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Tzabar hummus with tehina

Did you buy Tzabar hummus in the past two weeks? Many people have the product on their regular weekly shopping list – but if you are among them, double-check the package.

Israel’s Health Ministry and the Tzabar company announced Tuesday evening that salmonella bacterium was found in ten different types of Tzabar hummus and tehina products, all produced by the Osem food manufacturing giant.


The bacterium was discovered during a routine exam at one of the company’s factories. It is believed one of the raw materials was responsible for the contamination.

The products have expiration dates between December 14 and December 26, 2022 (inclusive). Stores were asked to pull the products from the shelves and consumers who have already purchased the products are being warned not to use the products.

The affected products include “Abu Marwan”, “home recipe”, hummus with tehina, restaurant hummus, “real tehina”, hummus tehina, hummus with hot pepper, and plain hummus.

“The quality of our products and the well-being of our consumers are our top priorities,” the company said in its statement. “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

In healthy people, salmonella can nevertheless cause intestinal disease manifested by fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In sensitive people, it can cause more serious illness.

For those with questions, the company’s consumer services center can be reached at: 1-700-70-20-72.

Following is the list of products, with their expiration dates and batch numbers, affected by the recall:

Hummus Abu Marwan 400 grams 14/12/2022 7290000467320
Hummus Abu Marwan 400 grams 12/20/2022 7290000467320
Hummus Abu Marwan 400 g 12/26/2022 7290000467320
Hummus with spicy 150 g 25/12/2022 7290008415514
Hummus with spicy 150 g 26/12/2022 7290008415514
Hummus 400 grams 12/24/2022 7290106576513
Hummus 400 grams 12/29/2022 7290106576513
Hummus 400 grams 05/01/2023 7290106576513
Smooth hummus 150 grams 12/25/2022 7290000073699
Smooth hummus 150 grams 12/26/2022 7290000073699
Smooth hummus 150 grams 12/30/2022 7290000073699
Restaurant hummus 700 grams 12/24/2022 7290106576537
Restaurant hummus 700 grams 12/25/2022 7290106576537
Restaurant hummus 700 grams 12/29/2022 7290106576537
Restaurant hummus 700 grams 05/01/2023 7290106576537
Hummus with tahini 150 g 26/12/2022 7290008415071
Hummus with tahini 150 g 30/12/2022 7290008415071
Hummus with tahini 400 g 25/12/2022 7290106573628
Hummus with tahini 400 g 30/12/2022 7290106573628
Hummus 850 grams 12/24/2022 7290008415576
Hummus 850 grams 12/29/2022 7290008415576
Hummus 850 grams 05/01/2023 7290008415576
Tahini hummus 400 grams 12/31/2022 7290109351025
Square tahini 400 grams 12/31/2022 7290106577282.


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