Photo Credit: Dubai Police
Half a ton of cocaine was allegedly seized from an Israeli citizen by Dubai police in October 2021.

An Israeli woman from Haifa, Fidaa Kiwan, who was caught with half a kilogram of cocaine in the United Arab Emirates was sentenced to death on Tuesday.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that it is familiar with the case and is handling it through the Department for Israelis Abroad in the Consular Division and Israeli missions in the UAE.


The woman traveled to the UAE a year ago and about one month ago was arrested by law enforcement in her apartment with the drug. Her attorney said he plans to appeal and expects his client’s sentence to be reduced to time in prison.

Last October, Khalil Desuki, 31, an Arab resident of Lod, was arrested in the Emirates on suspicion of drug trafficking. Dubai police showcased 500 kilograms of cocaine (see image above) worth an estimated $135 million that was seized from Desuki in an operation they dubbed Scorpio. According to Dubai police, Desuki has admitted to charges.


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