Israel has banned PA national icon Ahed Tamimi and her family from traveling abroad, her father told official Turkish news agency Anadolu on Friday.

Basim al-Tamimi said he and his family were planning to go to Europe through Jordan Friday morning, to “participate in some events and discuss the Palestinian resistance movement and the experience of being detained in Israel,” only to be informed by the Palestinian Authority that Israel had banned them from traveling abroad.


Tamimi Sr. said the PA had not provide a reason for the ban.

Ahed Tamimi was detained by the Israeli authorities for slapping a soldier. The incident was recorded on video and went viral, sparking international interest and admiration, for Tamimi in the West, and in some of the Arab world for the soldier who restrained himself and did not do to the hateful teen what any soldier would have done in any Arab country.

Tamimi was sentenced to eight months in prison after agreeing to a plea bargain, and was released on July 29.


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