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Demonstrators set on fire aid trucks on their way to Gaza, May 13, 2024.

Activists belonging to the Tzav 9 movement on Monday blocked dozens of humanitarian aid trucks on their way from Jordan at the Tarkumiye crossing near Hebron. During the blockade, the protesters threw out the aid packages which were supposed to reach the Gaza Strip. At least nine trucks were vandalized and looted, and in the evening two of them were set on fire. Three protesters were arrested.


Israel Police said it was the IDF’s responsibility to guard the trucks after the protesters had been dispersed initially, but the IDF claimed the entire incident happened on Israeli territory, the trucks are Israeli, as are the protesterstherefore the responsibility lies with the police. 

The Coordinator of Government Operations in the Territories stated that “under the guidance of the political echelon and in coordination with the American administration, the security establishment coordinated the introduction of trucks carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Regarding the security of the trucks and the dispersal of the demonstration that took place there, the law enforcement officials are in charge.”

Haaretz quoted Germany’s Ambassador to Israel Steffen Seibert who called the incident “shameful,” noting that it “certainly will not help the Israeli goal of freeing the hostages and achieving security against the Hamas terrorists.”

To which I must respond with the little-known adage, “Lighting a candle is better than cursing the dark, but cursing the dark is also good.”


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