up in in Malaysia by his Muslim father and he only abandoned for political office and gain), and there are individual criminals who happen to be Muslim and no Radical Muslim Terror.

  6. It is time for the Jews worldwide to come home to Israel. There is no place on earth outside of Israel that is safe for the Jewish People. What is happening in Europe will eventually happen in the USA, with our Government just looking the other way. It is only a matter of time.

  7. The Danes are naïve if they think Jews will not get the message loud and clear Their assurances mean nothing They cannot protect each Jew from extremism and these attacks will continue and so will the Danish government continue to hammer Israel in the international arena
    The duplicity of their actions escape them

  8. arab terror in europe is global : there simply are too many arabs and moslems in europe. It is as simple as that. arabs'left wing accomplices do not want "amalgams" which is a good way to protect oneself from terror by stigmatizing it before taking political action such as expelling themand/or stopping moslem immigration. Evidently the left wing wants more moslems to increase terrorism hoping to destroy the fake and weak european democracy. One can see how weak democracy is for example in sweden where after the left wing ruling party has been defeated on the polls it still is clinching to govt. forcibly until 2023!!!

  9. Cody : I wish people stop saying this : there is NO ROOM IN ISRAEL FOR…20 million Jews and therefore this is NOT the solution. Those Jews who feel themselves in danger can move to Israel but most of us do not feel in danger: There are about 2 million Jews in Western Europe and perhaps 5 or 6 killed annually. Would you stop your business if you lose say E 100?

  10. Susan : if jews by the millions flee to Israel they would not find work and Canada would soon be fed up too! One does NOT make WORLD STRATEGY because a man has been killed or because you have lost usd 100 from a thief! This is a counter productive pr you are making with several other people repeating the same mistake.

  11. One big difference in the USA is that we can legally own and carry guns. Though American Jews have not exactly been in the forefront of the movement to promote our Second Amendment rights, that is changing. I've certainly changed my mind from being an "anti-gun" person prior to 9/11 to someone who believes that all American citizens, especially endangered minorities such as Jews, should purchase guns legally and get good training in how to use them. The Charlie Hebdo incident would have gone down a lot differently if the folks in that office had been armed. I'm not saying you're wrong about Israel being a safe place for Jews (though you could argue that it might not be the greatest idea to concentrate all Jews in a place that could be destroyed with a few nuclear missiles). But the United States is my country and I'll "stand my ground" here.

  12. I disagree about the United States. Obama's views and actions related to Israel are not reflected in the views and feelings of most Americans. Israel is just fine. Canada is OK but I do not like their restrictions on free speech (their so-called hate speech laws which are mostly applied to prevent anti-Islamic expressions of opinion but hardly ever to stop anti-Jewish pronouncements) and their restrictions on gun ownership. I believe that the United States has been, is now, and will likely continue to be the world's best place for Jews. I'll make my stand here, thank you.

  13. Sigmund Derman My family at one time lived in the Tennessee Valley where they were traders and farmers. The Great Emancipator Abraham Lincoln decided to evacuate all of the Jewish families from the region and send them elsewhere. If that action could take place without as much of a whimper from everyone back then, why cannot it happen today especially with this Muslim President and the super left wing Jews who currently support this man and Party? By the way, after living for over 200 years in the New World, my family went back to live in Prussia where it was safe to be a Jew.

  14. Many wise guys and gals write stuff about Denmark, which they know close to nothing about. The Danes in general are not anti-Semitic, No need for the Jews here to use the Exit door. I know from experience. As it could be expected, the more lefty, the closer to undisguised anti-Semitism. The real problem is that the Danish elite is almost in its entirety leftist, that means anti-Israel, a well researched form of anti-Semitism.. Like in ALL European countries, and the US. Let me use one example: tonight's news were almost entirely about the two terror attacks yesterday. NOBODY, not even people with a sound attitude vs Israel and the problems of Moslem immigration to Denmark, mentioned the "A" word: anti-Semitism. The whole thing was, they tried to convice the viewers, a terror attack against the… freedom of speech. (Half true). All these talking heads, some of them (by far not all) rather smart people with a sober view of realities, offered one recipe in this situation: to continue to live as before. Nobody addressed the issue of radical Islamist youngsters, born and raised in this country. It would be ok not to talk about it tonight, not to give the impression that they were after revenge or collective punishment. Let us hope they will go back to their political work and, for a change, DO something about the sore, core issue.

  15. The Danes are absolutely NOT anti-Semitic. During WWII, almost all Danish Jews were saved by smuggling them to Sweden. Denmark PAID the Swedes to keep their Jews safe. When the yellow star of David became mandatory, the King came out on his balcony wearing a star. None of us are safe ANYWHERE, as long as these fanatical Moslems are around. But I am proud to be an American Jew, and the USA will always be my home.

  16. Cody Flecker, I could not agree more. I am a Jew and a Life Member of the NRA since 1976. We Americans have more freedom than anybody on Earth. Our guns keep us free in that we are allowed to defend ourselves, unlike most Europeans. By all means, buy a serious gun, learn to shoot, and be very careful of your legal standing.
    The crazies were let out of their cages, and there are "no-go" areas of this country. Police won't go into some neighborhoods. The people living there are told to turn in their guns to the police or their churches, just to get them off the streets. But it also leaves them unprotected. They say it is okay as long as you are a person "of faith." That is BS to keep guns out of the hands of those who need it most.
    Jews have always been threatened. We are sort of an exclusive club. We are Jews, means we are a tribe. Some of the tribe went one way, and others went another way, but we are still cousins. Some of us do mundane jobs, while others are inventors, writers, great thinkers, and visionaries. We even have atheists, but it is blood, not just God, that unites us. We must never forget that we are part of this group, and we watch out for each other. The civilian killed outside the synagogue was a Jew who saved lives. We must defend ourselves, at all costs.

  17. Cody Flecker That was "Order No. 11", issued by General Ulysses S. Grant and countermanded by Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln also sponsored the amendment to the chaplaincy law which had restricted Army chaplains to being of the Christian faith. Lincoln did this in response to protests by Jews. Lincoln also appointed seven Jewish generals to the Union Army. That is not to say that there has never been any anti-Antisemitism in the USA. There has been and there still is some now. But this is an outstanding place for Jews. Israel is too. But my country is the United States of America, and–as I previously stated–I'll stand my ground here.

  18. It is really wonderful to listen to al of the Holocaust fairy tales. For beginners, the Jews paid the Danes dearly for the passage to Sweden. It wasn't done out of some sort of compassion, it was done out of greed. Some Jews paid over $ 100,000 to escape Denmark. It s nice to think of these fantasies, but do not take all of what you have been taught about the Holocaust to be the gospel truth.

  19. Leonard S Feinman I agree. If terrorists break into my building and call me out from their list of Jews, my gun may not save me but at least I'll have a fighting chance of making them pay a price for what they are doing. When you raise cost of any activity, you tend to get less of it.

  20. Sigmund Derman For the record, more Jews served in the Confederacy than in the Union Army, including members of my family. They served with true valor and distinction. During and after the war we went back to Germany to live as we felt safer there. Jews worldwide feel no safety anywhere and that includes Israel, but at least there they have a chance of staying alive. Not really true in the USA of today.

  21. Cody Flecker You're right on the numbers, supposedly 10,000 Jews for the South and 8400 for the North, as quoted on the web by that paragon of Judaism, Normal Finkelstein. Just like most any other group there is is a lot of disagreement about what's the best place to live, isn't there. What else is new? If your family was still in Germany in the 1940's, they may have questioned the wisdom of that choice. I bet the Jews who stayed in Tennessee were doing a lot better at the time. But, wherever you are now, and it's sounds as if it's Israel, I hope that you and yours are happy and doing well. We can't all have the same opinions and make the same choices. But we should try to take responsibility for our decisions and try to make this world which we inhabit a bit better in whatever way we can wherever we may be So, you can do that in Israel and I'll do it in the United States.

  22. O'bummer referred to the Paris supermarket massacre as 'a random attack'….I wonder what he'll come up with this time.
    The Australian media just referred to the Copenhagen terrorist as 'a loner'…?!! – a loner?!… part of an international cabal of 'loners' urged on by a 'a small %" (!) of 150 billion Muslims…a small percentage might be 'just' 10 billion…'loners'… of whom sits in The White House obfuscating over 'red lines' so that other 'loners' get on with the job of eliminating Israel, Jews and 'western civilization' that order.
    As to protecting Israel… while Obummer and UNWRA are in place, it's an almost impossible task.

  23. My deepest condolences to the family of the Israeli courageous guard Dan Uzar who probably saved many lives. Alav Ha-shalom.

    The political climate in Denmark today presents quite a contrast with what it has been historically when we consider that it was Denmark during the holocaust which through it leadership by its king (Christen X) bravely protected its Jewish population by having all citizens wear the star of David.

    Apparently today the country cannot adequately protect its Jewish citizens as evidenced by the warnings by the Israeli Ambassador Avnon that its Jewish citizens not display anything that would render them targets of terrorists.

    Further the country's recent ban on the Jewish method for kosher slaughter is both adverse to religious Jews and and uninformed. Scientific evidence would suggest that the requirement for stunning is actually more painful that the Shechita method. A further sad commentary on the state of affairs there.

  24. Howard – yes, recalling how the king of then behaved, compared to matters now, one wonders what has happened to simple fairness and decency. I believe in the long run it's all to do with envy: that a tract of land was occupied by so many regimes and produced nothing, yet when the Jewish people return, within 6 weensy decades, it becomes a world-power in science, technology, and outputs that benefit the world, the current climes can only be linked to avid jealousy. We are living most definitely in life-on-the-edge times.

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