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Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion welcomes a delegation of Israel Bonds executives in Jerusalem, circa 1951.

Israel Bonds and its affiliates on Tuesday announced the securing of more than $1 billion in bond investments since the October 7 Hamas massacre.

With that, Israel Bonds has doubled its projected annual global bond sales for 2023 from $1 billion to more than $2 billion, crossing the $50 billion threshold in global investments since its founding in 1951.


Israel Bonds is the US underwriter of debt securities issued by the State of Israel. The idea to float bonds issued by Israel’s government was conceived by the country’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, in the aftermath of Israel’s War of Independence, when the nation was in critical need of economic resources.

More than 15 US state and municipal governments as well as institutions have invested in Israel bonds since the war broke out. The new investments come from the States of Florida, New York, Alabama, Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Nevada, Louisiana, South Carolina, Indiana, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as the Florida counties of Broward, Franklin, Palm Beach, KeyBank, and Cross River, and the City of Miami Beach.

Dani Naveh, President and CEO of Israel Bonds, said, “This is Israel Bonds’ highest surge of investment ever, which demonstrates the strong support for Israel of the Jewish communities and Israel’s supporters in the United States and around the world.”

President Itzhak Herzog said, “Jews from around the world came forward to be part of the story that is Israel.”

And Howard L. Goldstein, Chairman of the Israel Bonds National and International Board of Directors, said, “Israel Bonds supporters around the globe have sent an unambiguous, undeniable, direct message that they will continue to ramp up their investments at historic levels for as long as this war persists and thereafter.”

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