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1:00 AM Alert cancelled. General searches will continue through the morning. IDF found footprints leading out of the town from where the fence was cut.

10:42 PM The fence was found cut earlier, and the army is looking for 2 suspicious people that were seen inside the town.


10:09pm Flares are being fired over the Kochav Yaakov community as IDF and Counterterrorism units search for suspected terrorists. IDF helicopters overhead.

10:01pm Suspected terrorist infiltration into Kochav Yaakov and Tel Zion communities in the Binyamin Region (10 minutes North of Jerusalem)

Emergency Sirens are sounding in the communities and residents have been ordered into their homes, doors locked, lights out. IDF troops and local Counterterrorism Unit searching for 2 suspects.

Warning: There is a siren sound in the video.



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