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Arab threw firebombs at Jewish residential buildings in Beit Hanina.

HaKol Hayehudi has compiled a list of 50 Arab terror attacks and riots over the weekend.

This list is not complete…


Sunday – August 2, 2015

0:52 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the Zarzir intersection up north, damage reported
00:38 Arabs rioting in the Old City of Jerusalem
0:02 Arabs threw stones at vehicles on the road near Karnei Shomron

Shabbat – August 1, 2015

23:58 One lightly injured from stone throwing at the Givaot junction
23:50 Two Jews were slightly injured by stones thrown near the village of Duma

23:22 Fireworks and stones thrown at Beit Haddasah in Hebron
23:03 Arab punctured tires of a car belonging to a Jew and sprayed graffiti near the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.
23:02 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at vehicles at Hussan bypass road in Gush Etzion
22:58 Rocket fire, Arabs from Gaza fired rockets at Israeli communities. The rocket landed inside the Gaza Strip
22:51 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the neighborhood of Silwan in Jerusalem
22:46 Arabs set a fire near Post 670 near Yitzhar, from the village if Atzira
22:15 Dozens of Arab rioters in Ras al-Amud in Jerusalem
21:38 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails at Shiva House in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, damage reported
21:17 Arabs set off fireworks, threw Molotov cocktails and stones at Border Police Old City of Jerusalem
21:11 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near the settlement of Efrat in Gush Etzion, damage reported
20:48 Arabs set fires in several locations in the settlement of Talmon in Binyamin
20:41 Arabs set fire to fence of Psagot
On Saturday dozens of Arabs rioted in Wadi Ara highway 65, blocked the road and threw stones at police
• Arabs rioted and set fire to tires on Highway 444 near Taibe Sharon
20:28 Arabs threw a bomb from the village Jalazun at Beit El’s fence
20:05 Arab rioting from the village of Jalazun
19:45 Arab prisoner lit a fire in a synagogue in Hasharon Prison. After clashes broke out between Jews and Arabs Prisoners
19:12 Arabs threw stones near the West Bank village of Beit Furik
18:23 Arabs threw stones near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion
17:30 Dozens of Arabs rioted rioted and threw stones at the Alon road near the village of Duma Benjamin. Arab report on the number of injured rioters instead
15:30 Dozens of Arabs rioted near the village G’izon and threw stones and firebombs at the Beit El settlement and at IDF forces in place
12:10 Dozens of Arabs rioted in Betunia
12:07 Dozens of Arabs rioted in Abu Dis
11:50 Two Arabs crossed over the fence along the Gaza border and were captured by IDF forces
10:20 A Border Policeman was lightly injured by stones thrown at him near the community of Aish Kodesh. Arab rioters began to set fire to the vineyards of the residents of the community
10:05 Arabs attacked residents of Aish Kodesh near the settlement of Shilo and threw stones at IDF forces
10:00 Arabs placed a bomb on a highway near Bethlehem. Bomb neutralized by sapper
9:45 Fishing boats sailing went beyond the approved area near the Gaza Strip, were turned back by IDF fire
8:32 Arabs rioted and threw stones in Hebron
7:00 Arabs set fire to a monument to Joseph Shuk near the settlement of Beit Haggai in the Hebron Hills, damage reported
Friday – July 31, 2015
00:20 Jew was lightly injured by stones in Beit Hanina in Jerusalem
00:00 Two police officers were slightly injured in riots by Arabs in Jerusalem Isiwiya
22:56 Arabs threw firebombs at Jewish buildings in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, damage reported
20:50 Arabs firebombed a courtyard on Meir Nakar street in Armon HaNatziv in East Talpiot in Jerusalem, damaged
20:45 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the border fence near the Gaza Strip. The IDF fired and one Gazan rioter injured. Arab media reports he was killed.
20:40 Arab approaching Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus compound, he was removed by the IDF
19:15 Arab threw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF outpost in Binyamin Atarot checkpoint was shot by the IDF and was transferred to a hospital in the city where, according to Arab reports, died of his wounds
18:48 Arabs took over a ridge in Itamar in Samaria, lit a fire and threw stones
18:35 Arabs threw stones at vehicles on Route 443 near the Atarot
18:24 Arabs threw a Molotov cocktail at an IDF position near the settlement of Halamish in Binyamin. Fire broke out
18:02 Arabs rioted near the Beit Orot neighborhood in Jerusalem
17:45 Arabs threw stones at vehicles Hussan bypass road in Gush Etzion
17:41 Arabs from the village of Orif ignited near the settlement of Yitzhar in the Shomron
17:29 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the intersection of Yakir in Samaria, damage reported
17:03 Arabs rioting and throwing stones at IDF forces near the village of Beit Ummar in Gush Etzion
16:40 Arabs threw stones at IDF forces in the village of Anata, Benjamin
16:36 Arabs rioted in Hebron Hills’ village of Aida
15:46 Arabs set fire on the way up to Har Bracha in the Shomron
15:45 Arabs set fire to a fire at the southern entrance of Kiryat Arba
15:44 Arabs threw Molotov cocktails and stones at border police forces in Jerusalem Isiwiya
15:22 Dozens of Arab rioting in the village Nabi Saleh
15:20 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the village Jalazun and threw stones at the settlement of Beit El
15:13 Arabs threw stones at the bus line 966 near Katzrin, caused heavy damage
15:11 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the village of Killil in the Samaria and attacked IDF forces
14:26 Dozens of Arab rioters in Hebron
14:16 Arabs threw stones at vehicles near the village of Halhul, Hebron Hills
14:06 Arabs fireworks and stones at border policemen at Qalandiya
13:59 Dozens of Arabs rioted in the southern Hebron, and attacked IDF forces
13:45 A policeman was lightly injured by a glass bottle thrown at him near the Huta gate in the Old City of Jerusalem
12:56 A shooting attack Arabs fired at vehicles near the town of Kochav Hashachar. The car was damaged but no injuries were reported. The driver returned fire.
11:39 Arabs threw stones at vehicles at the intersection of Azun in the Shomron, damage reported
10:55 Arabs hurled stones at vehicles on the road up to Har Bracha


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  1. Time for the government of Israel to admit that the Arabs have begun a civil war, impose martial law and a curfew in all heavily populated Arab areas, round up the savages, and throw them the hell out. We should not have to tolerate this in our country any longer.

  2. Now this is exactly how Jews need to respond when a Palestinian kills an Israeli. Not just weep and forget about it. The appeasement of the Netanyahu government towards the Palestinians has caused this by avoiding any type of police or military action against the firebombings, forest arson, drive by shootings and rock throwing for the past year.Appeasement shows weakness and the Arabs take advantage of that weakness because BiBi is more afraid of world opinion than protecting Israeli Jews. He realizes Israelis won't do anything.

  3. Send this list to Ban Kee Moon, the White House, Abbas, CNN, BBC, in fact all those whose knee jerk reaction to the death of the Palestinian child was to (a) accuse the settlers without evidence, (b) condem Israel and it's leaders.

  4. Communities will fight for resources, The land of Israel is a religeous resource Palestine never was an agricultural resource, rather a rocky stinking wasteland, So Arabs did not fight for the land and were perfectly happy to sell the wastelands for good money. Now that Israel has developed the country into a food paradise, The Arabs suddenly want it back and pretend tthat they are fighting for the religeous resources of Israel.Crusaders came to fight for the religeous symbols here and died in large nubers, so the religeous land must be worth something.

  5. A problem at the core always has a dimension in time, place, and soul. All Israeli conflicts with their Arab guests has those same dimensions. Imagine Jews in Iran or Syria behaving like this. Or imagine Israel under the authority of the P.A. or ISIS. The prerential treatment shown to the Muslims on the Temple Mount is hard to fathom considering that we won the Six Day War. When the U.S. supplied arms to Israel it came at a heavy price: Whatever the outcome of the pyhysical coflict would not change the outcome of negotiations. In which we would have to make some concession or another that negated the results on the battlefield. Israeli citizens are as well protected as the citizens of Ferguson or Baltimore, where the same people in Washington are appointing their representatives at the local level wo carry the mission-statements of the politicians who take their orders from the E.U., the U.S., the U.N, or the International Court of Justice. What we see downstream is an expression of a template whose code has been drafted by Laws not representing the security needs of the Jewish people. Did anyone notice the soaring crime-rate in Baltimore ? Or the number of businesses destroyed ?The ultimate Trojan Horse is having the rules of engagement drafted by your enemies. For Americans, that means Washington, for Israeli`s its the same thing with the Knesset functioning as the middle-man.

  6. The people responsible (if any) for what happened did certainly not wish to harm children or innocents, but to signify their – legitimate? – wrath against and their rejection of the Arabs… The tragic death of a todler is most regrettable, sad. But has to be counted as misfortune, accident, not as a cold murder focussing at killing a child. As it is sold all around the world.. The Arabs do not mind and do not feel the pain and the innocents when they intentionally and goal-oriented shoot, throw stones and brandbombs, murder, stab around in the self-rightous belief, they are not accountable for their deeds since the Jews deserve to be killed, stabbed, betrayed, etc.
    Die Israel celebrated the death of this infant as the Palestinians celebrated the Jerusalem synagogue attack, throwing sweets and brandishing knives and axes in praise of the terrorists?

  7. Are you nuts? The people who firebombed a house with a sleeping family in it intended to commit murder and terrorize the village. It was an attempted mass murder, no different from an Arab terrorist blowing himself up in a pizza parlor. Terrorism is terrorism and murder is murder. It's disgraceful that you try to justify this heinous crime.

  8. Sarah Williams by this whacked up logic – every stone thrown by arabs is an attempted murder and every molotov coctail is an attempted mass murder. And an appropriate reaction would be to shoot the (attempted) murderers on sight.. What a wonderfull world that would be, no?

    *IF* this indeed was a price-tag attack (yet to be proven) – the only thing *known* at this point is that arson took place. "No different" from dozens of firebombings Jews are subjected to *daily* all over Eretz Yisrael. Horrible and criminal but "attempted mass murder"?? And to compare this act of huliganism gone awfully bad to Sbarro Pizza massacre… Puhlease!

    Marbles and sense of morality – lost…

  9. It is simply time to say to the Arabs in Israel–"You are our guests in our country. You are welcome to live among us IF you follow the rules and obey the law. If you don't then you and your family will be deported and sent to your own country, such as Jordan, or Lebanon or Egypt. But YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE if you cause civil disorder. That includes rock throwing at police or cars, or any attempts to harm the Jews of Israel." Then enforce the rule and let the chips fall where they may. My bet is that there will quite a few Arabs who will (quietly probably) be very happy to see this policy enforced.

  10. Alex Karelin –yes, both your marbles and sense of morality are sadly lacking if you can't distinguish between a thrown stone on a roadside — which may or may not be an act of attempted murder depending on circumstances — and deliberately firebombing a house with a sleeping family inside. My response to Sato Ah was his telepathic knowledge that of course the perps "certainly not wish to harm children or innocents" — excuse me?!! There is absolutely NO logical or legal basis for such fallacious reasoning. The law assumes you intend the foreseeable consequences of your acts–so if you firebomb a house and people die, you clearly intended to kill them. To make it simpler, if you pull the trigger on a gun and fire it and it kills someone, you intended to commit murder. Which is EXACTLY why the rock-throwers in the Asher Palmer drive-by-stone-throwing were convicted of murder of him and his baby son.

  11. These west bank arabs need to be expelled. They are the aparthide. They prove it with every act of intolarance violince commited against Jews. They don't want to coexist.. They are liars. Let them be caged and in misery. They can leave Israel. Sumaria and judea are Israel. God proclaimes it! I hope soemthing comes to pass for these arab savages are vanquish from Israel.

  12. That's a nice fantasy, Jay, but it will never happen. Our own IDF troops that come under fire every day, are forbidden, by Israel's rules of engagement, to defend themselves. I saw sickening footage of a road in Samaria where hordes of young terrorists were throwing rocks at the IDF, and our soldiers RETREATED! No teargas, no rubber bullets–nothing. Unfortunately our government cares more about world opinion than our own citizens. Of course the irony is that those who hate us, will always hate us.

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