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Nahal Haredi combat soldiers’ swearing-in ceremony.

More than a thousand fighters and commanders from the Netzah Yehuda Battalion, Haredi companies Hetz and Tomers, and Haredi veterans of the Military Intelligence and Air Force on Thursday sent a letter to the Defense Minister and the IDF Chief of Staff, stating that they are ready to serve at any time and without conditions and even extend the number of their reserve service days in keeping with the security needs of the State of Israel.

The petition came from the Netzah Yehuda Veterans group, and the Derech Ahim group of Haredi combat veterans, following the Chief of Staff’s comments on the critical need to separate political debate from the security challenges of the State of Israel, where he stressed the need to defend the northern border which is heating up these days.


“There are hundreds of us who paid and these days are paying a heavy price on the family and social level for the decision to enlist in the IDF, sometimes as lone soldiers. Nevertheless, we never imagined using the merit we received to try and use it to involve the security of the state in political issues from any side,” the Haredi veterans wrote.

They concluded: “The security of Israel is above everything else. We declare our commitment to volunteer and serve, at any time and in any task that is required, routine and emergency, for the sake of the people and the State of Israel.”

1,000 Haredi soldiers’ letter to Gallant and Halevi, July 20, 2023. Courtesy

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