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Unhappy Clinton voters are hoping they can reverse the results of the election by targeting members of the Electoral College who will be voting on December 19, according to a Fox News report.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote int he 2016 presidential election, but failed to win the states that would have given her enough electoral votes, that victory went to Donald Trump, the President-Elect – unless Clinton supporters have their way.


There are petitions and counter-petitions demanding the Electors either ignore or respect their expected votes.

Some 3 million people have signed a petition demanding the electors change their vote.

It would be a completely unprecedented event in American history if the electors did not vote as they should.

Since Trump won the election, Clinton supporters have been holding protests, some of which have turned into very violent riots.

There are accusations that the riots are being organized behind the scenes by various interested parties and that some of the protesters are paid professionals.



  1. Each State have their own laws such as winner gets all or partial electoral votes etc. This is not the same as delegates who can give their vote to whomever they please! To change these laws, it can only be done for decisions that will be made in future elections.

  2. This is called fascism. I suppose fascist leftists would support a junta as well? How different are they from those that supported the juntas in South America such as Chile and Argentina or in Myanmar or Greece? It is shocking that these elitist, entitled smug people would think it fine to go against the results of an election. Can you imagine if the right wing had tried this? Obama would have ordered them shot in the streets or they would be jailed for life like the Puerto Ricans who fought for independence from the US. And the media does not find it scary that this is occurring?

  3. How typical of his personality type. Everyone is expected to follow the rules … Except them
    We call them sore losers. They start a fight, lose, and then expect the winners to give back that over which they fought. It’s no small wonder that many of them support the Palis. The have the same nonsensical mindset.

    Guess what, lefties. You lost . now deal with it.

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