Photo Credit: Dina Cohen
A neutralized terrorist on Road 5 - July 5, 2016

A female terrorist tried to stab a soldier at the Gitai Evyasar junction hitchhiking post on Road 5 in the Shomron on Tuesday evening.

A civilian was waiting in the hitchhiking post, and two soldiers were guarding it.


The female terrorist approached and raised the soldier’s suspicions, so they asked her to show them her ID. She then tried to stab one of the soldiers.

The soldiers then shot and neutralized the terrorist.

No one was wounded in the attack.

The terrorist was moderately to seriously wounded, and received medical aid from the soldiers.

Update: Beilinson hospital reports the terrorist is in serious condition, unconscious and on a respirator.


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  1. They should have killed her at the time she was attacking! "Neutralized" is such a politically correct word these days. Cut the crap and kill them! They will send more women & children with knives. There will always be more coming. They don't valuse Life. Kill the bastards, their knife carrying bastardettes and the knife carrying bastard children!

  2. Muslim girl talks to Christian stranger on street. Parents threaten her. Girl knows her father and brother will soon slit her throat. Girl takes knife to kill Jew. Girl redeemed, and goes to heaven. Hamas happy, Abbas happy, little kids get candy, parents rejoice. Moral to the story: Co-existence crap is a false ideology, no more stupid and unattainable than communism or European unity.

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