Photo Credit: Mostafa Ashqar / Flash 90
Gaza-based Hamas de facto Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh would replace Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas as chairman of the Palestinian Authority if elections were held today.

The Palestinian Authority’s Fatah party responded to Egypt regarding the upcoming ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel, introducing their own list of demands to the mix, according to a report on

The Palestinian Authority is opposed to the creation of an air or sea port outside the borders of Gaza, and demands that the airport in southern Gaza be rebuilt.


Furthermore, the PA demands that before there is any rehabilitation of Gaza or a ceasefire, there must be reconciliation between Hamas and the PA, with agreement on how to run Gaza.

Hamas will be delaying sending their team to Cairo for a few more days, according to a report in Al Quds. According to the report, the Egyptians want to give reconciliation a chance before moving forward with the Israelis.

Senior Fatah members believe that Hamas is not interesting in reconciliation with the PA, and that Hamas prefers to only reach an agreement with Israel, which would leave Hamas in absolute control over the Gaza strip.

No wonder the PA is feeling left out.


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